Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Sisley Paris

One of the most prestigious brands in the cosmetics world, Sisley Paris was found in 1976 with a single vision: to successfully harness the power of plant extracts and essential oils by making good use of technological advancements. Under the direction of Hubert d’Ornano, the founder, and the efforts of his team, Sisley has gone from being a family business to a global beauty house featuring high-end cosmetics.

The brand is present in more than 90 countries, spread across five continents. It is headquartered on the Avenue de Friedland, the heart of Paris. Although its research, production, and administration laboratories are located in France, Sisley has over thirty subsidiaries throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. More than 85% of its revenue comes from exports, and it experiences one of the largest increases in this sector.

A French Family Business

Sisley Cosmetics, at its core, has always been a family business. Its philosophy is composed of portions of everything: family history, modern technology, pureness, nature, and internationalism. The brand strictly follows the rules of luxury marketing. It does not rely on advertising and prefers to spread its image through pop celebrities.

The company was originally created in 1972 as a minor perfume brand by Roland Vincent and perfumer Jean Laporte. However, after a few unsuccessful marketing attempts, it was sold to the French billionaire Hubert d’Ornano in 1976, who transformed the company completely and titled it “Sisley,” with respect to French impressionist painter Alfred Sisley.

Hubert was the son of the famous businessman Guillaume d’Ornano who was on the board of the American beauty company Coty before co-founding the luxury brand Lancôme. Just like his father, Hubert had a natural talent for business. He had previously founded the 1947’s House of Orlane, another French haute cosmétique, as well as the scent company Jean D’Albret.

Hubert nurtured the brand under two simple ideas. The first being that plants were the future of cosmetics since it was incredibly useful and convenient to isolate the respective active ingredients for healthcare purposes. Secondly, all products must be high-end to truly be appreciated by the world, which is why Hubert was especially careful with the science and manufacturing that went behind Sisley’s products.

Hubert and his wife, Isabelle, are credited to be the first ones to offer luxury products made entirely from natural plant extract and essential oils, which went entirely against the beauty industry of the time. Isabelle d’Ornano still serves as the vice president of the company and continues to invest in the creation of products and the brand’s image.

The Business Itself

Hubert’s two siblings have continued to work for the brand for over twenty years, with Philippe d’Ornano working as President and Christine d’Ornano as the Global Vice President, managing marketing strategy as well as the Great Britain office.

The luxury company runs a medium-sized business with almost 4,500 employees working internationally. Sisley specializes in sales through department stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, and spas to ensure that expert advice is always communicated. The brand also has thirty subsidiaries throughout the five continents. After France, China is Sisley’s biggest market.

Sisley prides itself on its characteristic family-driven formulas. Isabelle, who has been working on the brand since the very beginning, was the brains behind the best-selling cult product Sisleÿa that sold over 400,000 copies. Her personality can still be felt in the more recent products that are developed under her daughter’s guidelines.

Pure and Natural Cosmetics

All of Sisley’s skincare products are composed of a cocktail of plants. Long before anyone had thought of it, the brand had already started its career in phytocosmetology. Always prioritizing quality over quantity, Sisley recognizes that its reputation lies in working on skincare concerning what the customers want the most.

In 2011, Sisley opened its new Center for Research and Cultivation in Paris, which consists of 32 acres of land solely dedicated to Research and Development laboratories for product development. The team believes that coming up with new fragrance and makeup is no less than an artist’s work, which is why Hubert initially created their Eau du Soir for his wife. Isabelle wore it for almost ten years before she decided to launch it as a Sisley product.

The company is based around the idea that most famous classic cosmetics and fragrances are developed with a personal approach. Instead of following the trends of famous luxury cosmetics brands, Sisley has always had a creative and original attitude towards product development that revolves around extensive testing, first-class quality, and complex herbal formulas.

Where to Buy
Sisley Black Rose Cream Masque for Women, 2.1 Ounce
Sisley All Day All Year Essential Anti-aging Day Care, 1.6-Ounce Bottle
Sisley L 'Integral Anti Age Cream, 1.6 Ounce
Sisley Botanical Floral Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free 8.4 Ounce
Sisley Ecological Compound With Pump, 4.2-Ounce Box
Sisley Women's Eau Efficace Gentle Make-Up Remover for Face & Eyes, All Skin Types, 10.1 Ounce


Let us look at some of the best-selling Sisley products.

