Luxury Cosmetics Brand: La Mer

La Mer is a luxury brand owned by the Estée Lauder Companies Inc., which is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of various luxury fragrance, skincare, and beauty products. La Mer, a cosmetics and skincare company, contributes to more than $1 billion sales of the Estée group. La Mer came into being through the experiments carried out by a German aerospace physicist, Dr. Max Huber. Today, it is a billion-dollar brand not only because of its enigmatic origin story but also because of the positive reviews of its customers. One of its most expensive and highly celebrated products is Crème de la Mer.

How it all began?

In the 1960s, Dr. Max Huber was carrying out some routine experiments in his lab when he sustained burn injuries to his face due to an unfortunate accident. He decided to manufacture a cream that could treat his skin and return its vitality and youth. Believing in the revitalizing power of the sea kelp, he used it in a fermentation process to try to come up with an original, healing cream formula. It took him 12 years and over 6,000 failed experiments to come up with the Miracle Broth that is at the heart of Crème de la Mer.

After his skin was healed, he started to sell this cream at a small store near his house. Estée Lauder Companies came to know about this product and were interested in buying it, but Huber was afraid that the essence of his brand might be lost under a big company and so declined to sell his product or share his method. After his death in 1991, his daughter, who had worked alongside her father in creating la Mer, tried to reproduce his results. She found that there were some areas where she just could not get things right, areas where Dr. Huber had worked from instinct and intuition. She reached out to the Estée Lauder Companies, to see if they were interested in buying the brand.

The deal was made, and in 1995, ELC acquired la Mer. Huber’s daughter taught all she knew to Bevacqua, a representative from ELC. She handed over his notes, recordings, his strange collection of creams and two kilos of Huber’s original broth from 1989. All of this was shipped to the Estée Lauder Companies’ headquarters in New York, where they began the process of re-creating the cream.

The Manufacturing Process

The key ingredient Huber used in manufacturing the Miracle Broth was the sea kelp Macrocystispyrifera. Apart from this, he used a wide assortment of natural ingredients like alfalfa, eucalyptus, wheat germ, and various mineral and vitamins. The sea kelp has self-regenerating abilities, and it can grow two to three feet per day. Huber was hopeful of transferring these regenerating powers to skin cells through a herbal and vitamin blend.

The team at ELC was able to recreate Huber’s method and follows it to this day. First, the sea kelp is hand-harvested from Vancouver Island twice a year when it is most nutrient-rich, which corresponds to the tide and natural cycle of the water. It is transported to the lab and fermented along with other natural ingredients for three to four months. Throughout the fermentation process, following the tradition of Dr. Max Huber, the energy from sound waves and light is used to enhance the action of the Miracle Broth. The sound waves and light act as catalysts that speed up the fermentation process and increase the potency of the brewed blend.

Further, every new batch of the Miracle Broth is infused with some drops from the previous batch, linking it to the original broth concocted by Huber. In this way, the qualities of the original Miracle Broth brewed by Huber are incorporated in the La Mer products we use today.

The Iconic Crème de la Mer

Crème de la Mer translates to cream from the sea. It is the brand’s oldest and most popular product. This moisturizing cream is made from the Miracle Broth and is known for its skin vitalizing and regenerating properties. Crème de la Mer is a highly effective, nutrient-rich moisturizer and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which keeps the skin young, healthy and radiant. Its anti-inflammatory action keeps the skin clear. Crème de kaMer was the first product solely developed and sold by Dr. Max Huber and has since been improved by the Estée group.

Where to Buy
La Mer The Cleansing Foam for Unisex, 0.52 Pound
La Mer The Renewal Oil - 1 Ounce
La Mer The Tonic 6.7oz/200ml
La Mer The Reparative Body Lotion for Unisex
LA MER Women's U-SC-3217 The Eye Concentrate, 0.5 oz


La Mer Products

1. La Mer Cleansing Foam

This is a gentle cleanser that cleans dust, dirt and makeup particles from the skin and gives the skin a refreshing sensation. It is rich with nutrients that are essential for the skin. The nutrients are absorbed into the skin, replenishing it and making your complexion bright and healthy. The luxurious lather formed by this cleanser purifies your skin and keeps it fresh.

