Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Coty

Coty is an American luxury company that manufactures skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, hair color and much more. It was launched in 1904 in Paris and is headquartered in New York. Francois Coty launched it as a fragrance brand with the introduction of his revolutionary scent La Rose Jacqueminot but later expanded the business into other areas as well.

Coty manages nearly 77 beauty brands, including Cover Girl, Burberry, Gucci, and Max Factor. In 2019, the brand had revenue of $8.6 billion and a net income of $487.6 million. With over 20,000 employees, Coty is found in almost 46 countries and ships in most places around the world.

Coty’s Earlier Accomplishments

Francois Coty laid the foundation of his eponymous brand in 1904 when he established a modest makeshift lab in his flat in Paris. He borrowed 10,000 francs from his grandmother and decided to name the company after his mother’s family – Coti.

His first creation, La Rose Jacqueminot, saw huge sales among the upper classes of Paris in less than a month. The fact that the Russian tsar and tsarina personally claimed many of Coty’s perfumes showed that the brand catered to the rich and well-born. Yet, Coty’s smaller bottles for easy prices made sure that it was all the same loved by the less-affluent classes.

The Week commended the brand’s second fragrance, the 1905’s L’Origan, by stating that it was the first example of a perfume that was both fine and affordable. In 1908, Coty opened its first store and started its business with the French glass designer Rene Lalique, soon establishing itself as a pioneer in every aspect of fragrance and cosmetics.

Francois, whose successes had given him the reputation of the richest man in France, realized the importance of foreign business early in his career, and thus in the early 1910s, expanded Coty into Moscow and London. Correctly predicting Coty’s potential in the US, the brand was shifted to 714th Fifth Avenue in NY City, where it remained headquartered till 1941.

Coty’s Rise in Prominence and Sales


In the 1910s, Coty expanded its range by introducing face and body powders as well as its second world-famous perfume Chypre.World War I saw the company achieve prominence in most of the US as many soldiers returning from France brought Coty products as gifts for friends and relatives.

By 1922, Coty, Inc. was officially formed with several laboratories and plants established at Manhattan’s West Side. In the same decade, Coty launched fifteen new fragrances and introduced its business in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.

As Francois Coty passed in 1934, the company’s interests were divided between his wife, Yvonne Le Baron, and the chairman of the board, Benjamin Levy. Following the Great Depression, Coty took the world by surprise when it released its award-winning Air Spun face powder in 1935. The American magazine Real Simple describes the powder as one of the best beauty products in history, a status that remains undisputed to this day.

In the 1940s, the company approached a new marketing era. Its net sales grew to $19.1 million and profit to $1.24 million in 1946, which was more than the double of the sales and profits it made in 1941.  The year 1955 saw Coty competing in the American lipstick market with the release of its hit lipstick Coty 24.

In the 1960s, owing to its leading fragrance production, Coty was declared the largest fragrance company of America. This gained it the attention of the international pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which acquired the brand through a deal valued at $26 million in 1963. By 1991, Coty’s annual sales had increased to a whopping $280 million, and it was purchased by JAB Holding Company the next year.

Coty as a Luxury Brand

Coty is easily considered the largest fragrance company in the world, thanks to its 2016 acquisition of 43 Procter & Gamble beauty brands, which helped it gain revenue of over $9 billion. As its total number of prestigious subsidiaries rests at 77, it is estimated to be the third-largest luxury beauty brand in the world.

Three divisions operate the company’s products: Consumer Beauty, which is based on body care and color cosmetics; Luxury Beauty, which excels in luxury fragrances, cosmetics, and skincare; and Professional Beauty, which provides excellent beauty salon and nail salon services.

The brand is an avid supporter of cruelty-free formulation of fragrances and cosmetics. Coty is also committed to multiple social causes, such as its long-term partnership with Global Citizen to resolve global issues relating to genderand ethnic discrimination. It has also signed the UN Global Compact to ensure that its business policies remain socially sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Where to Buy
Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder 2.3 oz. Translucent Tone Loose Face Powder, for Setting Makeup or as Foundation, Lightweight, Long Lasting,Pack of 1
Coty Wild Musk Cologne Concentrate Spray 1 Fluid Ounce Women's' Fragrance in a Floral Scent, Great Gift for Cologne or Perfume Lovers
Emeraude By Coty For Women Cologne Spray, 2.5 Ounce Perfume for Women, Classic Scent Makes a Great Gift for Women
Women's Sand & Sable by Coty Cologne Spray - 2.0 oz.
Aspen by Coty 4.0 oz 118 ml for Men Eau De Cologne
April Fields By Coty For Women. Eau De Cologne Spray 1.7 Oz / 50 Ml.
Jovan Ginseng NRG by Coty for Men 1.0 oz Cologne Spray
Emeraude Exclamation Cologne Body Spray by Emeraude 2.5 Fluid Ounce Oriental Floral Scented Women's Body Spray, Feminine & Sharp Scent


