Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Smashbox Cosmetics

The innovative and high-quality products from Smashbox Cosmetics have made the company recognizable among makeup enthusiasts. Smashbox was founded by two photographers who were unhappy with cosmetic products that melt or smudge in the environment of a picture studio. The company is now renowned for its broad selection of products, from its best-selling Photo Finish Primer to its vibrant and whimsical Be Legendary lipsticks that appeal to every skin tone and type. Smashbox has developed a cult following among makeup enthusiasts and beauty influencers alike, and it still pushes the limits of what’s conceivable in cosmetics.

How Smashbox Cosmetics Was Established

Dean and Davis Factor are the great-grandsons of Max Factor, the cosmetics icon and Hollywood-recognized makeup artist. They started Smashbox Studios in 1991, which finally led to Smashbox Cosmetics’ establishment in 1966. Thus, Smashbox Cosmetics was an offshoot of their studio business, Smashbox Studio, which featured a photo studio, a modeling agency, and a clothing line. Also, the name Smashbox is a slang term for a camera, which is appropriate for a company that began as a picture studio.

In 1998, Smashbox launched in the United Kingdom, but it was not a smashing success. This is because a Smashbox representitive was sexually molested on the night of the launch by a person who was supposed to be a friend of the Factor brothers. No one was officially charged with the crime. Nevertheless, because of the scandal, several beauty editors refused to cover Smashbox, which hurt the company’s early performance in the UK.

TSG Consumer Partners purchased a minority ownership in Smashbox Cosmetics in February 2006. TSG Consumer helped Smashbox Cosmetics make educated decisions regarding distribution strategy, marketing, and product innovation. They helped Smashbox make its mascara, powder, and foundation and market the brand to open-sell retailers like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. Because of this, Smashbox’s value grew from 2006 to 2010 by a three-fold increase.


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Smashbox Cosmetics Under Estée Lauder Companies

In 2010, experts forecast that Smashbox will earn about $80 million from wholesale sales and $140 million from retail sales. With TSG Consumer Partners, Davis and Dean Factor sold Smashbox Cosmetics to Estée Lauder Companies that same year.

It was widely acknowledged that Smashbox Cosmetics was a hip cosmetics company with a significant online and social media appeal. The Estée Lauder Group saw acquisition potential in Smashbox due to the latter’s reputation for customer interaction and popularity among the company’s target demographic. In 2010, Smashbox was selling in North America and 60 countries worldwide. Estée Lauder had better odds in non-traditional retail channels due to its experience with TV shopping and presence in open-sell locations.

To broaden the brand’s exposure, the Factor brothers decided to sell their business to Estée Lauder, which had proven successful in doing the same for MAC and Bobbi Brown. Following the transaction, all parties agreed that Smashbox would keep its Los Angeles headquarters and that Dean and Davis Factor would play significant roles in the company’s future plans.

Smashbox Cosmetics was Estée Lauder’s second-fastest-growing brand in 2015. To woo newer, younger customers, Estée Lauder used a 360-degree film in 2016 to take viewers on a tour of Smashbox Studios, the birthplace of Smashbox Cosmetics. The three-minute clip showcased the facility, its equipment, and some of Smashbox’s best-selling products.

The virtual tour demonstrating the brand’s history was part of Smashbox’s digital marketing effort, as the company does not undertake print marketing. Smashbox Cosmetics has received four Clio awards for its digital marketing initiatives.

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What Makes Smashbox Cosmetics Special

Davis Factor claims that Smashbox Cosmetics stands apart from the competition because it is the only cosmetics company that uses photography-related production processes in everyday operations. 

The photoshoots at Smashbox Studios serve as inspiration for the creation of Smashbox Cosmetics’ products. Photographers required full-coverage, long-wearing cosmetics for their model subjects so that they could capture their true beauty under the intense studio lighting. A short time later, such items were the most popular sellers for the company.

Quality primers, lipsticks, foundations, and more from cruelty-free cosmetics brand Smashbox create stunning looks on and off set. Both the foundations and the primer are long-wearing without appearing cakey.

Types of Products that Smashbox Cosmetics Sell

The cosmetics line, Smashbox, has an extensive line of products for the entire face, eyes, lips, and cheeks. Smashbox also offers brushes, tools, primers, skincare products, and pre-packaged collections to complement its cosmetics. The cosmetics sold by Smashbox include, but are not limited to:

  • Foundations: Regarding foundations, Smashbox has you covered no matter your skin tone or preference in liquid, stick, or powder form.
  • Powder: Smashbox offers pressed powders, finishing powders, and setting powders to help keep your makeup in place and cut down on shine.
  • Concealers: The brand offers a variety of concealers for hiding redness, under-eye circles, and other flaws.
  • Bronzers: You can find the perfect bronzer for your skin tone and desired look among Smashbox’s matte and shimmer options.
  • Blush: The company sells a wide variety of cream, powder, and liquid blushes in various hues.
  • Highlighters: The company offers a variety of highlighters, including creams, powders, and liquids, to help customers achieve a healthy glow.
  • Eyeshadow: When it comes to eyeshadow, Smashbox has a wide selection of palettes, singles, and quads to pick from in a wide range of colors and sheens.
  • Eyeliner: Pencil, liquid, and gel eyeliners are all available from the same brand, allowing for a plethora of different looks to be achieved with one purchase.
  • Mascara: Smashbox offers several options for enhancing lash length, volume, and definition.
  • Lip products: The line’s lip products include lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms in a broad spectrum of colors and textures.

The Success of Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics is recognized for producing high-quality items that can endure the rigors of photo sessions and long days on set. This company has established a dedicated consumer base thanks to the quality and consistency of its products, which include long-lasting and highly pigmented formulations. 

As was previously indicated, the Estée Lauder Companies, one of the world’s largest and most successful cosmetics companies, owns a majority stake in Smashbox as a wholly owned subsidiary. With this connection, Smashbox has access to a multitude of resources and expertise, contributing to its rapid expansion and continued success.

Furthermore, Smashbox is a well-recognized brand with a reputation for cutting-edge fashion. The label is well-known in the worlds of style and showbiz for being avant-garde and ahead of the curve.

Smashbox maintains an extensive digital presence and a solid social media presence, particularly on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Makeup tutorials, new product announcements, and exclusive videos from behind the scenes are just some ways the brand utilizes social media to foster brand loyalty among its user base.

Smashbox also operates several physical retail stores, including a flagship location in Los Angeles and several counters and stores in department stores and specialized retailers across the world. It gives potential buyers a chance to interact with the product in person before deciding to make a purchase.

Smashbox’s celebrity endorsements and collaborations have contributed to the company’s prominence. The firm has collaborated with various models, makeup artists, and influencers to promote its products.

Overall, Smashbox Cosmetics is a trendy beauty line with a solid reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting products. Makeup for the face, eyes, lips, and cheeks, as well as makeup brushes, tools, and skin care, are all available under the brand’s umbrella. Smashbox has an extensive global retail network, a robust internet presence, and a lively social media presence. Smashbox Cosmetics has shown itself as a leading beauty brand, beloved by professional makeup artists and their clients.