Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Glossier

Glossier is a digitally-managed beauty brand that has built a cult following mainly consisting of millennials and youngsters. Launched in 2014, the cosmetics brand is one of the latest brands of the 21st century. The company had its root in a 2010’s beauty blog Into the Gloss. Receiving almost a million views per month, the blog’s founder, Emily Weiss, decided to turn her digital business into a global luxury business.

Headquartered in New York, Glossier (pronounced as gloss-ee-ay) specializes in content producing, e-commerce, technology, and healthy living. The company keeps a narrow range of 40 products, including skincare, fragrances, and color cosmetics. It has nearly 500 employees working in three countries and delivers at every location in the US, along with several others in Europe and North America.


Emily Weiss had not intended to start an independent beauty brand when she started writing her blogs in 2010. She acquired a degree in studio art at the age of 22 and soon started working for the American magazine Vogue, where she served as an assistant to ElissaSantisi.

Weiss describes herself as someone who had always had an interest in makeup and storytelling, which she thought were the key to a thriving business. She felt that most cosmetics brands severely lacked in the latter of the two. Due to this, she believed that pop brands hadn’t ever connected with women, and thus always failed to consider what an average user actually experiences and wants.

This led to her starting her personal blog Into the Gloss in September of 2010. The blog was best known for interviews featuring significant personalities like Kim Kardashian, the beauty guru Bobbi Brown, and the fashion model KarlieKloss. It also had a trend of highlighting celebrities’ bathroom designs and featuring photos of medicine cabinets.

Weiss worked at Vogue full-time while dedicating about four hours in the mornings to her blog daily. By the start of 2012, the site had started to attract more than 200,000 views per month. As her blog saw a steady increase in popularity, so did the number of cult-like followers that viewed Weiss as an elegance expert and a beauty advisor.

Glossier’s Quick Rise to Fame

In early 2014, Weiss had started approaching investors with the hope of launching her independent brand. Soon enough, she had gathered an investment of $2 million, which she used to launch and to hire a relatively small team.

The brand’s first products – a lip balm, misting spray, cleanser, and a moisturizer – were introduced in the latter half of 2014. Thrive Capital led the brand’s $8.4 million Series A funding the same year, which was the first time Glossier had taken a step in the big market.

The brand saw fame as, by 2016, the viewer count of Into the Gloss increased to approximately 1.5 million unique visits each month. By 2017, Weiss had left her job at Vogue to focus on her new business as a full-time career. In 2018, the brand announced that, in a Series C funding, it had raised an additional sum of $52 million.

In 2018, Glossier had revenue of less than $50 million but managed to raise $100 million in a Series D round that was held in 2019. The same year, the Wall Street Journal estimated the brand’s value at a staggering $1.2 billion. Following this, there was a sudden spike in its sales as it lured in more than a million customers in just a few months.

Current Status

Today, the brand has expanded its range to include body lotions, shower gels, skin serums, and masks. In less than six years, the brand’s products have become available in all 50 states of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, France, and Denmark.

As most of the content, customer care, two-way communications, and advertisements are made and done through the internet, Glossier strongly prioritizes social networking. ItsInto the Gloss site receives millions of views each month. The brand has gathered a loyally dedicated fanbase of over 180,000 Twitter admirers and nearly 350,000 Facebook followers,

Where to Buy
Glossiest Lip Gloss by Glossier
Glossier Balm Dotcom 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml (Birthday)
Glossier Boy Brow 3.12 g / 0.11 oz (Brown)
Glossier Lash Slick Size: 8.5 g/0.29 oz Shade: Black
Glossier Cloud Paint A new way to blush 0.33 fl oz/10 ml (Dusk)
Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser 6 fl oz/177 ml


What It Offers

Below are some of Glossier products recommended.

1. High Shine Lip Gloss

Get instant shine in one swipe with Glossier’s High Shine Lip Gloss. The doe-foot applicator makes your job a lot easier for you, capable of scooping up just the perfect amount of gloss that your lips need. The texture is comfortable and provides a wonderful glossy finish without causing issues like stickiness and clumpiness.

