Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Christian Dior

Established in 1946, Christian Dior is a French-based luxury goods company. Its headquarters are situated in Paris, France, and it is physically present in 205 locations around the world. It was founded by Christian Dior and is today owned by LVMH. Christian Dior has a total of 6,280 employees. It is famous for its fashion accessories and beauty products. In 2019, its total revenue was €53.67 billion.

About the Founder

Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Granville to a well-to-do fertilizer manufacturer. His family moved to Paris when he was five. Dior was artistically inclined from the start and used to sell his sketches on streets to make pocket money. After he left school, he started his art gallery in Paris, where he sold works by different artists. 1929’s Great Depression and the collapse of his father’s business forced him to close his business, and he started working with the fashion designer Robert Piguet. After 1942, he worked at Lucien Lelong.


The History of Christian Dior

Christian Dior was 41 years old when he opened his first couture house in 1946. In 1947, he presented his first collection. The lines were dubbed the name “New Look,” a name that is used to this date. The 1947 New Look was made of a calf-length, full skirt, and a Bar jacket that seemed to be glued to the body, with a cinched waist and fuller bust.

The dresses he designed were a rebuttal to post-war restrictions imposed on fabrics and were made of 20 yards of fabric on average. With his designs, he helped establish Paris as the capital of fashion in the grim, post-war Europe. From the start, his brand attracted the attention of stars and celebrities like Margot Fonteyn and Rita Hayworth, which helped the house gain publicity.

In 1949, Dior opened a luxury ready-to-wear house in New York and also launched Dior Parfums. Miss Dior was the debut fragrance, which was named after his sister. Christian Dior licensed his name to multiple luxury accessories –  including gloves, hats, shoes, stocking, and furs – to help create a complete New Look. Licensing proved to be profitable for the brand and was a model that was then followed by most fashion brands.


In 1955, he made the young Yves Saint Laurent his design assistant, and also chose him as his successor; so, after he died in 1957, his business partner Jacques Rouët appointed Saint Laurent as the artistic director. His designs were initially a success, but soon were venturing far away from the brand’s core. He was called to join the army, and Rouët replaced him by Marc Bohan in the late 1960s. Bohan defined a new era for the company with his introduction of the Slim Look and was able to rescue the brand and keep it at the forefront of fashion.

By 1978, the Boussac Group had filed for bankruptcy, and Dior, along with other assets, was sold to the Willot Group. In 1984, Bernard Arnault and his group bought the Willot Group’s holdings for a “symbolic franc.” By 1985, Arnault was the CEO, chairman and managing director of Christian Dior.

In 1989, Gianfranco Ferréwas appointed as the stylistic director of Dior, replacing Marc Bohan. By 1990, Dior boutiques had opened up in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and the revenue for 2019 amounted to $129.3 million. By 1995, the revenue was $177 million.

Ferréwas then replaced as the creative head by John Galliano in 1997. Arnault felt that Galliano had the same creative vision as that of the brand’s founder and that his designs had the original Dior style. Galliano was able to transform Dior into a more “sexier” brand and promoted further interest in the brand. He was dismissed in 2011 after footage of him slurring anti-Semitic remarks while intoxicated came out.

In 2000, HediSlimane was appointed the head designer for the menswear line, and he gave it a modern aesthetic. The line took off when Mick Jagger and Brad Pitt were seen wearing it.

In 2012, Raf Simons was appointed as the creative director, who proved to be a breath of fresh air for the brand, with designs that were inspired by Dior’s post-WWII pieces. In 2016, Maria GraziaChiuri was the first woman to be appointed as the creative director at Dior. She made the designs more contemporary by adding a hint of edginess to the feminine designs. Her work resonates with Christian Dior’s original message – that of empowering women – and resonates with the modern women.

In 2017, Christian Dior was acquired by LVMH. Kin Jones has been the creative director for the men’s line since 2018.

What Makes Christian Dior Unique?

Christian Dior is widely acclaimed for its elegance and a unique mixture between romanticism and modernism. Its designs are intrinsically feminine and have remained popular in the fashion world for more than seventy years. The designs are innovative, but traditional at the same time. From fashion accessories, footwear, and leather goods to ready-to-wear and haute couture, Christian Dior has pushed boundaries and anticipated and met the needs of the modern woman.

Where to Buy
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Christian Dior Products

Some of the best products by Christian Dior are given below.

