Spotting a Fake Fossil Bag

Fossil is a popular fashion brand that is under the American fashion designer and manufacturer, Fossil Group, Inc. When it comes to designer handbags, this brand is on the lower end of the price sales compared to higher-end designer bags, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs. But even though Fossil … Read more

Styles of Handbags Designed by Kate Spade

For a lot of women, an outfit will not be complete without a gorgeous designer bag. However, if the usual designer bags are a bit too stuffy or fussy for you, then maybe a Kate Spade bag is perfect for you. Kate Spade’s designer bags are fun and approachable, and they offer … Read more

Tips for Organizing Your Purse

Have you ever experienced constantly digging through your purse, muttering, “Where’s my phone? Where are my keys?” or “I know I brought that lip gloss, but where is it?” If this describes you, you are not alone. Most women who bring their essentials on their purses have experienced this struggle. Sometimes, the … Read more

The Guide to London Fog Handbags and Purses

London Fog Carlisle Dome Convertible Shoulder Bag

If you want to buy a London Fog purse, you’re one of the few women who value quality and longevity when it comes to choosing handbags. It may not be a well-known brand luxury brand like Prada, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton, but it offers prices that are hard to beat, considering the … Read more

Using a Toner to Help Improve Oily Skin

If you are someone who has oily or combination (oily and dry) skin, a toner should be a regular item in your skincare regimen. Toners are also useful if you want additional cleansing after makeup or other heavy skincare products such as sunscreen. But if you have no idea what a toner … Read more

The Best Bomber Jacket for Men with Style

Like many types of clothing (such as the onesie), the bomber jacket also has traditional iterations as workwear. Initially, the bomber jacket was specifically designed for fighter pilots during World War I. Because fighter jets had no enclosed cockpit at the time, it was too cold to fly at higher altitudes. Pilots … Read more

How to Choose the Best Balaclava Mask

On a sharp, cold winter’s day, your skin tends to get dry, rough, and chapped, causing it discomfort. Leaving your face bare in the frigid and windswept winter environment can leave it more prone to frostbites, wind bites, or other related types of irritations. Prolonged exposure to the combination of wind, cold, … Read more

Guide to Cinch Belts

If you’re looking to accessorize a plain dress with a solid color belt, try using a cinch belt. Cinch belts are tight-fitting belts made of elastic or stretchy fabric to encircle the waist tightly and make it look really small. It’s fastened with a fancy buckle or clasp, and it usually comes … Read more

Guide to Lace-up Belts

BlackButterfly 5 5 Wide Corset Waspie Elastic Lace Belt

Lace-up belts look very Victorian, transforming your clothing look in seconds. Any ordinary dress can look extraordinary if you add a lace-up belt into it. It looks retro, but there’s a vintage appeal that makes it a pretty accessory you can wear today. In fact, corset belts are becoming popular once again, … Read more

Guide to Cummerbunds

S H Churchill  Co Men s 3 Piece Formal Accessory Set with Bow Tie

  Among formal tuxedo accessories, the cummerbund isn’t the most popular. Oftentimes, this accessory is misunderstood and underappreciated in today’s formal accessories. The popularity of the cummerbunds tends to wax and wane like the moon, but its essential function to a proper black-tie event remains the same. What’s the Right Spelling? Many … Read more

Guide to Obi Belts

Blulu 2 Pieces Women Wide Waist Belt Obi Cinch Waist Band

  Want to add an adorable, exotic twist to your look? How about wrapping yourself up on a kimono obi belt? You don’t have to know Kung Fu or be in a Japanese costume to be able to wear an obi belt. You can wear it as an accessory for your everyday … Read more

20 Stylish Ideas for Western Belts for Men

20 Stylish Ideas for Western Belts for Men

These days, belts are more than just holding your pants and shirts. They’re now a style statement. While people are pledging their devotion to just one brand, others are looking for different types of belts to suit whatever style they fancy for the moment. So if you’re thinking about strutting your stuff … Read more

20 Stylish Ideas for Western Belts for Women

belts leather brown metal costume

For the most fashion-conscious women, they can’t go out of the house without wearing a stylish belt. There are some women who want to wear just one or a couple of belts for some certain occasions, while there are other women who wear a belt just as part of an office ensemble. … Read more

