Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Nu Skin

There are different ways you can go about choosing the perfect makeup or skincare product. Some people aren’t satisfied until they have tested different products at beauty stores for themselves while others consider tips from friends or suggestions from their favorite celebrities enough to opt for a brand. Several famous brands like Bobbie Brownand Elizabeth Ardenrely on social media and their representatives to promote their business.

Over the past three decades, Nu Skin has similarly come out as one of those successful brands. Besides selling a wide variety of skincare products and dietary supplements, the company hopes to aim higher by acting as a force of good – enabling people to excel in their lives through generous business opportunities, creative products, and a culture that encourages a luxurious lifestyle.

The branch is headquartered in Provo in America, the place where it was initially founded. It currently sells in more than 55 countries globally and has been considered one of the best employers in the direct-selling industry. It is also a candidate for the top largest direct-selling companies. Nu Skin is committed to the industry’s consumer’s guidelines which support and protect buyers and sellers all around the world.


Nu Skin started in 1984 when Blake Roney had just graduated with a business finance degree from Brigham Young University. Along with his sister, Roney and his friend SandieTillotsondecided to start their own business. On October, the company was founded with an investment of $5,000 and the principle “all of the good, none of the bad” that will shape its career for years to come.

With only limited funding, the founders decided to opt for multi-level marketing; that is, independent distributors sell products directly to customers and enlist others to do the same. It didn’t take too long for the brand to go popular. In fact, after the launch of the first product, people started a trend of bringing jars and bottles to be filled with unique formulas by the founders using an ordinary spoon.

By 1989, the company was making double-digits each month. The same year, Brent Ririe was hired as the IT Director and Nu Skin’s first technical employee. In 1990, the company took the business to an international level for the first time by starting initiating operations in Canada. Achieving positive results, it moved to Asia next year through its subsidiary Nu Skin Hong Kong.

The 1990s and Onwards

With its expansion to North America and China, the early 1990s saw Nu Skin enter a new phase in its business career. The company received attention and support from millions of fans through the US. In 1991, it opened an $8 million distribution center in East Bay, Provo. It also invested in building a 200,000 square-feet center, along with a recreation facility, volleyball and basketball courts, and picnic areas for Nu Skin employees.

In 1992, the company finally established its new headquarters; a ten-story tower in Provo which would serve as its permanent home. The company boosted its business by installing a visitors’ center and theater to manage an ever-increasing network of international distributors.

The same year Nu Skin opened Nu Skin Taiwan in which a stunning 2 million individuals participated in some form of direct-selling offered by the company. By 1996, the company had registered itself on the New York Stock Exchange. The following year, it was declared the greatest direct-selling market of the year in China, accomplishing a revenue growth of 41 percent.

The new millennium saw Nu Skin open more than 100 retail outlets in a single month in 2003. In 2004, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary as the annual sales passed $1 billion. By 2010, the company had more than 45 subsidiaries globally and was available in most of Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Pacific, and Africa.

Present Day


Since its launch, Nu Skin has come a long from being a minor family business to becoming a top luxury brand. It focuses on innovation and producing premium quality products as well as providing unique business opportunities to its customers. Nu Skin is composed of a network of near 1.3 million independent distributors, with a global team consisting of approximately 5,000 employees,

In 2019, the American Direct Selling News recognized Nu Skin as one of the best places to work since 2016. In addition to that, it was ranked the 7th marketing company on DSN’s list of the top 100 revenue-generating countries in the world. This seems to be fitting as Nu Skin had a revenue growth of 18% ($2.8 billion) in 2018, and had a net income of $121.89 million.

Today, Nu Skin offers more than 200 skincare and beauty products including the lipstick collection PowerLips Fluid, the anti-aging brand ageLOC, Epoch Essential Oils which focuses on skin nutrition, and, perhaps the most famous brand, Pharmanex.

Pharmanex’s famous BioPhotonic scanner uses state-of-the-art technology to measure the carotenoid levels to provide an overall indication of a person’s antioxidant levels. Pharmanex and other lines of Nu Skin empower customers to choose a better diet, giving them an expert opinion on how to lead a healthy life.

