Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Cover FX

When it comes to cosmetics brands, you often find yourself wondering what the difference between one brand and another is? After all, they all sell what seems to be the same things, and sometimes, it can be hard to guess why you should be picky when it comes to choosing one brand over all the others. However, with Cover FX, that confusion can be easily settled. Cover FX is unique in the sense that it has narrowed down its products’ range to only a particular category; skin cosmetics.

Most of the brands in recent decades have been focusing on increasing their product variety and attempting to appeal to the public by covering each corner of the cosmetic industry. This is a reasonably old strategy, and one due to which famous brands like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder tend to gain both negative and positive reviews from their fans. However, that is not the case with Cover FX.

Instead of manufacturing diverse products like eyeshadows, hair products, and fragrances, Cover FX specializes in the field of skin cosmetics. To quote Victor Casale, co-founder of Cover FX, “You can’t do everything well.” This statement describes the fact that the company has extensively invested in the manufacturing state of the art skincare products, while strictly adhering to its aforementioned, iconic approach.

The Special History of Cover FX

Ever since its launch in 2000, the company has come a great way through its career. Cover FX was not initially intended to be a beauty brand. The company was founded by Lee Graff and Victor Casale. Graff had been working in CosMedic Clinic, located in Toronto, for almost 15 years before she co-founded the brand. She aimed to search for existing, effective skincare products that she could administer to her patients.

Graff tested several products that she used to treat patients suffering from different skin conditions, burns, or blemishes. Even though she was quite successful, she wasn’t satisfied with the results. The majority of the products didn’t offer full coverage, have sufficient skincare ingredients, or weren’t fitting for sensitive skins. Graff was after products that were specific for each skin tone.

That is when Graff realized that she needed to invest in original products. She collaborated with Victor Casale to develop skincare items. Casale was an expert and designed several skincare products that were used for the treatment of multiple skin conditions and disorders, including vitiligo, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and burns. Graff and Casale’s products centered on the idea that each skin tone is unique and thus needs unique treatment.

Cover FX was started with the same motivation to help others look good that Graff had for her patients. This helped them concentrate on the quality and functioning of their products rather than globalization schemes. They quickly gained popularity and were seen as some of the top luxury brands in the world.

The founders let down three names before coming up with “Cover FX.” They explain that the title is meant to signify maximum coverage, with “F” standing for “foundation” and “X” indicating an unknown factor, as in the “X” in mathematics.

Casale would later reveal that, as their products were concerned with the health of their patients, the company paid special attention to the scientific and medical aspects involved. No less than 20 professional dermatologists reviewed each product. Caver FX was one of the very first cosmetics brand to use anti-inflammatories in their products to counter redness. Using high-quality emollients, redness reducers, and multiple vitamins all made the company a well-respected brand in terms of both cosmetics and healthcare.

During early testing, the brand introduced 40 shades for some of its first makeup products. This pattern has been going on to this day. Each of its award-winning foundations can be found in 40 different colors, to ensure a skin-specific match-up.

Owing to the intense research and development that goes behind the manufacturing of each product, a lot of the products of Cover FX are multifunctional. For instance, their Enhancer Drops can be used to transform other beauty products. Instead of applying them separately, you can combine them with sunscreens, foundations, moisturizers, and even apply them on your lip gloss.

Nowadays, the company has set up hundreds of outlets and expanded its business to several countries. All the while, it has never sidetracked and lost sight of what originally made it stand out from all the other brands in the industry. Instead of trying to incorporate every sort of beauty product in its range, Cover FX has stayed true to its core values, continuing to serve the community and keeping in mind both the looks and well-being of its users.

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Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder
Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation
Cover FX Gripping Primer
Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray - 4 ounce, 4 fl. oz.
Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation



Cover FX specializes in skin products. Below we list some of its best releases so far.

