Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Biotherm

A luxury skincare company, Biotherm originated from mineral water. It offers a full range of cosmetics and skincare products for both the face and the body. Its products are top-quality and undergo extensive testing by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure a satisfactory result.

Biotherm was founded almost 70 years ago when the French biologist Jos Jullien visited the Southern parts of France and came across a unique mineral thermal spring. The water contained a special ingredient that would be the key to Biotherm’s success in the upcoming years. With Jullien’s ambition for medical research and his marketing expertise, the company initiated a business that continues to prosper to this day.

Biotherm offers a great variety of options for its customers, from classic skincare products like moisturizers, hand creams, sun creams to more diverse ones such as fragrances, SPA products, and therapy treatments. Unlike most luxury cosmetic brands, Biotherm targets both women and men, investing in gender-specific products as well as unisex ones.


The story of Biotherm started a long time ago, when the exquisite and gentle flora, Thermal Plankton, first appeared on our planet. In the 18th century, we made our first contact with the plant with the discovery of hot springs in the Pyrenees Mountains, in Southern France.

Biotherm’s soon-to-be key ingredient was so far unrecognized then. Instead, it was reported that the mineral water from the springs had unique healing properties. Due to this, the water was used by a sanatorium to provide thermal treatments. The sanatorium was noted for producing positive results and was replaced by a dermatological station. This dermatological station provided science-based medical treatment.

In the 1940s, a biologist working at the station, Dr Jos Julien, discovered the presence of thermal plankton in the waters. He soon associated the substance with the excellent skin benefits of the thermal mineral water that had been reported for so many years.


Dr Jos Jullien, with the help of young visionary Jeanine Marissal, started to work on integrating the plankton with a cosmetic formula. The duo was finally successful in isolating and reproducing the ingredient from the waters and thus planting the seeds for Biotherm.

Biotherm Is Born

In 1952, with the guidance of AdrienBarthelemy, the owner of Molitg-Les-Bains springs, Biotherm came into being. The brand was found on the basis that effective skincare is essential in any cosmetics product. Thermal plankton became the key ingredient of Biotherm, with its unique properties contributing to the enhancement of each Biotherm formula.

Three of its very first products were introduced in 1952: Biotherm Cure, La Crème Triple-Usage, and Biomains. From these,Biomains, a hand moisturizing cream, is still available in the market today. In 1955, three years after its launch, the brand’s success was evident when The New York Time praised it by highlighting its efficient use of plankton.

In 1957, Biotherm’s first hydrothermal product, La Crème Hydrothermale, was released to the public. Four years later, in 1961, the first Biotherm sunscreen also saw popularity as one of the best sun care products of the time. With the growth in its sales, the demand for customized skin products also increased. The decade saw the company investing in targeted skincare formulas for special skin types, including its original skimming and firming cream in 1964.

Acquisition by L’Oreal

In 1970, Biotherm was acquired by the Famous luxury brand L’Oreal. This was the start of the national French brand’s rise to international fame. In 1972, the company’s new productsBiotherm body milk and the very first anti-wrinkle sun care were sold throughout several locations in Europe.

As the years passed, Biotherm became a luxury name in Europe with the inauguration of a new research center in Monaco. The brand’s products were known to be clinically tested and trust-worthy. In 1985, the brand expanded its range by introducing a new line of skincare, BiothermHomme, exclusively for men.

In the same year, the new ambassador Elle Macpherson launched Biotherm’sBalneotherapy Centre in Deauville. In 1987, with the production of a new women’s line Biotherm Biologics, the company saw prominence in Japan. The line was categorized by three distinct formulas, each targeting users in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and promising a reliable, elegant way of life.

Introducing Life Plankton

In 1994, Biotech’s own biotechnology center was launched in France where the team isolated, studied, and developed products based on one of the most effective regenerative ingredients in skin cosmetics – Life plankton. In the upcoming years, the brand would introduce several award-winning innovations, including water-treatments, moisturizers, and anti-aging treatments.

In 2006, researchers at Stanford University proved the rare nature and unparalleled properties of Life Plankton in terms of strengthening and protecting the skin. In 2012, Biotherm celebrated its 60th anniversary with the introduction of Beauty from the Deep, a biotechnology platform, dedicated to exploring new molecules in aquatic biodiversity.

Where to Buy
Deodorants by Biotherm Deo Pure Anti-Perspirant Roll-On 75ml
Biotherm Homme Aquapower, 2.53 Ounce
Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye, 0.5 Ounce
Biotherm Biosource 24h Hydrating and Tonifying Women's Toner, 6.76 Ounce
Biotherm Aqua Source Total Eye Revitalizer, 0.5 Ounce
Biotherm Beurre De Levres Replumbing and Smoothing Lip Balm for Unisex, 0.43 Ounce
Aquasource Gel Intense Regenerating Moisturizing Gel - For Normal/Combination Skin



Following are some of the recommended products by Biotherm.

