Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Givenchy

Since the launch of its very first perfume L’Interdit in 1957, the House of Givenchy has gained popularity as one of the most successful and splendid brands in history. The brand manufactures products of every kind imaginable – ranging from exquisite fragrances and cosmetics to clothing and matching accessories. It also happens to excel in both menand women’s lines.

The brand is greatly celebrated for its unparalleled achievements in the perfume industry. It has released more than 250 individual scents since its establishment almost 70 years ago, collaborating with over 40 perfumers from around the world. No less than a decade after its launch, the market was booming with memorable aromas by Givenchy, which included the likes of Amarige, Eau de Vetyver, Organza, and Intense.

Givenchy is also a known hero when it comes to cosmetics. Whether its cleansers, face masks, eye care, or lip gloss, Givenchy takes it all. Not only does it ensure a striking look, but it also makes sure that your skin gets the proper treatmentit needs. With its customizable products, it offers users the opportunity to choose their own formulas that they deem perfect for their skin.



Givenchy originated in Paris, 1952, when Hubert de Givenchy and JavaniDurfy decided to open their own luxury house. The brand started by working on womenswear, with its first products being skirts and blouses made from raw cotton.

The company soon received international attention when the American magazine Vogue praised its collection and the fact that it honored Bettina Graziani by naming one the designs Bettina Blouse. From its early years, Givenchy focused on featuring beauty models to promote its work. Dorian Leigh and Suzy Parker, some of the earliest stars in the fashion industry, were frequently featured by the brand.

In 1954, Givenchy became known as the first brand to produce a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line, Givenchy Universite. By 1956, the brand was promoted in New York,where it introduced the sack dress. In the following year, the Givenchy House made a significant leap and launched its first fragrance, L’Interdit, which saw massive success in the industry. This iconic floral scent was solely dedicated to the British actress Audrey Hepburn. Le De Givenchy eventually followed it in 1959.

In the late 1960s, the company launched Gentleman Givenchy, its first fashion line for men, situated in Paris. Continuing its trend, the company released a collection of embroidered coats in 1971, in honor of the famous French historical painters, Joan Miro and George Braque.

In the same decade, the company saw a significant expansion in its business with the production of various accessories and other items. These included but were not limited to, exclusive jewelry, shoes, tableware, upholstery, ties, and kimonos. Seeing the product quality and success of the brand, the multinational American company Hilton chose Givenchy to design the interior of every Hilton hotel around the globe.

With its continuous success and global reputation, Givenchy finally settled in New York in 1976. Exploring and improvising in every area of the luxury fashion business, The Best Magazine elected Hubert de Givenchy as both the personality of the year and the most elegant man of the year. Givenchy’s fame only rose from that point. In the year 1985, during an Opera in Paris, Hubert was further awarded an Oscar for his art of elegance.

Hubert retired in 1995 and was succeeded by British creators. Julien Macdonald was selected as the new Artistic Director for the company’s women’s lines, a position which was later passed on to Riccardo Tisci in 2005. Riccardo introduced his personal touch into the brand’s designs, including dark themes and romantic scents.


Several celebrities have worn Givenchy’s designs over the decades. At the 2012 Academy Awards, the American actress Rooney Mara walked the red carpet, featuring their womenswear.

Givenchy collaborated with countless beauty models and film stars. It was regarded as pop culture legend after the fabulous Audrey Hepburn wore the brand’s clothes both on and off-screen, in films like Sabrina (1954), Love in the Afternoon (1957), and Charade (1963).

Even today, Givenchy continues to attract the attention of many female stars, such as Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, Julianne Moore, and Beyonce Knowles. In 2019, it was announced that the renowned songwriter, actress, and singer Ariana Grande would be the new face of the company’s Fall and Winter campaign.

Givenchy has more than 75 shops worldwide and almost 400 dedicated employees. Its continuous innovation and excellent customer care make it some of the top luxury cosmetics brands.

Where to Buy
Givenchy Prisme Visage Silky Face Powder Quartet, 4 Dentelle Beige, 0.38 Ounce
Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce
Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream, Normal To Combination Skin, 1.7 Ounce
Givenchy Le Rouge Intense Color Sensuously Mat Lipstick, No.04 Mandarine Bolero, 0.12 Ounce
Givenchy Monsieur De Givenchy By Givenchy For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3-Ounces / 100 Ml
AMARIGE by Givenchy - Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3oz - Women
Givenchy - Prisme Libre Loose Powder 4 in 1 Harmony - # 2 Taffetas Beige - 4x3g/0.42oz
Givenchy Khol Couture Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner, No.01 Black, 0.01 Ounce



Below are some of the top-rated products by Givenchy.