1. Pressed Mineral Foundation

Cover FX’s Pressed Mineral Foundation is a talc-free and oil-absorbing powder, capable of providing sheer to maximum coverage. The powder leaves your face with a weightless, natural sensation. You can easily control your shine due to the matte finish it provides. For this purpose, it contains the critical ingredient kaolin clay. The powder is ideal for all skin types, capable of flawlessly concealing all discolorations.

It is available in 40 unique skin tones, one of which will be the perfect match for you. Besides its skincare benefits, the formula seamlessly blends into your skin, hiding any imperfection that may be present. It creates an even layer, covering blemishes ranging from sunspots to freckles. The solution is uniquely designed to fit even people with hypersensitive skins.

2. Custom Enhancer Drops

Custom Enhancer Drops by Cover FX can be used in multiple ways. Giving your skin a stunning glow, they are available in nine shades. Sunkissed and Sunset are perfect for getting a matte finish while the others are ideal for a classic illuminating effect.

The drops can be mixed with your favorite foundation to give you a shiny look, they can be put in your moisturizers, and even be applied to the middle of the lips to add dimensions to your lip gloss or lipstick. To use, you can decide on your own how much you wish to apply at once. The more you pump, the brighter you will shine.

3. Perfect Setting Powder

Designed for all-day wear, Cover FX’s Perfect Setting Powder has an ultra-translucent texture. For oily skin, gently apply to experience a fantastic matte finish and a soothing sensation on your skin. The formula is extremely light and gentle on your skin.

Asides from being talc-free, the solution is infused with a calming green tea complex, capable of instantly extending makeup wear without creating fine lines and concealing shine to give a natural appearance. Enriched with several vitamins, including vitamins C, E, and F, Perfect Setting Powder provides your skin with all the nutrients it needs and protects it from free radicals.

4. Natural Finish Foundation

Cover FX’s Natural Finish Foundation is a water-based formula that, when applied to the skin, is capable of imparting a radiant finish. The foundation provides an extended amount of coverage for 12 hours without the need for touch-ups. The texture is surprisingly lightweight and leaves the skin with a natural-looking, refined look.

The foundation comes with antioxidant protection and is ideal for both dry and normal skins. It is oil-free and gives you skin an even tone. Filled with vitamins C, E, and F, Natural Finish Foundation keeps the skin hydrated for 12 hours and helps protect it from environmental stressors. It is available in 40 unique shades.

5. Gripping Primer

Cover FX’s bestselling primer provides a perfect base layer for makeup application. To give your skin a smoother look and improve your makeup wear, Cover FX Primer induces a skin-tightening effect. Enriched with algae extract and alcohol-free, it also dramatically reduces fine lines and gives the skin a glass-like, elegant finish.

Cover FX Primer comes in seven different kinds, including anti-acne treatment primer, which is one of the rarest primers in the market. For sensitive skins, Calming Primer is a perfect choice, which gives an exceptionally comfortable experience. Cover FX Primers are free of any inflammatory ingredients.

6. Mattifying Setting Spray

Perfect for providing a matte finish, Cover FX’s Mattifying Setting Spray locks in your favorite makeup for a 24 hours extended wear. The formula is weightless, making you feel light as you would normally, without disturbing your makeup look in any way.

The formula is designed to successfully conceal any pores left out and minimize the surface shine. Enriched with kaolin clay, the alcohol-free solution is comfortable to wear and also absorbs any excess oil that may be present. The spray is ideal for all skin types.

7. Total Cream Cover Foundation

Total Cream Cover by Cover FX is a two-in-one foundation and concealer offering medium to full coverage. It is rich in antioxidants and provides a powerful SPF of 30 to protect from UV radiation. It remains active for a whole day, giving the skin a radiant glow, and providing both nourishment and anti-aging benefits.

The cream is free from oil, talc, and gluten, and is ideal for concealing imperfections such as redness, acne, and circles under the eyes. Containing several vitamins and emollients, the foundation supplies moisturization to the skin and creates a soft and even texture.