Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Estée Lauder

When it comes to the world of fashion, it is unique to find a manufacturer that you can personally rely on and be satisfied with. Therefore, Estée Lauder stands out as one of the best options if you are looking for trustworthy and promising skincare products. The company holds more than 30 brands worldwide, some of which include Creme de la Mer, Clinique, and MAC Cosmetics. It covers every aspect of skincare and aesthetics, ranging from an unmatched collection of fragrance and makeup cosmetics to perfect and diverse hair care products.

Estèe Lauder is considered to be one of the leading beauty brands at the international level. They are recognized for their many characteristic accomplishments. When it comes to the quality and designs of their products, their innovativeness can be seen from the fact that they were the first brand to invent the face serum. Besides that, one other contributory factor to their success is that they put quite a lot of effort into explaining to the world the science and manufacturing that goes behind their product development.

Why Is Estèe Lauder Good?

Estèe Lauder offers a wide variety of options for its users. It is also one of the only companies that cover almost every section of the skincare spectrum. You will most definitely want to try its products if you are after the ever-sought anti-aging effect that is the pinnacle of every successful brand. This brand has left a trail of some of the most exemplary sales in the history of fashion and beauty.

For instance, asides from focusing on the traditional moisturizing effects of skincare, its products also have the potential to provide an adequate amount of skin hydration. This makes sure that every product that you apply gives your skin plenty of nutrients and water content, keeping it smooth and healthy. Their skincare products are also known for their pleasant and alluring aromas that last for an extended amount of time before you need to wash them off.

The Re-Nutriv Line, one their most distinctive series, is composed of the Floralixir Dew. The company describes the ingredient as a combination of two of the most precious flowers that flourish in the tranquil lands of the Himalayas and the parched highlands of Brazil. Their products are also very nutrient-dense, NightWear Detox Creme, for instance, is filled with vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as the coenzyme Q10, which is an antioxidant that is very useful for preventing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.


Starting from a total of 4 products, the Estèe Lauder Companies has expanded to making high-end products in more than 120 countries. So, what are the humble origins of this world-famous, luxurious brand? Well, it starts with the founder of the corporation, Estèe Lauder, after whom the company was named.

Estèe Lauder was born to a Hungarian and Czechoslovakian couple, in the city of New York, in 1908. From a young age, Lauder was immensely fascinated by the aesthetics of skincare. She claims the start of her passion was when her Hungarian uncle, who happened to be a chemist, moved to her family home in New York. In his free time, he would go to the kitchen and start mixing up different ingredients to make his own creams.

Lauder quickly got in the hobby of doing the same thing. Thus, from early childhood, she was accustomed to the process of making her own creams and the principles governing the proper usage of these creams. She knew what quantity of wich substance goes into the making of creams, all the best ways to apply them, and even when and when not to use them.

Her career began when she started to sell one of her uncle’s products, named Super Rich All-Purpose Creme, to several of her friends. Soon after, she attracted the attention of a local salonowner, Florence Morris, who invited Lauder to work for her after noticing her perfect skin and professional capabilities. Her business remained relatively unheard of for some time, that is, until she decided to start her own brand by the name of Estèe Lauder.

Lauder, along with her husband Joseph Lauder, founded Estèe Lauder in 1946. In the beginning, due to a lack of funding and staff, the brand carried only four products. These were Creme Pack, Skin Lotion, Cleansing Oil, and the aforementioned Super Rich All-Purpose Creme. In two years, they had established their own department store in Manhattan. Over the following 15 years, Estèe Lauder slowly began to increase their productivity and started to gain prominence within the United States.

It was in the 1960s that the company’s business truly started blooming. They introduced several lines and started marketing on the international level. One of Estèe Lauder’s very first skincare line, Aramis, was launched in 1964. It was a highly-reputed fragrance and grooming brand targeted at men. Just a few years later, in 1968, they opened up a new brand, Clinique, which was the first dermatologist-guided, allergy-tested, and fragrance-free cosmetic brand. It also helped the company establish the fact that their products are trustworthy and effective.