Where to Buy
Nu Skin Sunright Insta Glow
Nu Skin NaPCA Moisture Mist 2 Pack
Nu Skin Epoch Baobab Body Butter
Nu Skin AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste 2-pack
NU SKIN nu skin ageLOC LumiSpa Debut Kit (ageLOC LumiSpa Debut Kit (Normal/Combo))
Nu Skin Epoc Sole Solution Foot Treatment
Nu Skin Body Bar (5 Pack)


Nu Skin Products

Below we have compiled a list of the best products by Nu Skins.

1. SunrightInsta Glow

Looking for a gorgeous, golden finish to go with your skin? All year-round, no matter the season, Nu Skin’s SunrrightInsta Glow lets you have an instant, sun-kissed glow,without the need of sun! The product has been designed for both the face and body, providing you convenience and saving your time. The lightly tinted formula builds over time and provides your skin with a deeper and more natural-looking tan as it fully develops

SunrightInsta Glow is almost odorless, and the texture is pleasant and light on the skin. The gel can effortlessly glide onto your skin and prove for a smooth and even application. The formula can be applied as much as desired without the concern for dripping. Avoid applying on the eyebrows and hairline. After application, wash hands thoroughly and wait for a few minutes for the gel to be dried before dressing.

2. NaPCA Moisture Mist

Nu Skin’s NaPCA Moisture Mist is the perfect moisturizing mist for your hair, face, and body. Available in a light packaging weighing 1.24 fl. oz., the product can take care of dry skin and hair anywhere you go. With a single spray, your skin gets covered in a gentle layer of moisture and gets all the hydration it needs. The liquid has a gentle texture to it and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

The hyaluronic acid and sodium PCAacts as a humectant and makes sure that your skin and hair maintain their ideal moisture level. To use, spray generously on the hair, face, and body whenever the need arises. Keep the eyes closed during application.

3. Epoch Baobab Body Butter

A deliciously rich cream, Epoch Baobab Body Butter by Nu Skin is adept at quenching your skin’s thirst, thanks to the shea butter extracted from the African shea tree and the fruit of the native baobab tree. These time-tested botanicals guarantee your skin a smooth and supple look that stays soft all day. The formula enhances skin resilience to counter inflammation.

The cream contains high levels of antioxidants that promote the skin’s rejuvenation process and macadamia nut oil that is easily absorbed by skins of all ages and helps maintain the natural water barrier. Long term usage gives soft and even skin texture. Apply all over the body, especially on knees and the elbows.

4. AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Smile with confidence with Nu Skin’s innovative AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste. Besides tasting great, the toothpaste effectively brightens and whitens your teeth to give you the perfect shine. The formula resists plaque formation and keeps away bacteria from causing tooth decay and gum diseases.

The unique formula is free from traditional harmful peroxides and aids in the prevention of cavities and helps to remove stains. Make sure the Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste is not swallowed as too much ingestion can cause an upset stomach. Get perfectly sparkling and refreshed teeth by brushing after each meal.

5. ageLOCLumiSpa Debut Kit

ageLOCLumiSpa by Nuskin deeply – yet gently – cleanses away makeup, oil, dirt, and toxins through its special pore-tightening action. The formula reduces the appearance of even the slightest pores and leaves the skin feeling smoother and purer.

Experience softer skin with a bright glow and a revitalizing facial massage that will leave you eager for your next treatment. Apply the skin for two minutes daily and enjoy better skin within two weeks.

6. Epoch Sole Foot Treatment

Epoch Sole Foot Treatment by Nu Skin features crushed allspice berry, which is famous for being traditionally used by the indigenous habitants of Central America. Just as the dry berries were used to relieve persistent cracked or dry red skin on the toes, heels, and the sides of the feet, the formula effectively makes use of the ingredient to do the same.

The treatment targets the underlying cause of rough and cracked feet to ensure a long-lasting soft, smooth, and healthy-looking skin condition. In the first few weeks of application, you will be delivered noticeable relief as the formula exfoliates dead skin cells and softens calluses. The product is dermatologically-tested and naturally fragranced.

7. Body Bar (5 Pack)

Nu Skin’s Body Bar is an effective cleanser coming in the traditional form of a bar but with supplementary skin softening benefits. The synthetic cleanser is 100% soap-free and perfectly pH-balanced to prevent irritation and provide better lathering.

The formula conditions the skin and helps protect from dryness. This family bar rinses away any impurities without missing any unpleasant residue. The natural grapefruit extract provides a fresh, charming fragrance.