Myths About Diamond Earrings, You Shouldn’t Believe

Diamonds are one of the most valued and highly loved precious stones around the globe. They have been around for centuries and are loved for their beauty. This is also the main reason that they have gained a matchless reputation, mainly in the case of Diamond jewelry. Those who have some experience in purchasing diamond jewelry, such as diamond earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands, etc. are quite familiar with the 4 Cs of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat). But those who are new to it find it tough to choose the right diamond jewelry.

In terms of diamond jewelry, diamond earrings and rings are usually purchased the most. They are a must-have in each jewelry box. But when it comes to their purchase, the presence of various myths about diamond earrings in the market makes it tough for the buyer to decide whether they should buy them or not.

Despite their high popularity and much of the information about them, they are often misunderstood by people. This not only just affects the sale of diamond earrings, but also prevents people from using an amazing piece of jewelry. Some common myths about diamond earrings that people usually believe but must be ignored are listed below:-

Diamond earrings have side effects

Diamond are known worldwide for their healing properties. But when it is about diamond earrings, many people ignore them just because of the common myth that they have side effects. In terms of earrings, gold and silver earring are only considered safe.

Some avoid diamond earrings with the belief that they bring adverse effects on health. However, the truth is that diamond earrings always bring happiness as well as prosperity to one’s life. Such earrings have diamonds that have exceptional healing abilities. The stone added in such earrings is good enough to cure depression, stomach aches, nightmares, fatigue, mental illness, memory loss, and many other ailments.

Diamond earrings are really expensive

Another myth about diamond earrings is that they are really expensive. Some people believe that diamond earrings are just for the rich. However, the truth is the cost of diamond earrings depends on the type, style, carat, and variety of other things.

Just like gold and silver earrings, diamond earrings too can be affordable. For this, you just have to make sure that the diamond earrings you are going to choose are within your budget. Real, rare diamonds cost more expensive than regular, non-rare, and lab-generated diamonds.

The bigger diamond you will choose for the earrings, the more it will cost you. The cost also depends on the carat and style of the diamond, so to purchase affordable diamond earrings, make sure you will not choose the one with expensive diamonds.

Diamonds in all diamond earrings are the same

Many people believe that diamonds in all diamond earrings are the same, but it is just a myth. Each type of diamond earring not only just include different type of diamonds but also cost differently.

The cost here depends on the number of diamonds, carat, size of diamonds used, cut of the diamonds used, etc. The diamonds used in diamonds earrings also differentiate in colors, shape, etc. Depending on your choice, you can also customize the diamonds in the earrings.

Diamond earrings are forever

Many believe that due to the presence of diamonds, they are forever. No doubt the hardness of the diamonds keeps them durable, but nothing such applies with the metal. The fact is, diamonds earrings do not last forever.

Just like other earrings, they too remain prone to damage. The risk of damage usually rises more when they are not used and kept correctly. When they are cared and used perfectly, they keep shining perfectly and last for forever, but improper use of them increases the chances of scratches, dust, etc. that needs repair.

Diamond earrings have no resale value

Some people prefer buying diamond jewelry just for status or to show off on special days. This is because they believe that diamond earrings do not have any resale value. But it is just a myth. The truth is, diamond earrings that include natural diamonds and have a certificate of authenticity to prove their purity can be re-sold. The sale of such earrings gives you a good ROI (Return On Investment). Just make sure you will sell them to a professional who deals with the sale and purchase of diamonds.

Diamond earrings quickly lose luster

Diamonds in all diamond earrings are the same

As compared to gold earrings, diamond earrings are considered less durable. People believe a myth that diamond earrings quickly lose their luster. But the truth is, the luster/shine depends on how you use them.

With time, diamonds earrings need maintenance. When maintained well, they do not lose their luster. Some types of diamonds even do not shine, but this does not mean that they are not real or are of no use.

It is better to check the carat, clarity, etc. of the diamond, instead of just seeing the shine. This mistake can end you up buying a fake diamond (American diamonds) that shines brightly. Make sure you will buy your diamond earrings or other diamond jewelry from a professional supplier. It will help you get pure/real diamond jewelry at an affordable rate.