Nail Polish Appropriate for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be stressful. You should constantly put your best foot forward, both personally and professionally; for many, this involves paying attention to every detail, even your fingertips. Learn how to prepare your nails for a job interview here.

Interview Manicure Tip No. 1: Be Kind to Your Hands

Before choosing your hue, give your hands a little additional care. When you reach out to shake the hand of a potential employer, you don’t want them to notice that your hands are rough and unattractive, do you? Make sure your hands are well moisturized, your cuticles are nicely pulled back, and your nails are filed smoothly before the big day. For this situation, a rounded tip is likely the most appropriate nail form.

Second Interview Manicure Tip: Keep It Simple

Blue pink manicure.

Employers probably won’t be as pleased by your love of glitter and bright colors as they should be, so it’s advisable to opt for a more subdued appearance. Additionally, it is usually a good idea to match your nail polish to your attire or even your lipstick. This does not necessarily imply wearing black nails with a black clothing. Instead, choose an inconspicuous nail polish hue that complements your outfit. Any color of beige or light pink is okay. If you desire a more daring look, choose a classic hue, such as pink or red. If you truly want to add a splash of color to your ensemble, you may pair your pink or red nails with a lipstick of the same hue.

Third Interview Manicure Tip: Polish your nails carefully

You must apply a base coat before applying nail polish in order to ensure a smooth and even application. After the base coat has dried, the desired color can be applied. Apply a tiny layer of polish to each nail, then wait a minute or two before applying a second layer. The final step is to apply a top coat, which will prevent chipping and give your manicure a glossy look.

Fourth Interview Manicure Tip: Don’t Forget to Correct Slips

Your nails are painted, but what should a woman do if her hands are not completely steady? If you make any errors while revising, do not worry. Use a tiny paintbrush to soak in acetone. Use the brush to remove any excess nail paint from your cuticles and surrounding skin. Ta-da, you’re virtually a pro! A small amount of cuticle oil will make your manicure appear as though it came from a nail salon.

Interview-appropriate Nail Polish


In addition to attire, shoes, and accessories, professional nail colors for interviews also contribute to a favorable first impression. Your nail polish color (like any “accessory”) affects your interview presentation. There’s no “one size fits all” approach to job interviews, in my opinion. Industry, company, and workplace atmosphere should be considered.  Here are tips for your interview-appropriate nail polish.

Conservative Professions

Dress modestly for interviews in conservative industries, such as legal and accounting positions in professional services businesses. Neutral pinks and beige are professional nail colors for job interviews. When I worked at an investment bank, Ballet Slippers by Essie was one of my go-to polishes. If you are wearing a suit, neon nail polish is usually not the best decision.

The colors five-alarm-fire red and frozen-pop pink are unlikely to be appropriate for a job interview as a lawyer, accountant, or engineer, or as a paraprofessional in these disciplines. Adhere to sheer hues, taupe, beige, or clear nail paint, and ensure that your nails are well-manicured. Other excellent alternatives for formal business environments: Adore-a-Ball combined with Sand Tropez (basically anything very light and sheer that almost looks like no polish at all)

In Business Casual Workplace Settings

Even while you may not be required to wear a full suit to the interview and have a bit more leeway when it comes to accessories (including nail color), avoid going overboard. It is still advisable to keep with neutral colors and avoid going too dark or too light.

Best choices are Master Plan’s somewhat darker, neutral alternative and Figi’s light, but opaque pink nail polish.

The Fashion Sector

Tender neat manicure on female hands on green leaves background. Nail design

Your aptitude for a position in the fashion and beauty sector may depend on both your qualifications and your appearance. When applying for a position in this field, the restrictions regarding attire, accessories, and makeup may be more lenient. Obviously, if you’re interviewing to be a sales representative for OPI, Essie, or Deborah Lippmann, you should utilize that company’s nail polish, be able to describe the shade you’re wearing, and comment on the brand’s durability and use. However, if you want to impress the interviewer, you should try wearing the most current color. It might be the ideal icebreaker before to the interview.

In these industries, I believe the regulations are considerably more relaxed. I guess anything that is fashionable is fair game. However, just because there is greater potential for creativity, remember that your nail paint should never be so loud that it distracts the interviewer from what you’re saying.

The Cosmetology Business

Similar to the health care industry, the appearance of your nails should be considerably more significant than the color of your nail polish while interviewing for a nail technician career. It is difficult for nail technicians in a busy salon to maintain the integrity of their nail polish when they use so many different nail solvents and polishes and are exposed to regular hand washing sans gloves. This category calls for professional-length nails with clear polish or buffed, unpolished nails.

There is little that can alleviate the anxiety caused by an upcoming job interview, but having beautiful nails cannot make it worse. As you sit in front of your potential new boss, the last thing you or he or she should be considering is the condition of your hands and nails. Instead, we believe that the best thing you can do is get a manicure the night before your interview.

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