Moving to Thailand – Ebook Review

by Jordan Lewis (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition


The Kingdom of Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with a total population of about 70 million people. This huge country has always been on the traveler’s list of places to visit mainly because of the cultural attractions as well as displays of scenic beauty which attract many tourists. As of 2020, Thailand experienced a migrant rate of 0.28 per thousand people. This shows that there is a remarkable increase in the number of people interested in heading towards Thailand.

Indeed, Thailand is a great place to live as many people move to this country in hope of having better job opportunities, business prospects, retirement plans, as well as educational aspects as well. Being a culturally rich country with warm-welcoming people, Thailand is a place where you can live with peace. However, it is important that before moving to Thailand, a person has a complete idea about the place so that settling in becomes easier.

For this purpose, this Ebook on “Moving to Thailand” is an ideal choice. It has a detailed discussion on the reasons why most people move to Thailand, the living essentials of Thailand, what to expect from Thailand, and how to prepare for moving to Thailand. With all these aspects covered, the people planning to move to Thailand have most of their confusion cleared out.

Chapter 1 – Top Reasons to Move to Thailand

People don’t only move to Thailand for one reason, rather there are many motivators for this shift. In this chapter, the author discusses these motivators in great detail. One of the most important reasons why people move to Thailand is the reduced financial stress as Thailand is an economy with a suitable income but lower inflation and prices which allows people to live without any sort of debts. The income allows for savings too. As a matter of fact, Thailand has high job prospects as well.

“If you have sought-after skills such as sales, engineering, IT, etc., it’s also reasonably easy to find a job. With the Thai economy growing at 5-6% a year, this is also a great time to start a business here if you have the required skills.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

A few of the other interesting reasons to move to Thailand, as mentioned by the author, include the outstanding food taste, nightlife and partying, Thai girls, low-priced accommodation, Thai Temples, Sceneries, and the warm weather. Many of these aspects such as accommodation, food, and income are discussed in the later chapters as well to give the readers a better idea about life in Thailand.

Chapter 2 – The Basics of Thailand

A road in Bangkok

The writer begins this chapter by giving a heads-up that living in Thailand is quite difficult as compared to living in other countries, especially people who are coming from developed countries such as the USA, UK, and Canada. This is because there isn’t any major cultural affiliation in these countries and the main focus is on professional work only. There is rapid advancement in these countries as well, unlike Thailand. To learn more about this changing environment, the readers should look into this chapter in great detail.

As mentioned several times, the basis of Thailand lies within its vast culture based on various religious philosophies. The monks are still working on ancient books with many believers following them as it is. Thai people are friendly with you even if you don’t belong to their religion as long as you don’t disrespect them. The author has also placed an emphasis on the learning of the local Thai language for better communication with the Thais. Besides the culture, there is diversity in other aspects of Thailand.

Several other interesting topics of this chapter include the food culture which is based on local and Western, both types of food items. An interesting aspect related to being called “farang” while you are in Thailand has also been discussed. People in Thailand call the foreigners “farangs”.  Those who are concerned about the money matters and banking system of Thailand will also find this chapter to be quite useful as it discusses financial matters as well.

Moving to Thailand means you would have to take into consideration various kinds of aspects that a tourist wouldn’t. For example, having a maid, taking care of the bills, measurements, and even legal services. These aspects are also discussed in this chapter so that people who are interested in relocating have a good idea about how well these day-to-day things get along in Thailand.

Transport and Communication

Rickshaws are a common mode of transport in Thailand

As a tourist, a person usually relies on services like Uber, Taxi, or other such ride services to get from one place to another. However, as a resident of the country, you may have to look for other alternatives which are relatively cheaper and much more affordable so that day-to-day finances can be managed appropriately.

For this reason, the author has discussed the aspect of transport and communication in detail. Fortunately, transport is not a problem in Thailand as there are many ways to travel from one place to another including Rapid Bus Transport System, Rickshaws, Motorcycle Transport, Trains, Buses, and much more as well. The writer has talked about these aspects as well as how much it would cost you to travel via these options. Keep in mind that the writer does suggest that inter-city transportation is not good in Thailand.

“Getting around major cities in Thailand is pretty straightforward but getting between cities is not so easy. Bangkok is the best place for public transport, as they have very modern BTS (SkyTrain) and MRT (underground) systems.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

As far as the aspect of communication is concerned, it is again very easy as sim cards are available from the airports to any 7-eleven stores. The writer discusses a few of the internet service providers and cellular network providers so the reader can compare and choose the most appropriate option as per their requirements.

