Luxury Cosmetics Brand – Oriflame Cosmetics

Oriflame Cosmetics is a Swedish luxury cosmetics and skincare brand which was founded in 1967 by two brothers, Jonas afJochnick and Robert afJochnick, and their friend BengtHellsten. Headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the direct selling beauty brand is sold in over sixty countries today.

How It All Started

Around 50 years ago, Jonas and Robert afJochnick sat down with BengtHellsten and discussed the idea of a direct-selling beauty and skincare company that would feature natural and high-quality products. Against everyone’s advice and warnings, the brothers quit their jobs and decided to focus full time on making this vision a reality. The brand’s beginning was very humble, and the first marker of success was a small Stockholm office.

From such a humble start, the company went on to become an internationally acclaimed beauty brand. When asked for the reason behind their huge success, the brothers put it to their competitiveness. From childhood, they had taken part in sports and various competitions, and this spirit helped them overcome challenges in their business. In fact, they saw challenges as opportunities and leveraged those opportunities for success.

Some of the Brand’s Major Achievements

In 1967, the first few products sold were lipsticks, mascaras, and skin creams, which were based on Swedish herbs and plant extracts. In 1970, a thousand copies of the first Oriflame catalog were printed, to ease one-to-one selling. Tender Care, one of the brand’s bestsellers, was launched in the 1970s, which immediately became renowned for its moisturizing properties. The brand was the first foreign company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1982. The brand’s website launched in 1977, and its Skin Research Institute opened in 2009.

Where Does the Brand Stand Today?

Today, the Swedish brand’s natural products are sold by about 3.6 million Oriflame distributors, with an annual sale of around € 1.5 billion. It has over 7500 employees and features a range of 1000 natural, innovative beauty products. The company owns five production units in Sweden, China, Poland, Russia, and India. More than a hundred scientists work in its global research and development center. The brand is present in over 60 countries worldwide.

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

The Jochnick brothers’ original business concept was that of natural Swedish products that would be sold from friend to friend and marketed by word of mouth alone. The company has remained true to this vision. Today, the brand operates outside the traditional retail market and recruits Beauty Advisors in its sales teams, who are responsible for marketing and selling the products.

The basic idea is that customers get to buy beauty and personal care products from people they can trust and who can advise them on which products to buy. Its independent sales team also offers individuals the opportunity to become Oriflame Consultants and earn money while being part of the Oriflame global community.

A Brand Focused on Sustainability

The brand’s business model is based on sustainability. It is working towards being a company that has a minimal negative impact on the environment. It is focused on reducing its carbon dioxide footprint and waste. Based on this model, products are mostly made from natural ingredients, primarily making use of plant extracts from renewable plant resources. Further, the brand does not use any products obtained by causing harm to animals or sourced from dead animals. Overall, all of its products are entirely safe for the human body and skin.

Contribution to Social Causes

Commitment to helping individuals and communities is part of the essence of Oriflame as a brand. It has been involved in various social and community work since the start, and The Oriflame Foundation manages all of these activities. The company works in collaboration with charitable organizations and NGOs to contribute meaningfully to the community and take part in educational initiatives.

The World Childhood Foundation was founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1999 to help marginalized children around the world. It supports children in seventeen countries who are living on the street and are victims of sexual exploitation and abuse. Oriflame is one of its co-founders and is committed to its vision. Oriflame is also involved with SOS Children’s Villages, whose aim is to provide a loving home and long-term care to children who do not have families.

Where to Buy
The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara
The ONE Cream Illuminator
Tender Care Protecting Balm by Oriflame
Oriflame The One Contouring Kit (3colours) Perfect Makeup Original Brand new
Oriflame Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation SPF 15, New, Light Ivory 30ml
Oriflame -Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 25G (Natural Peach)
Oriflame Novage Time Restore Eye & Lip Cream 50+ 15ml Sweden


Some of the best Oriflame Cosmetics products are as follows:

1. The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara

This is a multi-benefit mascara that provides your lashes definition, length, volume, separates them, and is waterproof. You can confidently give volume to your lashes without the fear of smudging them together. Further, the mascara does not smear or flake or run as it is entirely resistant to water. It comes with a double-sided brush that is intended to ease application. Like all Oriflame products, the mascara is made from natural ingredients and is cruelty-free.