Some products by Coty are:

1. Airspun Loose Face Powder

Airspun by Coty is lightweight loose face powder that provides you with ultimate coverage and a flawless finish. Even though it is as light as air, it covers all blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. It can last all day, making sure your skin looks perfectly smooth and soft. It has been manufactured using an exclusive micro spun formula, due to which its particles are velvety soft. The powder comes in a round canister with an applicator. It is great for oily skin as it dries off the excess skin oil.

The powder may be used for setting makeup, as a foundation, or for baking. If you want to use the loose powder for baking, first apply a liquid concealer under your eyes and along your t-zone. Blend it and allow it to dry. Now, apply a generous layer of Airspun and leave it on your skin for up to ten minutes. This process is called baking. Next, use the powder brush to remove excess powder. The final result is a magnificent look that will last all day long.

2.Wild Musk Concentrated Cologne Spray

Wild Musk by Coty is a floral fragrance for women featuring the Oriental scents of musk, jasmine, vanilla, and rose. It has a timeless appeal and can quickly become your go-to fragrance. Introduced in 1972 by Coty designers, it has retained its popularity to this day and is the signature scent of many women.

Spray the cologne on your neck and wrists, and you will find that this deeply feminine and alluring scent lasts throughout the day.

3.Emeraude Cologne Spray

A smooth and refreshing scent for women, this cologne spray features top notes of lemon, orange and bergamot, and heart notes of Brazilian rosewood, rose, and jasmine. The base notes include vanilla, amber, and sandalwood. One of Coty’s classics,Emeraude Cologne Spray has been favored by women for decades.

It is excellent for both formal and everyday occasions. The spray is easy to carry in your purse and is a great way to recharge your aroma.

4.Sand & Sable Cologne Spray

Women have loved the sweet, classical floral fragrance of Sand & Sable for generations. The cologne has a sweetly alluring and seductive scent, featuring top notes of peach and bergamot. With heart notes of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose, and base notes of musk, sandalwood, and amber, Sand & Sable is perfect for women who prefer a sweet long-lasting scent, that is neither sharp nor overpowering.

The cologne is ideal for everyday use, and its rich floral fragrance complements your femininity, giving you a timeless appeal.

5.Aspen Cologne Spray

Aspen by Coty is a fragrance for men, which features outdoor, adventurous masculine scents, such as citrus, spices, and woods. Launched in 1989, this is a refreshing scent that is recommended for daytime wear. Notes of lavender and amber combine with citrus and spices to become evocative of silent woods and give you an intensely appealing scent.

The cologne combines with your skin pheromones to create a scent that is unique and personal to you.

6.April Fields Cologne Spray

A floral scent for women, April Fields features notes of citrus, bergamot and cucumber. Its heart notes constitute white flowers, jasmine and rose, and in combination with citrus, it gives a fresh, clean and pleasantly refreshing scent. Released in 1999, this feminine scent is best suited for daytime wear. It has a highly concentrated formula, and so only a little amount is enough to make you smell heavenly.

The cologne has a light scent that stays on for an extended period, without losing any of its initial flavors.

7.Jovan Ginseng NRG Cologne Spray

Introduced in 1998, Jovan Ginseng NRG smells of the great outdoors. With top notes of lemon, bergamot, tea and the woods, heart notes of jasmine, geranium, and Brazilian rosewood, and base notes of amber and musk, this is a refreshing, crisp and invigorating masculine scent that helps you stand out. This fresh and citrusy scent is apt for all seasons, helping you project a confident aura.

8.Exclamation Cologne Body Spray

A floral fragrance with a hint of the scent of fresh fruits, Exclamation is a classical Coty cologne for women. It keeps you smelling fresh and enticing all day, and smoothly blends in with the aroma of your personality. Its top notes are peach, neroli, and bergamot; orange and jasmine are the heart notes, while base notes include musk, sandalwood, and amber. The blend of sandalwood, peach, apricot, and amber gives you a fresh floral scent that goes well both at work and social gatherings.


Coty celebrates the idea that beauty at its core is defined by individuality of people and is at its purest when original. The brand supports diversity by encouraging its users to express makeup in their own way. A leading manufacturer in fragrance and cosmetics, Coty successfully continues to appeal to the hearts of millions of beauty lovers worldwide.