Obsessed With Using Sequins for Style

Sequins were never worn casually. Designers have used spangled robes since the Bronze Age, as they were discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb, and they have long been associated with revelry and wealth. It’s no coincidence that the term “sequin” is derived from zecchino, referring to Venetian gold coins in the 13th century.

Sequins will always add glam and glitz to any outfit, and there are so many to choose from. Every fаhiоn hоuе is sprinkling their party dresses with full sequins and small, subtle bursts to highlight or accent any outfit. The timeless little black dress (LBD) is a wardrobe staple, but sexy sequin dresses quickly become fan favorites.

If you’re here because you’re obsessed with wearing sequins for fashion, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some handy tips for sequin fashion.

The Evolution of Sequins

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Sequins have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks first began to drill holes in their coins and stitch them together to make garments for the upper classes. Of course, these were very heavy to wear and expensive to produce.

These days, sequins are made of plastic, making them far more practical for everyone. They are much lighter to wear and much less expensive to purchase. Because sequins have been around and in style for so long, you can rest assured that they will be around for a little while longer, so your top will be an investment rather than an expense.

All About Sequins

Tunic dresses embellished with sequins are a great choice for any party ensemble (check out these outdoor summer party fashion ideas!). The lovely styles range from form-hugging silhouettes to adding mystery with looser fabrics. Look for tunic dresses that come in various metallic fabrics and colorful hues.

Furthermore, you may obtain a variety of slееvе сhоiсеs: big shoulders, сар lееvе, and even slееvеlеs. Another wonderful sequins design is the asymmetrical dress, which has long been a fashion staple.

Keep an eye out for one-shoulder styles with frills, asymmetrical gathers, and рlеаt. Many dresses emphasize the asymmetrical shape with unequal necklines, which is an attractive style for almost any body shape or size.

How to Wear Sequins


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Yes, wearing a sequined gown to a gala or a formal dinner is simple, but incorporating sparkle into your everyday wear is more difficult. If you want to add a colorful, shimmering twist to your ensemble, sequins are the way to go.

Here are some ways to wear sequins during the day and at night.

During the Day

Begin by wearing a sparkly skirt with a T-shirt or sweater. Rocking a zip-up jacket with sequined sleeves peeking out from below is a fashionable look these days.

Another thing to remember is to wear looser dazzling outfits rather than form-fitting ones, even if it entails going up a size. For a daytime look, it will be far more flattering.

You can also use glittery and dazzling footwear to dress up plain clothes for the weekend, work, or even a girls’ night out. Sparkling shoes quickly provide a fashionable and exciting element to any outfit.

Wear shirts with skirts, sneakers, and jeans with a top to make sequins more wearable and casual during the daytime. Choose sequin pieces that are not too structured or too loud if you want a more modest look to make the outfit more relaxed and effortless.

In the Evening

When it comes to evening attire, you have two options: go big with complete statement sequin pieces or bring them down a touch with jackets, sweaters, and boots in winter. With a dress, you may dress it up with heels and choose colors that complement the sequin shine.

When it comes to short sequined dresses, simple embellishments and a high neckline are the best ways to keep things classy. If an all-sequin dress isn’t your thing, you may wear a stunning sequined jacket over a plain dress.

Alternately, you can wear a plain dress and accessorize it with a dazzling belt to draw attention to your contours or a sparkly necklace with a handbag or metallic heels. Big, sparkly earrings are another fantastic way to add a little glitz to your outfit.

Accessorizing is one way to add glamour to your outfit, so help yourself with this comprehensive guide to fashion accessories.

Styling Sequins: Dos and Don’ts


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Don’t Overdo It With the Sequins

As with most trends, overdoing it is a major fashion faux pas. Yes, all that gleaming radiance might easily hypnotize. But if you have a sequined skirt, skip the sequined strappy shoes and clutch.

Choose understated classics instead. For one, a soft, cashmere-like sweater might complement the harshness of the sequined skirt wonderfully. Add a pair of solid-colored pumps to the mix, and you’re set.

Do Amp Up Your Nighttime Sequin Looks While Toning Down Your Daytime Ones

When the sun shines, you may wear sequins! Wear them less frequently than you would at night. Wear a burnished gold sequins cami under a cream cardi with monochromatically appropriate platform shoes and wide-leg tan slacks during the day.

You can wear a mini-dress or sparkly pencil skirt at night. The same can be said for the sequined handbag. Since we’re on the subject, a sequined handbag should be a wristlet or clutch, not entirely sequined gym bags or totes.

Don’t Wear Sequins in Bright Colors or Patterns

For a festive cocktail party, how about a black sequined sheath? Yes. It’s a fantastic alternative to the classic Little Black Dress. On the other hand, a Fuschia sequined gown with a poufy prom-esque skirt? No. On the mannequin, it’s adorable, but it’s practically hard to pull off unless you’re 17 and going to a ball.

Sequins stand out on their own. If you want your garments to feel like a visual attack to everyone around you, don’t pair them with a bright hue. Stick to solid, neutral colors. That is your safety zone.

Do Purchase Knowing Everybody Will Remember It

A sequined dress is rarely a good buy when it comes to cost-per-wear. You can use a sequined purse again and again, but a dress? Not at all.

If you have a full season of events to attend and a limited budget for party attire, forgo the sequined gown because everybody will remember you wearing it from party to party. You’ll grow tired of it quickly as well.

Instead, opt for a sequined skirt or clutch. Then, you can switch up your outfit with versatile shoes and brightly colored tops. You’ll be noticed for all the right reasons.