Men’s Guide to Choosing the Right Belt

A belt is probably the most important and most used accessory you can have in your wardrobe. For most men, wearing a belt helps them look professional, and so it became a part of their everyday attire. Its main purpose is to hold the pants up, but it can also add to men’s style. Choosing the right belt that will match their outfits is a challenge for some men. While for others, as long as there is a belt loop, it is understood that a belt should be worn, no matter what kind of belt. However, men should learn how to wear the right belts.

Depending on the material, design and the type of buckle a belt can make or break the coherence of one’s outfit. There are different styles of belt for men, and a many ways to match them in any outfits. Here are some guidelines in choosing the right belt.

Know Your Belt Size

The most important thing in choosing a belt is making sure you know what size you are looking for. Inches or centimeters are the indicators of belt size. The size correlates to the length of the buckle to the mid hole where it should be fastened. Though some belt brands are size the same way as the clothes, which are small, medium, large, or extra-large.

Wearing the right size of belt is very important, keep in mind that wearing a large belt would be too hassle to wear, and a small belt would look and would make you feel uncomfortable.

Have Different Kinds of Belts

It’s good to own different kinds of belts. Every man needs at least two leather belts in good quality, one fabric belt and a casual belt. These kinds of belt are easier to pair with any outfit, so if you have these kinds of belt, it would take less time in choosing your belt every morning. If you are starting or want to improve a collection, here are four kinds of belt you must own:

  • Formal black/brown leather belt: These kinds of belts are the easiest kind of belt to pair with any attire.
  • Tan woven/braided leather belt: These types of belts are best worn with jeans.
  • Webbed fabric belt: This kind of belt is best paired with summer shorts.
  • Novelty belt: It is good to own a kind of belt which is beaded, colored or made of snake skin. It is useful for events such as not so formal parties.

Choose the Right Belt Buckle

There are things to keep in mind when choosing the right belt buckle. If you’re wearing a formal attire like suit, avoid wearing big buckled-belts. The bigger the buckle, the more casual the belt will look. Belts with small and flat buckles should always be the top choice. But if you’re wearing a casual attire, then it’s okay to choose belts with bigger belt buckles.

Keep in mind also when you’re wearing any male jewelry, your belt buckle should be in the same color with them. Silver accents go with the silver belt buckles, same goes with gold accents.

Choose the Right Belt Color and Material

The rule when wearing a formal attire is that the color and material of your shoes should match the color and material of your belt. If you’re wearing a brown leather shoes, you should also wear a brown leather belt to match it. Matte belts match matte shoes, and the same goes with glossy belts. But it’s good also not to match them well when you’re wearing a casual attire.

Animal patterns are also considered as casual belts, but they can very expensive. Basically, choosing another type of pattern depends on how much attention you want your mid-section to get.

Other Styling Guidelines

Belts can create a shortening visual effect, since they are worn on the mid-sectioning line. However, there are tips on choosing the belt for you. If you want to look taller, you can match your belt to make the line less noticeable, with your pants or shirt. However, if you’re a tall man and don’t want to look anymore taller with your attire, you can wear belts with brighter colors or more detailed styles.

Now that you know what to keep in mind when choosing the right belt, here are now tips on belt care, on how to keep your leat her belt clean.

  • Use leather cleaner or get a soft rag and small amount of warm water to clean the belt.
  • Lay the belt on the towel and apply leather conditioner.
  • In applying leather conditioner, keep in mind to use a 100% cotton cloth.
  • Leave the conditioner to be absorbed by the belt for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Once the belt is dry, make sure that no residue is left on the belt.
  • Condition your belt as often as needed.

Now that you have full knowledge on choosing your belt and keeping it clean, here are now some ideas for belts and belt buckles you may want to look at to add to your collection.

Where to Buy
Gelante Men's Classic Dress Leather Belt Black & Brown Color
Bullko Men's Casual Jean Belt Classic Buckle Top Leather Belts 1.5" Width
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Savile Row Mens Dress Belt 35MM 1.38" wide Black Brown & Reversible


Men’s Black Leather Belt

A majority of the men have this type of belt, since It is the most common style of belt. This can be match with anything, from school uniforms to expensive suits. So this belt can be worn every day, from formal to casual attire.