1. Black Rose Cream Mask

The Black Rose Cream Mask makes your skin youthful and luminous. It has three actions, a revitalizing action, a hydrating action, and a plumping action. Hydrated and plumped, the skin becomes soft and looks smooth. Its anti-aging ingredients include Black Rose, Padinapavonia and Alkekengi extracts. These act on the skin to diminish the signs of tiredness, and leave your skin looking refreshed and young.

The mask is soft and creamy and is rose-scented. It should be used twice or thrice a week. Generously apply it on the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. In under 15 minutes, this mask offers your skin a look of instant youth.

2. All Day All Year

An essential anti-aging day cream, All Day All Year ensures your skin stays young and radiant by protecting it from environmental aggressions. It has a double-actionformula. With its anti-UVA-UVB shield, it protects the skin against oxidative stress. The anti-free radical and anti-stress shield is made from potent plant extracts that protect the skin from external factors. All Day All Year also moisturizes the skin cells. Thus, protected and moisturized, the skin retains its youthfulness for a longer time.

With regular use, wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced, and the skin will become smooth and radiant. Every morning,apply the cream using a gentle massaging motion, after cleaning and drying your face and neck,

3. SisleÿaL’Integral Anti-Age

This is a complete skincare package that protects against all the three factors involved in aging (genetic factor, environmental factor, and personal lifestyle). It contains revitalizing ingredients such as Lady’s Mantle extract, Persian Acacia extract, White Willow leaf extract, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These supplement the skin’s youth-enhancing abilities and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. With its hydrating action, it increases skin’s firmness, density and radiance to preserve the skin’s natural beauty.

The results start appearing after just a few applications, making your skin soft, smooth and visibly plumped. The signs of stress and fatigue are also reduced. In four weeks, the skin appears dense, firm, and radiant. After eight weeks, the skin acquires a healthy and youthful glow. It should be applied to the face and neck every morning and evening.

4. Floral Toning Lotion

Ideal for removing makeup traces and cleansing the skin, this toning lotion should be used before applying your daily skincare products. It tones, soothes, and refreshes your skin, making it ready for your daily skincare regimen. It is made from hydrolats of witch hazel, cornflower, and rose, which are known for their soothing properties. The lotion is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

In the morning or evening, after removing your makeup, take a cotton pad and soak it in the lotion. Using the cotton pad, wipe your face and neck and allow the lotion to rest on the skin for a few moments. You should then proceed with your skincare routine.

5. Ecological Compound

A revitalizing and hydrating skincare product, Ecological Compound is suitable for all skin types. Its ingredients, Ginseng, CentellaAsiatica, Rosemary, Horsetail, and Hops work together to make your skin supple, toned and revitalized. It moisturizes the skin and restores radiance and suppleness, and helps the skin fight against stressors from the environment, like pollution and cigarette smoke.

It has a non-greasy, fluid texture that gives your skin a matte appearance. The Ecological Compound should be applied to clean and dry skin every morning and evening. For better penetration into the skin layers, use a gentle massaging motion to apply it to the face and neck.

6. Eau Efficace Makeup Remover

This liquid rinse-free makeup remover not only removes makeup from the face effectively but also cleanses and tones the skin. With the strong cleansing powers of its plant-based saponins, it can remove even the most stubborn makeup residue from the face and eyes, and also eliminates the traces of impurities and pollutants accumulated on your skin over the day, thus returning radiance to your skin. Linden blossom water and Neroli extract give the remover natural softening, soothing and relaxing qualities, and create a sensation of freshness on your skin.

The result is a thoroughly clean, fresh, and toned skin and a luminous complexion. For applying, pump the remover two or three times on a cotton pad to soak it. Wipe each eye with a separate cotton pad and then wipe the remainder of the face with a different pad. You can also use the product for awakening and stimulating your skin in the morning. Do not rinse the face.


Since its launch over four decades ago, Sisley Paris’ international growth has followed a rapid trajectory, with its products meeting growing success each year. Though the brand’s products can be quite costly, it never fails to amaze its fans with its superb and distinctive product styles.