1. Prisme Visage Face Powder

 A quartet of pigmented powder, Givenchy’s Prisme Visage is an ultra-fine face product that can either be applied independently or be blended. Available in 7 different color combinations, you can be sure that one of them is the perfect match for your tone.

With a light sweep of the brush, Prisme Visage can be easily applied to give your face an even tone. It leaves your skin feeling silky and soft, and gives it a matte and natural finish. Opt for the lighter shades if you wish to enhance your natural tones, and if you want to create fine impressions, the darker colors are much more fitting.

 2. Very Irresistible Spray

 Givenchy’s Very Irresistible Spray is a delightfully seductive fragrance. It combines the classic notes of rose and peony, among several others, to create a beautiful and long-lasting affair. The top notes consist of those of rose and anise, which adds a fresh and reinvigorating spice complement to the floral scent

As the fresh notes of rose fade away, they are replaced by the equally captivating base notes of peony. It is a purely floral fragrance, with a vibrancy that will energize the mind with the first impact. The perfume is guaranteed to stay active for 8 hours straight. It is best suited in the warm and refreshing months of summer and spring.

 3. Gentlemen Only Intense Spray

Gentlemen Only Intense Spray by Givenchy is based on the original and traditional Givenchy Gentleman. This variant has a much more of a fresh feel, however, and opens with a note of citrusy green, and a sweet, fruity aroma, withthe incredible scent shifting towards more green notes after a while.

As the scent dries down, it fills you with a crisp, aquatic scent. The fragrance is amazingly fresh and pleasant. Some critical notes of Gentlemen Only Intense Spray are mandarin, nutmeg, birch leaves, and pink pepper. The middle and base notes are distributed between scents of cedar, vetiver, and frankincense.

 4. Luminescence Moisturizing Cream

 Luminescence Moisturizing Cream provides the skin with nourishment and lipid-replenishing properties to directly target redness, irritation, and itchiness while restoring the skin’s defense system to ensure a healthy look.

It gets rid of dryness and leaves the skin a smooth and soft texture that radiates with a gorgeous glow. Some of its key ingredients include Luffa Oil, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil, each contributing to its hydrating properties.

 5. Le Rouge Matt Lipstick

 Enveloped by a sumptuously red and velvety case, Le Rouge Matt is a sensuously smooth lipstick. It provides the lips with a powerful matte finish, leaving them with an even and soft texture. The formula is comforting and lightweight, with the texture capable of effortlessly sliding over your lips.

The look stays on for as long as 12 hours without the need for touch-ups. Le Rouge Matt Lipstick comes in 6 distinct matte and pigmented shades.

6. Monsieur De Givenchy Spray

The first perfume released for men by the House of Givenchy, Monsieur De Givenchy Spray represents the success and innovation of the company. Fresh – it enchants you with a citrusy and uniquely soapy scent. The smell then changes shape to greet you with the elegant touch of lavender, along with a spicy compliment.

As the perfume dries down, the initial scents of soap and citrus return, but this time with the raw aroma of wood and earth. The fragrance is indeed a masterpiece that never fails to surprise you with its fantastic elements. Hesperidium, lavender, verbena, sandalwood, and oakmoss are some of its most prominent notes.

 7. Amarige

 Amarige by Givenchy dates back to the early ’90s. It features a combination of classic fruity scents, flowers, and some spicy notes to prompt a brisk feeling. The perfume is fabulously complex and richly layered, and is a perfect wear for more mature women. Opening with the top notes of tart plum and ripe peach, the floral charges you with a fruity and floral mix aroma.

The scent is followed by the middle and base notes of ylang-ylang, gardenia, mimosa, and tuberose. The final act takes you back to the gratifyingly fruity fragrances. Amarige is a pure and pleasing perfume with overall outstanding performance.

 8. Prisme Libre Loose Powder 4 in 1 Harmony

 PrismeLibre is Givenchy’s super-powder since 2006. It revitalizes the face with a fresh radiance, inducing the ideal matte finish. It comes in 4 harmonious shades, each of which is an extra fine and virtually weightless formula. Lasting for an extended period, the powder diminishes facial imperfections and brings out the skin’s best attributes.

 9. Khol Couture Retractable Eyeliner

 Givenchy’s Khol Couture is a retractable eyeliner, capable of smoothly gliding over the eyelids. The creamy texture of the formula will never fail to bring brightness to the eyes with its pigment-rich and vibrant color.

The formula is entirely waterproof and thus can withstand even the most extreme conditions, including heavy rain. Khol Couture is capable of creating a subtle effect with thin lines as well as providing a denser look. It comes with its own sharpener and is available in 6 popular colors to go with your tone.