Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Clarins

Before the introduction of Japanese and Korean brands in the cosmetics industry, a classic French approach to makeup was the dream of most beauty fans. The French industry was exquisite and rare, and it presented many innovative products that people could easily get obsessed with. Among the world’s leading luxury cosmetic brands, the Parisian Clarinsis one of the earliest contestants.

Launched in 1954, Clarins had a unique vision that would ultimately prove to dramatically evolve the way people perceive women’s beauty. Clarins was successfully planned to be adaptable to the people’s demands and rely purely on the use of natural ingredients, as opposed to chemical ones. Almost 70 years later, these two principles remain the key to their worldwide popularity and ever-increasing demand.

Clarins is more than your average successful business story; it is a family tale. The passion for beauty and the firm devotion Jacques Courtin showed during the launch of the brand has since been handed down to his children, who have shown the same professional attitude and made sure the company continues to prosper.


In 1954, Jacques Courtin, a French chiropractor, started the brand by launching his first beauty spa in Paris. The idea was to provide people with products that felt real and relatable. This natural approach first included body massages that firmed the skin and promoted blood circulation. The name “Clarins” was based on a character Courtin played in school.

Courtin used essential oils, which he developed himself. Initially only reserved for massages, these would become soon become some of the first products sold by the company. At the time, a new business – modeling – was at its rise. In the ‘60s, the fashion industry would be flourished with beauty idols from all around the country. Courtin saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring the world’s attention to the capabilities of herbal applications.

In 1962, the brand’s first product, “Body Shaping Cream,” was a major hit – capable of effectively streamlining contours and eliminating cellulite. As Courtin’sfanbase grew, the brand expanded both its range and quality, with the inclusion of loyalty cards in its top-rated products. Responding to its clients, the company started selling plant extract oils (100% pure) throughout its fragrance stores in 1968.

By 1974, Courtin officially declared Clarins a family business by employing his son Christian Courtin as the Director of Exports as well as the international spokesperson. The same year, the company saw a steep rise in sales as it became available in 128 countries globally, making the Courtins some of the richest families of the time.

The praise for the company’s worldwide success goes to Serge Rosinoer, who was the Vice-President of Clarins during the late ‘70s. He would later continue his work as a member of the Supervisory Board. Under his influence, the company was registered on the Paris Stock Exchange and saw substantial growth in its economy in 1984.

In the same decade, the company saw popularity in the US with the establishment of multiple subsidiaries. In 1987, the company abandoned all testing on animals during product research and development, making them the first-ever cruelty-free makeup brand in modern history. It would take Clarins three more years to be declared as the No. 1 luxury brand in Europe, regarding skincare treatment, in 1990 – a spot it honorably holds to this day.

In the ‘90s, the company introduced several creative makeup lines. These include its 1991 collection having the slogan, “You, even more beautiful.” After receiving community concerns regarding environmental hazards caused by skincare products, the brand launched the first exclusive, anti-pollution range in the same year.

The brand also started investing in perfumes around the same time, acquiring the famous Mugler Perfumes and forming the Clarins Group. In 1995, AzzaroParfumsalso became a part of the company’s fast-growing business.


Initially targeting women, in 2002, the brand widened its perspective and introduced ClarinsMen, a line formulated specifically for men. By 2005, the Clarins Group had established a massive count of 19 subsidiaries, distributed in more than 150 countries around the world.

In 2010, the family business continued to thrive under the supervision of Christian and Olivier Courtin, sons of Jacques Courtin, as the President of the Supervisory Board and Managing Director of Clarins, respectively. In 2013, Prisca and VirginieCourtin, granddaughters of Jacques Courtin and distinguished businesswomen, would be opted as the Marketing & Communication Director for Mugler Fashion and Retail Director, respectively.

In 2018, the two fragrance brands AzzaroParfumand MuglerPerfume,were set to be entrusted to L’Oréal. The acquisition took place in 2019.

Where to Buy
Hydra-Essential Quenching Serum
One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Lotus Face Treatment Oil
Body Treatment Oil Tonic
Super Restorative Day Cream
Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate
Extra-Firming Mask
Instant Lip Comfort Oil



Below we list some of the best-rated products by Clarins.

