Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis describes itself as the #1 Australian luxury brand. The brand was founded more than 25 years ago, in 1992, when Napoleon Perdis started his eponymous brand with the philosophy “Education is Everything.” For a brand that started with a single concept store, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics now has 72 concept stores and over 4,500 outlets worldwide.

In 2012, the cosmetics brand had a revenue of over $81.6 million. The brand is headquartered in Sydney, and, in the US, it is represented in over 500 Ulta department stores and has two concept stores of its own. Since 2017, LiannaPerdis, the daughter of Napoleon Perdis, has acted as the creative director of the brand. Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy has trained more than 25,000 makeup artists.

The Founding of Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis was a natural makeup expert and educator. Since the age of 13, Perdis was obsessed with makeup as he picked up his first brush and helped his mother do her makeup. However, he wasn’t the only one with creative skills and enthusiasm. His younger brother, Emanuel Perdis, played the role of a successful businessperson in their professional relationship.

Before starting their own career, the brothers worked with their parents in the family business, boosting their expertise and work ethic. As the younger Perdis acquired his Bachelor’s degree in business, the brothers were given an opportunity to put their cosmetics and professional skills to practical purposes.

In 1992, Napoleon Perdis took the first step in his soon-to-be global career when he launched his makeup studio in a humble shop in New South Wales. The next year, he won his first makeup competition at an international beauty exhibition held in Australia. His success got him the attention of the American celebrity singer Cher who invited him to Los Angeles. Cher’s makeup artist offered Perdis a position as the distributor of the makeup line Taut, which he accepted.

Setting Up the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy

Perdis had always had the desire to forward his experience and learning to others. This led him to open up his Makeup Academy in 1993 with the motto “Education is Everything.” The project was the original pioneer of beauty education in Australia. It aimed to provide both young and adults enough skills to kick-start their careers and pursue creative dreams.

The Academy was first launched in Sydney’s vibrant Oxford Street and has now multiple branches throughout Australia and the US. Started with the intention of inspiring young minds to lead the next generation of makeup artists, the Academy has educated and supported more than 25,000 beauty enthusiasts over the years.

Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy focuses on teaching practical skills such as product knowledge, correct application techniques as well as social media and business skills based on a dynamic process that prioritizes the ever-changing digital landscape.

The project offers multiple programs, one of which is an 8-week part-time course that covers all the fundamentals and intricacies of makeup artistry to convey the perfect understanding of elegance. These include color theory, eye makeup for all eye shapes, modern corrective contouring techniques, and a multitude of makeup looks for every occasion, all organized by beauty experts with a collective experience of more than 25 years.

First Concept Store and the 21st Century

The year 1994 saw Perdis drop his old business and launch his own makeup products. His first product was called The Look, which was soon changed to The Look by Napoleon. Eventually, he dropped that as well and started anew with a novel line called Napoleon. This would later be known as Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics.

The first Napoleon Perdis concept store was opened in Sydney’s Paddington in 1995. Perdis managed this partly through a loan of $30,000 that he took from his father. The store boasted a full collection of cosmetics, from sophisticated lipsticks and eyeliners to state-of-the-art foundations and sunscreens. The company’s first chief financial officer was Perdis’ wife, Sofia Mari, while his brother Emanuel worked as the managing director.

Napoleon himself, however, invested his creative skills in developing different formulas and making sure the brand stayed at pace with what was hot in the media. With his efforts, Napoleon Perdis began to be symbolized by vivid, vivacious colors and luxurious skincare and became one of the top cosmetics brands worldwide. In 2004, the Business Review Week (BRW) included Perdis in its Young Rich List, revealing his net worth of more than $20 million.

Napoleon Perdis Values Beauty

Napoleon Perdis describes beauty as a feeling, synonymous with a superpower that everyone possesses. Through its Makeup Academy and skincare products, it emphasizes beauty and aims to bring innovation in the cosmetics industry with its ever-evolving, innovative designs.