The formula is rich in Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, which makes it keep your lips moisturized at all times and give them a soft, cushiony feel. It enhances and nourishes your lips to preserve their best shape for an extended period. High Shine Lip Gloss is available in three shades: Holographic for an opalescent shimmer; Clear for a crystal finish, and Red for a sheer tint.

2. Do-Everything Balm Dotcom

 Glossier’s cult-favorite Do-Everything Balm Dotcom is a hydrating lip balm that takes care of your lips in every way possible. It is enriched with emollients and antioxidants to get rid of dry and chafed skin permanently. Formulated with Beeswax, Castor Oil, and Lanolin, the formula makes sure your lips stay moisturized at all times to keep them safe and healthy.

The texture is dense and has a waxy consistency, which makes the balm effectively stay stuck to your lips. This soothing solution gives the lips an even and smooth feel without causing dryness or shine.  Choose the Original balm, which serves as a skin salve, or opt for Coconut and Mint flavors, both of which keep your lips clear. If it’s a sheer tint you want, go for the other five flavors.

 3. Eyebrow Fluffer: Boy Brow

 Get instantly groomed brows with Boy Brow by Glossier. The formula is inspired by the traditional hair pomade to give your brows a soft and flexible texture in a single, effortless swipe. It is free from classic grooming flaws like flaking and stiffening. This creamy wax is adept at providing visible thickness to the brows and lets you groom and shape them into place with the ultimate ease.

Infused with Lecithin, Oleic Acid, and Atelocollagen, Boy Brow conditions and moisturizes your brows to ensure their health as well as give them a gorgeous look. The product is fragrance-free and alcohol-free and safe for all skin types. It comes in three lightly tinted shades: Clear, Brown, Blond, and Black.

4. Lash Slick

 Glossier’s Lash Slick lets you enjoy the perfect, everyday mascara to get that intense, dark look. Without any clumping, the mascara sculpts and curls your lashes to create a stunning effect. Its tiny fibers can access and coat the roots of your lashes all the way to the tips to give you natural, extended lashes.

The formula is water-resistant, conveniently designed to endure wet environments but capable of coming off using warm water without much effort. This smudge-resistant formula features Japanese Fiber Technology as well as Vegan Biotin, which conditions the lashes and strengthens them for a softer and long lasting texture with continuous use.

 5. Gel-Cream Cloud Paint

 Gel-Cream Cloud Paint by Glossier features a seamless and buildable blush that is fun and comfortable to wear. It feels incredibly lightweight on the skin, giving only a gentle hint of its presence. The formula tends to instantaneously blend into the skin and provide a natural, glowy finish as it utilizes the body’s internal blush mechanisms.

Thanks to its collagen content, Cloud Paint visibly hydrates the skin to give you a healthy, plumped look. The texture feels even and pleasantly silky. All you need to do is dab a small amount of the cream onto your cheeks and fingerpaint your way into letting the formula do its magic. It is available in six shades, all of which are inspired by the beautiful sunsets of New York City and are meant to beautify every skin tone.

 6. Milky Jelly Cleanser

Milky Jelly, by Glossier, is truly what it claims to be –an effective and nourishing cleanser. This gentle face wash has a gel-like texture that soothes and comforts your skin wherever you go. To be applied daily, the formula is pH-balanced and equipped with five unique skin cleansers to make sure that your skin never gets irritated or feels tight.

The formula goes a step further as it effectively deploys the same cleansing agents that are abundant in contact lens solution to make the eyes protected. Apply this one-of-a-kind cleanser on dry skin to rid it of all impurities and remove makeup. Apply on wet skin to relish that sudden feeling of freshness and purification.


One of the most recent additions in the modern cosmetics industry, Glossier is quickly making its way to the top. The brand focuses on quality rather than quantity. Its guiding philosophy is that a healthy relationship between the producer and consumer is the key to a successful business.