Moisturising is just one step

What? Are you joking? Moisturising is more than “just” a step. It is the step in the process of skincare. While this might be an exaggeration, a skincare regimen needs to include morning and night-time moisturising. If you want to maintain a fresh looking and healthy look, this is the way you do it. And this routine will also help you feel better about the world and yourself and offer confidence. More on moisturiser later.

If moisturiser is just one step in a skincare routine, then what are the others? Well, it is clear that you need to cleanse your skin and you might opt to use a toner too. However, what people tend to forget is the step in between. You need to commit to some treatments too if you want to keep that youthful glow to your skin.

Let’s take it step by step and see what we can learn about the perfect skincare regimen.

You need a clean face

We realise you might think this goes without saying and would never dream of moisturising your face without cleaning it first. Indeed, moisturising a dirty face is a sure-fire way to promote spots, as the moisturiser creates a skin barrier and traps the dirt against your pores.

When deciding on your cleanser, you need to see it as part of a whole regime. If you use a harsh cleanser, then the other creams and serums you use might be detrimental and counterproductive. Therefore, you need to choose a gentle cleanser that will be kind to your skin.

You might want to follow this up with a toner. Indeed, a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser regimen is the sort of routine that most people will use. Toner is excellent for balancing the ph. of your skin and for those prone to spots, you can use specific toners to calm an outbreak.

Commit to treatments

The step in the process that many miss out is using treatments that will counter the effects of UV and pollution in our environment. Three treatments are recommended as part of a skincare routine.

First, you should consider using a product that has Vitamin C as a key ingredient. You need to choose a product that guarantees the stability of the form and so can ensure the molecule within the vitamin will soak into the skin. Vitamin C is crucial in countering sun damage and the effects of pollution.

Second, you ought to use an eye cream. Our eyes show our ageing more than most other features. Therefore, giving them a bit of individual TLC is a good idea. When applying eye cream, you might want to use your ring finger, as it is our weakest finger and will be kinder on a sensitive area of our face.

Finally, using a retinol-based treatment, which is a form of Vitamin A. These treatments help to reduce wrinkles and prevent them in the first place. It is a good idea to start using these treatments as early as your 20s, as it is better to stave off the impact of ageing than try to counter it.

And then moisturise

The hydration of your skin is most vital to the health of your face. If you want to glow and wake with lovely plump features that look ready for the day, regular moisturising is essential. There are kits, masks, creams, and more that you can use to keep your skin looking healthy.

If you moisturise at only one time of day, you should do it before you go to bed. Using a moisturiser at night will seal in the active ingredients on your face and do its work overnight. You can then use oil on top of this moisturiser to help keep it in place through the night and add to your skin’s smoothness.

A final note

A good skincare routine is more than just looking good, it is about feeling good. When you look in the mirror and appear fresh and awake, you will go positively into the world. Therefore, getting this routine right is something we all deserve so that we feel better.