Where to Buy
Belts for Men, Handmade Genuine Leather, 100% Cow Leather, Classic and Fashion Designs
Dante Men's Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle
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Men’s DressBrown Leather Belt

Similar to the black leather belt only in brown. This kind of belt is also a common type that men wear with their business casual or suit pants. Though compared to black, this can be a bit harder to match with any attire and brown typically is a more casual look.

Where to Buy
Bullko Men's Genuine Leather Belt Casual Jean Belts for Men
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Hanks Jean Belt - 1.5" Men's Leather Belt - USA Made, 100-Year Warranty


Casual Leather Belt

This belt is best worn with casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt. They are also wider compared to formal belts which adds to their casual look. There are a wide array of style options to fit your fashion and outfit.

Where to Buy
Falari Men's Braided Belt Leather Stainless Steel Buckle 35mm
Elastic Braided Belt, Fairwin 1.3'' Men's Stretch Belt, Fabric Woven Belt
BMC Mens Wear 3pc Stretchy Woven Design Tricolor One Size Adjustable Belt Set

Men’s Woven Belt

Compared to other basic leather belts, this belt is more casual and more fashionable, and it also comes in many different color options and styles. Woven belt’s also offer a bit more comfort as they stretch and shape to your body due to their weave build.

Where to Buy
Men's Belt, 1-3/8 Wide, Smooth
Ground Mind Men's Suede Leather Belt

Smooth Suede Belt

Compared to a standard smooth leather belt, suede beltsare not as popular today, but they can add a unique style to a man’s attire. They can also require a bit more care to keep the suede looking great.

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Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Belt Slim 1 1/4” Casual Jean Dakota Signature Buckle
Nixon Men's Americana SE Slim Belt
Soponder Mens Belts Black Leather Ratchet Belts Big and Tall Dress Belts Black Buckles Automatic ? 64 Inch Belt

Slim Belt

This belt is typically just 1 inch in width. They come in primarily in black and brown colors. This belt doesn’t looktoo formal but adds to your fashion.

Where to Buy
Tony Lama Floral Tooled Leather Belt
7P058-BRN Men Brown Vintage Embossed Western Pattern Studded Leather Belt
Western Floral Engraved Tooled Leather Belt Strap 1-1/2

Tooled LeatherBelt

This belt is another style to wear with casual attires like shirts and jeans. They are designed with
tooled patterns which makes them have their own unique style. Some tooled leather belts have interchangeable buckles to change up the look of the overall belt. You can find a wide range of tooled patterns that go from very basic to complex.

Where to Buy
Western Silver Engraved Rodeo Star Ranger Genuine Leather Bison Belt for Men
western men cowboy rodeo gold silver longhorn star silver buckle set leather belt

Rodeo Belt

This type of belt has a lot of tooled patterns and decorative studs. Most types of this belt have oversized buckles that have a whole style of design as well This type of belt is typically worn at country and rodeo type events.

Where to Buy
moonsix Canvas Web Belts for Men,Solid Color Casual Military Style Belt
Men Canvas Web Belt for Women, ECHI Unisex Fabric Woven Braided Belts With with Flip-Top Solid Black Military Buckle


Canvas Belt

This type of belt is commonly worn by military members, boy scouts, manual workers, etc. It is just a simple belt that has a metal buckle. This belt has no holes which makes it easy to adjust. You just have to pull and lock the buckle to fit as needed.

Where to Buy
Canvas Web Belt D-Ring Buckle With Metal Tip Fashion Multi-color
Mens & Womens Canvas Belt with Black D-ring 1 1/2" Wide Extra Long Solid Color Father's Day Gifts

D-Ring Belt

This belt has a “D” on its name because this belt comes with “D” shaped buckles. It is also easy to adjust similar to a canvas belt.

Owning a belt is more than just having something to hold your pants up. It’s not ethical to have oneleather belt and wear it on all occasions. It is an accessory that we should invest on. And keep in mindthat owning a formal and casual belt makes it easier for you to choose and style up your attires or outfits every day.