To apply the mascara, make use of both sides of the brush. Get the ideal lash definition and volume by lifting and sculpting the lashes with the short bristles. Then give the desired length to your lashes and separate them using the long bristles on the brush.

2. Cream Illuminator

The Cream Illuminator allows you to play with light and highlight your face to perfection. The cream is made of light-reflecting particles and unique pigments that give your face a soft, luminous look and blur imperfections. The illuminating cream gives you a silky sheer glow and makes strobing easy. You may apply it to the whole face to get an over-all glow-from-within look, or you may use it to highlight the forehead, cheekbones, and eyelids. In both cases, the result is a shiny and shimmery look.

It is possible to get the fresh, dewy summer glow through strobing. First, apply a primer to your cheekbones, under the eyebrows, on the center of the chin, and along the bridge of the nose. Apply a concealer to the same areas and also between the jawline and cheekbone. Now, apply the Cream Illuminator to these areas. Brush a little matte powder over the areas of the face which you have not highlighted to create a contrast, and you are ready to go.

3. Tender Care Protecting Balm

The Tender Care Protecting Balm has been specially formulated to restore moisturization to extremely dry and rough skin. It provides deep nourishment to your skin and protects it from further dryness. The balm can be used all over the body, from the very dry skin of the face and lips to elbows, knees, hands and feet. Acting on rough and dry skin, the balm makes it soft and beautiful. Tender Care can be applied as often as needed and at any time.

4. Contouring Kit

The Contouring Kit includes three ultra-fine powders that allow you to transform your features into a look of perfection. There is a powder for contouring, one for highlighting, and one for creating the perfect blush. The powders are silky and make for a smooth application and easy blending. They are long-lasting and make for confident wear. Enhance and accentuate your features using the Contouring Kit with ease.

Before using the powders, apply concealer and foundation to the face. Begin by contouring on the temples, under the cheekbones, along the jawline and the nose. Highlight above the cheekbones, on the center of the forehead, chin and the bridge of the nose. Finally, add some color to the apples of your cheek, and you are good to go.

5. Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation SPF 15

The foundation provides long-lasting full coverage to your skin, along with the protection of SPF 15 from harmful sun rays. Infused with Italian volcanic minerals, it revitalizes the skin and makes for a perfect finish. Use the foundation to conceal imperfections and a youthful and healthy-looking complexion.

The foundation may be applied with a sponge, a makeup brush, or using the fingers. Start applying the foundation on the center of your face and slowly work outwards. For a flawless finish, be sure to blend well near the hairline and the jawline. It is a good idea to apply less foundation than you think you need. You can always use a little more to build coverage.

6. Bronzing Pearls

The Bronzing Pearls allow you to create a look of subtle to vivid luminosity on your face with the slightest swish of the brush. They contain hyaluronic acid that helps create the impression of youthful skin, and a blend of minerals that gives the bronzing pearls iridescent properties and a velvety texture. To apply, first personalize the pearls by removing darker or lighter pearls. Then take a brush and lightly sweep over the pearls and then over the areas of the face you wish to highlight. You can repeat the process for a more intense effect.

7. Time Restore Eye & Lip Cream

Designed especially for mature skin, Time Restore Eye & Lip Cream targets the creases around the eyes and the upper lip area to smoothen the skin. This eye and lip cream nourishes the skin, reduces the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It has a light texture, is fragrance-free, and actively diminishes the wrinkles around your eyes.

To apply the cream, take a dot-sized amount on your fingertip and apply along the orbital bone, gently tapping until absorbed. Similarly, tap the cream around the lip contour.


Oriflame Cosmetics has been steadily expanding for the last 50 years. Its popularity rests on its high-quality products made from natural ingredients marketed directly by its consultants all over the world.