1. Dior Addict Lip Glow

Addict Lip Glow by Dior is a must-have, color-awakening lip balm. Made keeping in view the demands of professional makeup artists, it’s an essential cosmetic for every makeup routine. The product visibly enhances the natural color of the lips and can adapt to any skin tone to bring out the best in each woman. It can be used as a primer or worn alone for a 24-hour vibrant look.

Equipped with Dior’s Color Reviver technology, Addict Glow directly reacts with the moisture levels of the lips to keep them constantly hydrated. Mango butter smoothens and softens the lips to provide a flushed and whole texture. The product comes in 13 distinct shades, including a gradation of pink to match every lip color.

2. Diorskin Nude Air Serum

Dior introduces yet another innovation in its unique nude makeup collection with Diorskin Nude Air Serum – an ultra-fluid serum with a weightless texture and a velvety freshness. Its highly precise dropper effortlessly delivers the exact amount of an exceptional, talc-free formula made with oils that vaporize instantly to deposit a radiant and healthy glow.

Transparent pigments and nourishing agents contribute to an even skin tone and a flawless correction with a sheer finish. Dior’s Oxygen ActivTMtechnology makes use of hyper-oxygenated Cranberry oil, minerals, and multiple vitamins, so the skin enjoys the benefits of fresh air and becomes purer each day. From light to dark beige, the serum is available in a comprehensive range of nine shades to suit all skin types.

3. Rosy Glow Awakening Blush

Enjoy a universal blush and a healthy glow with Dior’s Rosy Glow Awakening Blush. Described by Dior as their secret weapon to ensure the look of natural-looking, rosy cheeks, it brightens up the skin with a fresh and long-lasting color. The formula is powered by Color Reviver technology to maintain the skin’s moisture levels for a comfortable texture and a healthy finish.

Glow Awakening Blush adapts to the structure and contours of each face to create a customized rosy effect that beautifies and enhances any skin tone. It includes two shades offering varying levels of intensity – the backstage star Pink shade and the exclusively vibrant Coral. Using a brush, lightly stroke the tops of the cheekbones and witness the blush do its magic.

4. Long-wear Eyeliner Water Proof

Dior’s Long-wear Eyeliner Water Proof is the essential pencil for a meticulously soft line with extended wear. Volatile silicones enable the exceptional formula to radiate bold color and provide excellent resistance to water. It is available in nine unique shades, including the original Violet Mystique and the glamorous Kaki Doré.

5. Diorshow Mascara Waterproof

The exclusive backstage mascara, Diorshow Mascara Waterproof, is Dior’s professional lash extending and volumizing mascara. To optically reproduce the effects of lash extension typical to runway makeup artists, the mascara is enriched with revolutionary microfibers that allow the Diorshow formula to cling between each lash and provide a natural thickness without clumping.

The remarkably versatile wax texture covers and smoothens each lash to the roots for a buildable volume and a dramatic structure. Thanks to Dior’s Air-LOCKTM wiper, the formula is inevitably kept dry in the tube by continually being protected from any contact with the air and thus always provides a fresh and pure application.

6. Diorskin Forever Extreme Control

Diorskin Forever Extreme Control by Dior is a compact foundation and the perfect matte powder combining all extremes. It ensures absolute control over the skin’s complexion for 12 hours. Day after day, the formula leaves a weightless film on the face that mattifies without any powdery effect to make the skin progressively more beautiful with each application.

The incredible powder induces the ideal luminosity to provide for a wonderful, modern finish. The powder has an ultra-fine texture, due to which the skin experiences impeccable wear with a poreless skincare effect. The product comes in a range of 16 shades. The compact proves excellent both when applied over the entire face in a very fine layer and when used for touch-ups.

7. Crème Abricot – Fortifying Nail Cream

Renowned for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, Crème Abricot has served as Dior’s iconic nail care since the ‘60s. Its formula is filled with emollient and loving ingredients to fortify the nails and significantly improve their resistance. Gently massage the cream around the nails until it is absorbed. Apply in the evenings for an all-night treatment and observe noticeable results in just a month.


Christian Dior is an ever-modernizing luxury brand that has been pushing the boundaries of fashion since its conception. The brand’s designs are decidedly feminine, and its creative directors reinterpret the legacy left behind by the founder to create products that are modern yet remain true to the founder’s original vision.