1. Deo Pure Roll-On

Biotherm’s 48th roll-on, Deo Pure, is as good a deodorant as you could ask for. The formula contains all essential nutrients and skin reinvigorating trace elements and has a soothing sensation when applied. It does not cause any sort of fragrance allergic reaction. It antiperspirant properties make sure that there is no sweating and your skin stays dry.

The deodorant has a fluid texture that diffuses into the skin and provides full nourishment. The formula never sticks to your clothes or leaves any kind of residue. The only trace it leaves behind is a soft and subtle floral fragrance. Thoroughly cleanse the armpits before application. Wait for a few minutes before getting dressed. The product stays active for 48 hours.

2. Homme Aquapower

Biotherm’sHommeAquapower is a long-lasting day gel for men. The product gives a sensation of instant freshness. The cream isenriched with a hydrating formula and is comfortable and supple to wear in all circumstances. Its light-weight texture easily dissolves into the skin, acting on all of the skin layers. The moisturizing formula quenches and tones the skin to leave it feeling soft and soothing all day.

Asides from its key ingredient, Life Plankton, which greatly contributes to its effectiveness, HommeAquapower contains a combination of minerals and vitamins to give an ultra-fresh experience. The gel is free from the harmful parabens and allergens caused by fragrance. Its Life Plankton is a pure thermal extract, containing nutrients, lipids, and other ingredients that revitalize the skin and keep it in perfect shape.

3. Homme Total Recharge Eye

 Homme Total Recharge Eye by Biotherm takes care of any signs of fatigue, giving your eyes an energy boost to make sure that your eye contour stays fresh. Along with an anti-aging formula, the product also provides ample hydration to the skin. It’s three key ingredients – caffeine, sericoside, and manganese – break up deposits of fat, promotes blood microcirculation, and stimulates a vaso-relaxing effect.

Effectively targeting the dark circles and bags located under the eye, Homme Total Recharge Eye will reduce any spots near the eye to the point that they become almost erased. It has a fresh, gel-like texture that is cool and weightless. For a safe and easy application, apply in the mornings with a smooth and cold massage.

4. Biosource 24h Hydrating Women’s Toner

With Biotherm’sBiosource 24h Hydrating Women’s Toner, you can rest assured that all your toning needs are fulfilled. It comes with an incredible formula consisting of more than 35 nutrients, vitamins, and lipids. The formula helps increase the blood supply to your face, making sure that any residual make-up and excess oil get removed.

The product can reach into deep skin layers that cleansers often miss, removes any dirt or impurities and leaves your skin with a fresher and brighter look. The product is much more than a tone, however, due to its unique exfoliating properties that replace old, dead cells with younger ones. The texture is incredibly light with a watery feel to it and a delicate fragrance.

5. Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer Gel

Total Eye Revitalizer Gel is Biotherm’s eye cream awakener that gives your eyes a totally re-energized look. Enriched with a diverse set of ingredients, the formula is perfectly equipped to cool and lighten the eyes to provide an instant revitalizing effect. Besides de-puffing eye bags and diminishing undereye circles, the formula also smoothes out dehydration and aging lines.

6. Aquasource Gel

Enriched with a unique ingredient discovered in the majestic French mountain range Pyrenees, Biotherm’sAquasource Gel is an ideal mistuning gel for the face and the neck. Unlike many moisturizers, this product aims to replenish the skin’s own moisture reserves to provide natural nourishment. The texture is fresh and creamy, with a touch that liquefies on the skin to invoke the senses.

Capable of transforming even the dullest complexions, its mineral oil-free formula leaves you with a cooling sensation and hydrated and glowing skin. Aquasource Gel’s key ingredient is aura leaf, a clinically-approved medical plant having miraculous properties. Apply every morning or evening on toned skin. Starting from the cheek, move outwards using both hands and finish with the neck.

7. Beurre De Levres Lip Balm

A replumbing and smoothing lip balm, Biotherm’sBeurre De Levres has a creamy butter texture that gives your lips a delicate, matte finish and pleasant fragrance obtained from extracts of peach, lemon and rose. The formula provides nourishment to the lip and hydrates them to make them plumped with moisture.

The formula is enriched with vegetable oils and acacia sugar, each of which is a naturally derived ingredient. It creates an occlusive layer of vapors on the lips, keeping them hydrated and protected from dry air, winds, and coldness. The lip balm is suitable for both men and women. It can be used independently or under make-up.