1.  Hydra-Essential Quenching Serum

Ever get the feeling that your skin is too tight? Clarins’ Hydra Essential Quenching Serum is the perfect design for skins suffering from thirstiness and dryness. The formula stays active up to several hours, and make sure your face gets plenty of hydration regardless of the environment.

The formula is designed for casual wear and can also be used as a base layer to other cosmetics. Intended to make your skin look as natural as possible, it provides the skin with an even tone and provides long-term healthcare benefits. It is suitable for hypersensitive skins. Gently apply it to the face and the neck during the mornings or the nights.

2. One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Clarins’ One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser has a fresh and enlightening fragrance and provides your skin with the same experience. As the title implies, a single application suffices to let the magic start. The cleanser effectively gets rid of any impurities and stubborn makeup, clearing away dead cells and giving way to new, healthier skin layers.

The formula leaves your skin feeling unbelievably smooth and soft. Besides nourishing the skin, it also gives it a radiant glow and a healthy complexion. In a matter of days, most fine lines on the face will be gone for good. The solution is intended for all skin types, including hypersensitive skins.

3. Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Providing the skin with a subtle, radiant glow and restoring vitality to the maximum extent, Clarin’s Lotus Face Treatment Oil is the ultimate fixer. The oil is enriched with rare herbal extracts, making it capable of efficiently getting rid of all sorts of unwanted face marks and whiteheads and blackheads.

Its hydrating treatment supplies the skin with sufficient water content and keeps it fresh and moisturized. It is recommended for casual, daily wear, meaning that you can enjoy a gorgeous look while resting assured that the formula is hard-set on rejuvenating your skin in the best way possible.

4. Body Treatment Oil Tonic

Prepared entirely from plant extracts, Clarins’ Body Treatment Oil Tonic is enriched with essential oils as well as has an enchanting aroma. Its formula will take you in its grasp and fill you with lively, fabulous energy, due to which, it is recommended to be applied in the mornings.

The oil is thick in texture and feels like honey on your skin. It leaves your skin feeling super silky yet oil-free. It gives the skin an elegant and even texture, successfully concealing any marks and freckles. For people intent on weight loss but dreading loose skin, the formula provides both firmness and healthy-looking texture.

5. Super Restorative Day Cream

Clarin’s Super Restorative Day Cream is a highly replenishing moisturizer cream, providing both health and cosmetic benefits. It conveniently provides elasticity and the ideal density to mature-looking skin. From age spots and relentless wrinkling to dullness and uneven skin tones, the skin is revitalized at each level.

Super Restorative Day Cream is intended for oily, normal, combination, and dry skin types. The formula is specifically designed to treat intense symptoms seen in women over 50 years of age and is part of Clarin’s Anti-Pollution Complex to minimize the effects of pollution. 

6. Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

Weighing only half an ounce, Clarins’ Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate is exactly what it sounds like – a treatment for the skin surrounding your eyes. This includes your temples, forehead, the bridge of your nose, and the circles beneath your eyes.

The formula is designed to treat puffiness as well as dark circles under the eyes, the wrinkling at the outer corners, and frown lines. It provides nourishment to the skin, reinvigorating the skin and enhancing its beauty by giving you an ageless look. Results will become apparent in less than a week, with long-term effects sustained from regular usage.

7. Extra-Firming Mask

Extra-Firming Mask is an excellent anti-aging mask that is suitable for adults of all ages. It is guaranteed to help you get rid of those early wrinkles and the ever-distracting fine lines. Its incredibly rich formula is capable of giving the face a smooth and soft appearance, as well as providing firmness to your texture.

It also provides an ample amount of hydration, keeping the skin fresh and healthy 24/7. It can refine even the slightest pores and give you younger-looking skin. Regularly apply to the face and observe long-term results in a matter of days.

8. Instant Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins’ Instant Lip Comfort Oil is available in seven luxurious shades. Composed of 100% pure plant oils, it can provide your lips with all the nourishment they need. Applying it once leaves your lips with a soothing and gentle feeling, and gives them a plump, delicately glossy look.

Enriched with super sweet smells, it gives your lips a powerful definition. Instant Lip Comfort Oil does not require any touch-ups and helps your lips stay fresh and comfortable for long.