Best Belt Buckles for Women

waist belt for women

A buckle is more than just securing the belt. This little accessory creates a big impact to your entire look or outfit. You can find an assortment of belt buckles which range from the basic to the uniquely designed novelty varieties. Removable buckles are great because they allow you to customize your … Read more

Top 10 Women’s Belts for Dressing Up Any Outfit

women belt

Many people may think that a belt is just a belt – nothing more than an accessory to keep the pants, shorts, skirts and jeans secured. But nowadays, you cannot complete a certain ensemble without a belt. As years and decades go by, belts have evolved from being merely functional to fashionable. … Read more

Sandalwood Combs


Our hair is our crowning glory, so we need to take care of it every day. Combing is important, so you must invest in a good piece that will treat your hair right. If your hair tends to pull, fall and break as you comb, probably it’s time to replace it with … Read more

Sandalwood Rings


Sandalwood is indigenous to India and Asia and is believed to have many healing properties for the body, mind and even the soul. Sandalwood is used in many applications and can be made into products such as food flavoring, fragrance, and essential oil. Besides these, sandalwood can also be made into accessories … Read more

Best Messenger Bags for Men

Bags for Men Messenger bags have been used over many years for a lot of different things. They make it easy for men to carry things such as laptops, files, clothes, and other belongings that can fit in them. Messenger bags are also popularly used as a personal carry-on bag for flights. … Read more

Top 10 Diet Bar Reviews

Diet Bar Eating a balanced diet is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. However, there are times when we do not have time to eat a full meal due to the loads of work we have. Skipping meals is not good because being hungry will let us lose our focus and will … Read more

Pam Herbals Special (Chandan) Sandalwood Powder For Face pack


The Pam Herbals  Special (Chandan) Sandalwood Powder is popularly known as the best remedy for skin problems such as pimples, acne, sunburns, dark spots, scars, and many others. The highly versatile organic sandalwood powder product is not only used as a skincare product but it is also used during worship and other … Read more

5 Best Sandalwood Powder Brands

5 best sandalwood powder

Looking to buy sandalwood powder? You have come to the right place! Here are the best sandalwood powder brands available from Amazon!      

7 Best Celebrity Fragrances Reviews

Best Celebrity Fragrances Reviews

Celebrity Fragrances For most of the people choosing fragrance is somewhat a tricky challenge and they take even longer when choosing out of celebrity fragrances. These celebrity fragrances are co-released by the celebrities themselves and the perfume company and their fans could enjoy and feel the presence of them through the fragrance. … Read more

10 Best Ladies Waterproof Jackets Reviews

Best Ladies Waterproof Jackets Reviews

Ladies Waterproof Jackets It is very irritating if you get wet in the rainy seasons and it is especially not loved by the women. Thus the ladies waterproof jackets have become popular. The first thing while choosing the ladies waterproof jacket is that they should be able to satisfy the needs as … Read more

10 Best Toner For Oily Skin Reviews

Best Toner For Oily Skin Reviews

Toner For Oily Skin It’s tough to deal with oily skin. And it becomes hard to keep your makeup on for a long time with oily skin. Whatever you do, whatever times you wash your face that oily skin remains oily and in summers it’s even harder to stick makeup for a … Read more

10 Best Men’s Scarves Reviews

Best Men's Scarves Reviews

Best Men’s Scarves Scarves are not only the trend and fashion for women but men are equally trendy in terms of having scarves. The men’s scarves are an important part of the wardrobe. There are certain tips for buying scarves for men. The first and foremost is the fabric of scarf. The … Read more

10 Best Makeup Remover Wipes Reviews

Best Makeup Remover Wipes Reviews

Makeup Remover Wipes When we go out for the whole day, we tend to use more make-up and cosmetics. It feels good while you are out. But it becomes a big problem to remove that sticky make-up. At the end of the day, it’s not just that makeup we used but also … Read more

5 Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men

Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men When the term riding boots is heard the first thing that comes to mind is the boots used for horse riding competitions. But they are not only used for a single purpose as they help in protecting the feet of the rider when riding … Read more