In the following decades, they included several brands into their business and labeled themselves as the Estèe Lauder Companies. Original Natural Resources, a skincare and makeup line, was introduced in 1990. In 1995, they acquired the famous brands Bobbi Brown and La Mer, and also took over the Estèe Lauder took control over MAC Cosmetics. They owned the celebrated fragrance house Je Malone London by 1999.

Estèe Lauder only kept expanding in the 21st century, completing the acquisition of the popular hair salon Bumble & bumble, in 2006.  It is also the global license for cosmetics and fragrances for Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Donna Karan New York, and Kate Spade brands. All in all, Estèe Lauder owns more than 25 beauty brands worldwide and continues to prosper since its establishment more than seven decades ago.

Where to Buy
Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup Spf 25, Shell Beige, 1 Ounce
Estee Lauder The Brow Multi-tasker - 02 Light Brunette By Estee Lauder - 0.008 Oz Eyebrow Pencil, 0.018 Ounce
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick, 320 Volatile, 0.12 Ounce
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, 3C1 Dusk,1oz/30ml
Estee Lauder Resilience Multi-Effect Tri-Peptide Face and Neck Creme SPF 15 For Normal/Combination Skin, 2.5 oz / 75ml
Estee Lauder Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder Women, 02 Light Medium,
Youth Dew By Estee Lauder For Women, Dusting Powder, 7-Ounces


Estée Lauder Products

Below are some recommended Estée Lauder products that you may find inviting.

1. Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup

Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup is an advanced skincare product, based on a flawless, anti-aging serum technology. This innovation of Estée Lauder’s instantly lights up your features and gives you a radiant look. With an SPF of 25, it is enough to provide you protection from most of the harmful UV rays. It also comes with a hydration boost that will make sure your skin gets all the nutrients it needs.

2. Brow Multi-tasker

Estee Lauder’s Brow Multi-tasker is an extremely lightweight pencil that has a triangular tip and can easily contour your brow into any shape you desire with a simple stroke. Itsperfect design gives your brows the shape you want and helpsthem looking angled, round or straight. Target every strand of your eyebrows and define your arches with this 3-in-1 brow tool.

3. Women’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

Weighing a mere 0.12 ounces, Estee Lauder’s Women’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick gives your lips a delicate touch. There are not any concerns of caking of the lipstick, as long as you apply it gently.

4. Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

 Make sure that your makeup looks the same as when you put it on in front of the mirror for up to 15 hours ago with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup. It provides an impeccable and natural appearance, giving away no peculiar tone. It is also adaptable to working environments, perfect for a hot and excessively humid day. It is very comfortable to put on and is oil-free. Being semi-matte, it’s neither too dull nor too shiny.

5. Resilience Multi-Effect Tri-Peptide Face and Neck Crème

Estee Lauder’s Resilience Multi-Effect Tri-Peptide Face and Neck Crème is designed to make you look just as young as you feel. Composed of several natural ingredients, this cream is a nutrient-dense product intended to give you a supple and glowing skin. With its advanced Tri-Peptide Complex, it has been tested to increase the skin’s natural collagen by 124% in only three days. It gives you a smoother, better-looking, and youthful skin that is deprived of any wrinkles and lines that may be present.

 6. Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder

 An ideal choice for anyone suffering from oily skin and the constant need to wash the face, Estee Lauder’sDouble Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder ensures that your skin stays clean, fulsome, and oil-free. It weighs only half an ounce, making it an incredibly portable cosmetic. It makes sure that your pores remain hidden, and your skin appears smooth. It also lasts for several hours without the need for any touch-ups.

7. Youth Dew

 Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew is a silky and easy-to-use body powder that will leave your skin with a cool, gratifying sensation. Made from lavish flowers, rich spices, and rare woods, it gives your skin a long-lasting and refined scent. It is recommended to be used after taking a quick shower or washing your face, when your skin is still damp, to achieve the best results.