Outfit Formula Ideas for Winter Wear

Every winter, aside from the struggle of getting up from bed, another challenge that most of us face is putting together the perfect winter outfit. It’s kind of challenging to think of what winter clothes to wear every day. Sometimes it’s even time-consuming to go through all your winter clothing just to be able to pick one that you think will suit your style. But putting together the best winter look doesn’t need to be difficult every day if you have an outfit formula. 

If you haven’t noticed, some of the most stylish women in the world, such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Alexa Chung, and Jane Birkin, have something in common when it comes to fashion. And that is, they wear the same things over and over again, yet, they are all world-renowned for their style. It means that these women have an outfit formula. 

An outfit formula is like a uniform or your trademark look. Well, you don’t really need to wear the same thing every day literally. You just need to dress consistently with repeatable elements to your outfits for you to achieve an air of personal style. Once you identify your formula, you will be able to create your look and get dressed every day much easier. 

To help you out, here are some tips on coming up with winter wear formula ideas, and as well as some of the best outfit formula ideas you can try. 

Tips on Creating an Outfit Formula for Winter Wear

  • Determine Your Go-To Pieces

The first thing you need to decide on when creating an outfit formula is your go-to pieces. These are the first items you usually pick out when you are getting dressed. These are the pieces of clothing you wish you could wear every single day. For example, if you find yourself repeatedly grabbing high-waist jeans and a button-up top, then they are your go-to pieces. You just need to keep those clothes in mind because they will be a big help in deciding your ideal outfit formula. 

  • Choose a Silhouette

With your go-to clothes in mind, think of an overall silhouette that those items create. Try to figure out the proportions of your ideal outfit. It is an A-line skirt? Or maybe form-fitting bottoms with loose tops? This will help you find individual pieces that will make the silhouette. Oversized coats and ugg jackets are some examples of great silhouettes for winter clothing. 

  • Pick Specific Items to Include in Your Formula

The next step after determining your go-to pieces and choosing a silhouette is picking the specific items that will be included in your ultimate winter outfit. An outfit formula is like a math equation. It can be as simple as Dress + Jacket. Or it can consist of lots of pieces like a T-Shirt + Jeans + Blazer + Sweater. Having these combinations will help you decide what exactly your ideal outfit consists of. 

  • Come Up with Similar Variations of Your Outfit Formula

After you’ve determined your ideal outfit and the specific items, it’s time to figure out how to make sure that you are not wearing the same thing every day. You can do that by creating variations of your outfit formula. You can pick out pieces of clothing that are similar in style but different in print, fabric, color, or texture. This way, you are staying true to your outfit formula without wearing the same thing daily. 

  • Try to Mix and Match Your Items

Once you’ve come up with your own outfit formula, you can start mixing and matching your items while still maintaining your everyday look. Your outfit formula shouldn’t restrict you but, instead, make you more creative. For example, if your outfit formula comprises a form-fitting skirt and boyfriend sweater, you can also try a slouchy tee and skinny jeans because that is still within your outfit formula, having the same fit, silhouette, and overall style. 

Winter Outfit Formula Ideas You Can Try

Here are some of the outfit formula ideas for winter wear you can try:

Faux Fur Coat + Cashmere Sweater + Leather Pants + Ankle Boots

When selecting a fur coat, keep in mind that shorter ones give off an edgier and more modern look. Longer fur coats, on the other hand, looks more classic. If you opt to wear a fur coat, you need to keep your sweater as thin as possible to avoid looking too bulky. This is why a cashmere sweater is great with a fur coat. It can keep you warm without adding too much bulk on your look. 

You can also play around with texture. For example, if you choose a black fur coat, you can pair it with black leather pants from Vibe Clothing Company. They are both black but has a more colorful vibe because of their different textures. 

Here are some of the items you can try including in this formula:

Where to Buy
Long Sleeve Zip Up Faux Fur Coat by Pretty Garden
Women’s Fuzzy Fleece Faux Fur Winter Coat
Shaggy Faux Fur Coat by Dikoaina 
Amazon Essentials Lightweight Crewneck Sweater
Goodthreads Thermal Stitch V-Neck Sweater
State Cashmere Essential Crewneck Sweater
Stretchy Faux Leather Pants by Tagoo
Faux Leather High Waist Leggings by Cemi Ceri
Mid-Rise Vegan Leather Skinny Pants by BLACKNYC
Collective Ballard Chelsea Ankle Boots
Women’s Round Toe Faux Suede Ankle Bootie by SODA
Paloma Ankle Boot by Life Stride 


Faux Fur Coats

Cashmere Sweaters

Leather Pants

Ankle Boots

Belted Coat + Turtleneck Dress + Cashmere Tights + Ankle Boots

This outfit formula is simple but will make you look stylish in the winter. You can pick a belted wool coat that is tailored to your body shape. It is a great investment because you will surely use it every winter season. 

One of the best pieces of clothing you can pair with a belted coat is a turtle neck dress. Choose one that contrasts with the color of your coat. It will give you an engaging look while keeping your neck warm at the same time. You can also add some tights to keep you warm, and some ankle boots for an elongating look. 

Here are some of the items you can try including in this formula:

Where to Buy
Cole Haan Asymmetrical Belted Coat
Allegra K Long Raglan Belted Winter Coat
Steve Madden Single Breasted Wool Coat
Rocorose Turtleneck Long Sleeve Knit Dress
Urban Coco Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress
Lock and Love Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress
Muk Luks Fleece Lined Tights
Vero Monte Modal and Cotton Opaque Patterned Tights
Memoi Cashmere Blended Tights
Carlos Santana Billey Ankle Boot
Women’s Ankle Boot for Winter Clarks Sillian Tana Fashion Boot
Clarks Sillian Tana Fashion Boot


Belted Coats

Turtle Neck Dresses

Cashmere Tights

Ankle Boots

Short Coat + Sweater + Wide-Leg Wool Pants + Leather Gloves + Ankle Boots

When you pair a short coat with a pair of wide-leg trousers, you will be able to create a perfectly balanced winter outfit. The wool material of wide-leg pants is perfect for winter. The heavier material, on the other hand, is also great as it serves the perfect silhouette for this look. Pick a sweater that contrasts with the coat and let it peak through for more depth. These items also look good with some gloves on. Pair this outfit with ankle boots that have a slight heel to supper the wide-leg pants. 

Here are some of the items you can try including in this formula:

Where to Buy
Allegra K Lapel Winter Pea Coat
Sugar Poison Women Winter Coat
Beyove Stretchy Office Coat
Imily Bela Fuzzy Knitted Sweater
Casual Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater
Women’s Turtleneck Ribbed Long Sleeve Sweater
Tanming Thick Wool Blend Wide Leg Trousers
Aeneontrue Winter Wool Wide Leg Pants
Mio Marino Nappa Leather Gloves Sheeper Winter Warm and Windproof Leather
Sheeper Winter Warm and Windproof Leather Gloves
Refresh Tildon-06 Suede Low Heel Ankle Bootie
Lucky Brand Basel Ankle Bootie


Short Coats


Wide Leg Wool Pants  


Leather Gloves

Ankle Boots

These are some of the best outfit formula ideas for winter wear that you can try. With these outfit formulas, you will no longer worry about what to wear and how to mix and match your winter clothes daily. Creating your own outfit formula is relatively easy. You will just need to figure out your go-to pieces and match them with other winter clothing. We hope the tips and ideas we shared will help you come up with your very out outfit formula.