2. La Mer Renewal Oil

This oil is made from the Miracle Broth and has skin-renewing properties. It promotes the production of collagen and helps the skin keep intact its natural barrier against toxins. With regular use of this oil, the fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced. It makes the skin look young and healthy and keeps the skin soft yet firm.

To use this oil, first, shake the bottle, so it is activated. Then take a few drops of the oil and gently apply them over your face and neck, both in the morning and evening. You can also massage this oil into your hair cuticles to provide them nourishment or apply it to any area of your body that is dry.

3. La Mer Tonic

When this tonic is applied over recently cleansed skin, it serves to calm the skin. Not only does it tone your skin, but it also gives it a light, healthy glow. Made from the Miracle Broth, it consists of vitamins, minerals and ingredients that revitalize your skin and lock in moisture.

4. La Mer Body Lotion

La Mer products specialize in providing moisture and nutrients to the skin. This lotion is no different. It is embedded with deep hydrating properties, that can return moisture to the driest of skins. Further, it soothes your skin, and its nutrients return vitality to your skin cells, making your skin look and feel young and healthy. Finally, it gives a luminous glow to your skin.

5. La Mer the Eye Concentrate

If you have been plagued by dark circles that just won’t go away, this eye concentrate should be your new best friend. With repeated usage, this concentrate makes your dark circles disappear, and also tones your skin, curing unevenness. The wrinkles and lines that may be forming around your eyes can soften with the use of this concentrate, and surface discoloration will also be reduced. It gives your eyes a healthier and glowing look.

Where to Buy
La Mer Cleansing Gel 6.7 oz / 200 ml
La Mer The Lip Balm for Unisex, 0.32 Ounce
La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Spf 20 Foundation for Women, 32 Beige, 1 Ounce
La Mer The Powder 05 Translucent


6. La Mer Cleansing Gel

In this gel, la Mer combines its Miracle Broth with its exclusive Deconstructed Water, which gives it excellent cleansing properties, while at the same time, makes it rich with nutrients. This oil-free gel has a gentle cleansing action through which it rids the skin of impurities, toxins and excess oil, yet does not cause any irritation or dryness. It is suitable for all skin types.

7. La Mer Lip Balm

If you suffer from chapped, cracked or dry lips, you must know how quickly lips respond to moisture changes in the air and fluctuations in temperature and wind. As the lip skin cells are the thinnest cells of the face, they are easily affected by changes in the atmosphere. La Mer lip balm provides natural protection against dryness by locking in moisture in the skin cells. It also keeps your lips soft and smooth and relieves discomfort. It is made from a concentrate of la Mer’s Miracle Broth and has an intensive-repair formula that imparts moisture to skin cells and protects them from further damage. This cool and refreshing balm is mint-flavored.

8. Crème de la Mer

This is the oldest product of la Mer brand, originally made and sold by Huber himself. It is made using the timeless Miracle Broth and is infused with nutrients and skin-regeneration properties. This moisturizing cream has the power to transform the skin and make it look ageless. It makes pores less visible, fights off wrinkles, and makes the skin softer, smoother and firmer. Penetrating deep within the skin, it returns vitality to even the driest of skins and can restore luster to your skin. This cream should be applied to the face and neck every morning and evening after cleansing and toning.

9. La Mer SPF 20 Foundation

This is a long-wear foundation that not only provides ultimate coverage but also provides protection from the Sun. It has a lightweight formula and a silky texture. You can use this foundation to give your skin as much or as little coverage as you want. It blends into your skin flawlessly, giving you an airbrushed look.

10. La Mer Powder

Give a finishing touch to your look by using la Mer face powder. It has a very lightweight formula, and its symmetrical particles coat the skin to provide a translucent coverage, which makes your skin look perfectly flawless. Due to its lightweight coverage, it is comfortable to wear and gives you a naturally beautiful look.