Where to Buy
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer
Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil - Pale Rider
Napoleon Perdis Napoleon Perdis Mesmer Eyes Mascara - Waterproof - .34 fl oz
Napoleon Perdis NP Lip Balm with Benefits - Baja (Sheer Red)


What It Offers

Below we have listed some of the best products by Napoleon Perdis.

1. Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer

The scientifically formulated Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer helps your makeup and skin sync flawlessly. Effectively preparing and priming the skin for makeup, the formula is made up of natural ingredients, including vitamin E, chamomile extract, and yarrow extract. The components work together to give your skin a smooth and strengthened texture.

The product is also very good in boosting the skin’s hydration levels and ensuring that your face never feels dry. Any makeup you apply will stay put and give you a natural-looking touch. To use, apply directly to the skin in thin layers. In the case of dry skins, the product should be applied after moisturizing the skin. It is ideal for all skin types.

2. Mosaic Powder Flushing

 Say hi to fabulous cheekbones with Mosaic Powder Flushing by Napoleon Perdis, which lets you embrace a splendid flush. Its wonderful hues arrange themselves in a beautiful mosaic pattern. Sweep the patterns over the top with a brush to see them blend and harmonize to give your skin a healthy finish.

The texture is delicately lightweight and glides smoothly on the skin, providing a healthy glow to the skin and enhancing your contours. It features the classic yet unforgettable tones of rose, pink, peach, and nude, blending in with your skin tone. Apply the mosaic shades individually using a small brush or combine them by sweeping across with a larger brush.

3. Eyebrow Pencil – Pale Rider

 Fill, define, and give shape to your brows with Napoleon Perdis’ Eyebrow Pencil. The retractable pencil easily glides over your brows for a smooth application. A single stroke will ensure that you get the perfect, natural appearance with a full, filled-in finish. The thin and ultra-soft pencil feels incredibly comfortable to use and provides a precise and meticulous application.

The retractable feature eliminates the wearisome need to sharpen the pencil. The product offers antioxidant protection and is formulated without the use of mineral oil. Get a strong definition by working against hair growth. However, for fine hair, work in the direction of hair growth.

4. Mesmer Eye Mascara

 Enjoy exceptional length, volume, and curl with the triple-threat Mesmer Eye Mascara by Napoleon Perdis. The product leaves your lashes in the perfect state thanks to its generously enriched formula. The mascara features vitamin E, bamboo, and panthenol, and so makes sure your eyelashes get that soft and bouncy appearance.

This quality product highlights an innovative double-sided comb, ensuring that each individual lash is captured, regardless of its length. The formula is ophthalmologically-tested and is suitable for individuals who wear contact lenses. For extra impact, coat lashes from underneath using the wide comb. To separate the lashes, repeat the process using the fine comb.

5. Set Day to Night Palette

 Napoleon Perdis’ Set Day to Night Palette features ten unique shades of shadow and blush. The fantastic colors define your face with detail and transfer you and your makeup from day to night in a manner of seconds. The shades, designed for the eyes and the cheeks, are cleverly chosen to feature an endless color combination to go with every skin tone.

The product is conveniently portable, and with a few quick flicks of your brush, it allows you to choose the perfect wear for any occasion. The light-toned, lustrous day looks can be easily intensified for the evening. The formula nourishes the skin with its vitamin A, C, and E content and protects from free radical damage.

6. Lip Balm with Benefits

A happy hybrid of a lip stain and lip balm, Napoleon Perdis prides itself for Lip Balm with Benefits for its excellent quality. The formula is enriched with Shea Butter that softens your lips and provides anti-inflammatory protection as well as enhances the lips’ ability to heal themselves. The vitamins A, C, and E ensure that your lips get an even and smooth texture.


Napoleon Perdis’ product development and customer care system centers on the individual rather than the group, supporting diversity and encouraging others to do the same. With 25 years of experience and cosmetics experts like Henry Lee and Livia Wang directing its flow, it is an excellent choice for beauty enthusiasts of all ages and tastes.