Essentials Before You Come to Thailand

United States Passport in Blue

This next chapter of the book is all about important things to consider before moving to Thailand. It is just like a checklist and gives you an idea about a few of the most important things that you need to evaluate before moving to Thailand. One of the most important things discussed by the writer includes the Visa policies. There are several kinds of Visas issued by the foreign ministry of Thailand and the author has discussed all of them. Readers can check which one is most applicable to them and then apply for it accordingly. Getting the required documents is also important based on the type of Visa a person is applying for.

“A breakdown of our monthly spending in Bangkok would be roughly 25,000 baht on a 1-bed condo, 2,000 baht for electricity, 200 baht for water rates, 500 baht for internet, 20,000 baht for food, and 20,000 for entertainment and miscellaneous items.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

Besides, before coming to Thailand, a person would want to know how much his or her initial expenses would be before settling in the country. Prior to getting a proper job, accommodation, finances, and other such aspects are very important. The writer has talked about accommodation facilities in detail as well as the monthly expenses. He has also mentioned several tips in which one can make this settling-in period as efficient and cheap as possible.

Living in Thailand

Women showing the culture of Thailand

Once a person has passed the settlement period, some things have to be streamlined and one of the most important ones is living in a foreign country. The writer has covered the topic of post-settlement accommodation in a detailed manner. He has not only discussed Bangkok but also talked about Chiang Mai. The reason why two cities are considered is to let the readers know about all the options associated with living in Thailand. Some people might want to go for a cheaper option for the budget and some people might want to go big if they have no issues with a constrained budget.

“You can rent a studio in a brand new building for as little as 5,000 baht per month ($170, £110) to as much as 100,000 baht per month ($3,300, £2,200) for a 3-4 bedroom condo in a magnificent building in a great location. What you choose will depend on your budget, but everything is available here.”

(Ebook Excerpt)

Besides, the writer has also talked about some sensitive aspects such as culture and trends which are an essential part of living in Thailand. One should keep in mind that abiding by the mentioned legal policies as well as the unwritten rules is important in Thailand. The writer suggests that expats should learn the culture and follow it to make their living in Thailand an ideal one.

Moreover, learning the Thai language is also going to be essential for the people living over there. The writer has mentioned a few of the many benefits of learning the local language. In short, learning the Thai language is going to make living in Thailand much easier in terms of communication, job prospects, education, and other aspects as well.

Food in Thailand

Food in Thailand

One of the main reasons why Thailand is a country many people like to visit is the Thai food. Fortunately, when a person plans to move to Thailand, they are going to get all of those foods on a routine basis. In this part of the book, the writer has mentioned different types of foods that are popular in Thailand. Besides, the writer has also provided the idea about their cost as well as places where you can get this amazing food from. The funny thing I got to know is that most people in Thailand do not have a kitchen. This is because food in Thailand is extraordinarily cheap and people prefer to buy from the street stands rather than put in the effort to eat home-cooked meals.

Other Parts of the Book

A view of the ocean

The book does not end over here and has a few other sections as well. You will be quite intrigued to know that the author has written a major section on the point of “Relationships in Thailand”. He also explains the art of living on a budget in Thailand while making sure you never run out of money and save the maximum possible amount.  A detailed plan like this will allow the readers to adjust accordingly and get major benefits from living in Thailand. The last part of this book is about serious crimes and offenses that you might end up with. Read it to the end to get to know more about it.

General Overview

The city of Bangkok

From a wide perspective, this is by far one of the best books on the topic of moving to Thailand. It has provided a detailed perspective to almost all the essentials that people need to consider before moving to Thailand, after moving to Thailand, and the transitionary period changes as well. The writer has provided details with numerical figures as well which makes this book quite an accurate one. Those who are reading are fully aware of the financial expenses that they will have to incur one-time as well as on a day-to-day basis. This makes it a much more valid book as compared to the one which contains just limited theoretical information and not any kind of numbers.

The writer has carefully mentioned some of the issues that people face in Thailand, particularly expats. This helps the readers know these problems as well as the solutions too as highlighted by the author.

One thing missing in this book is the referencing to different types of government publications and journals. Although it isn’t highly necessary and the readers can still get the idea about moving to Thailand, it is still somewhat important to make a point even more valid and authentic. Different types of government publications and references to organizations in Thailand will provide the readers with an idea that this book has information from such verified resources.


In a nutshell, this is a suitable book for all audiences who are planning to move to Thailand. With the friendly, and engaging tone of the writer, the reader does not get bored while reading this book making it an ideal one. Besides, the writer has used easy English to explain the different types of complications which is why it becomes one of those books which can be easily understood by everyone. Highly recommended!

by Jordan Lewis (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition