Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Avon

Established in London, Avon is a global leader in the luxury goods industry. The company’s products, which range from skin cosmetics to perfume to apparel, are among the best in the industry for making customers look and feel their best. That it is only the fourteenth largest beauty company in the world indicates its high standing in the industry. On the other hand, the company is the world’s second-largest direct-selling business.

The History of Avon

David H. McConnell, the founder of Avon, began his career by selling books door-to-door in New York City. However, by September 1886, he had switched to selling fragrances. He established the first office for his new company on Chambers Street and 126th in Manhattan. In 1892, McConnell rebranded the company, and his California-based business partner suggested calling it the “California Perfume Company,” inspired by the abundance of flowers in the state.

Alexander D. Henderson joined the company in May 1894 and quickly became a key figure, eventually holding the positions of vice president and treasurer. He played a significant role in the company’s growth and expansion. In 1897, a laboratory was built in Suffern, New York; in 1909, the company moved its headquarters to 31 Park Place in New York. On June 16, 1909, McConnell and Henderson incorporated the California Perfume Company in New Jersey.

The California Perfume Company rebranded as Avon Products Inc. on October 6, 1939, inspired by the birthplace of William Shakespeare, McConnell’s favorite playwright (Stratford-upon-Avon). The California Perfume Company, Inc. of New York filed a trademark application for Avon with the USPTO on June 3, 1932. The application included a description of the goods and services provided, including perfumes, toilet waters, compacts, lipsticks, and other toiletry products. The company first used the Avon name commercially on September 1, 1929, and the trademark registration was granted on August 30, 1932.

Founder David McConnell pictured in 1905

Avon’s Current Status

Avon has a presence in over 130 countries through its subsidiaries. Despite being headquartered in the US, Brazil has been the company’s largest market since 2010. Avon’s business is run by millions of beauty experts who are trusted by the brand to provide personal healthcare advice and beauty tips to customers and help them achieve elegance in their lives.

More than 6.5 million salespeople make up the company. Avon prefers full-time micro-entrepreneurs because they provide better service to customers and more reliable output. These employees not only serve as beauty consultants but also play a key role in hiring, training, and developing the company’s entry-level staff.

An Avon training center in the Bronx

Why Avon is a Trustworthy Brand

Avon, the second-largest direct-selling organization, has thrived since the early 1900s by focusing on personal connections between customers and sales representatives. This indicates that the company places a premium on providing high-quality goods and friendly service. This is one of the few major cosmetics companies prioritizing sustainability over rigid business practices.

The corporation first declared its intent to cut back on the amount of carbon dioxide gas released into the atmosphere during the course of its research and production in 2005. Avon stunned the world by reducing its total emissions of greenhouse gases by over 53 percent in just 14 years. To further decrease its environmental impact, Avon has switched to using renewable energy sources and has stated that it plans to eliminate all of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Avon has long recognized the waste pollution problem and has implemented several programs to recycle as much of its waste as possible. Currently, the company has an impressive recycling rate of 93% of its total waste. In addition to its waste management efforts, Avon also has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Its Avon Paper Promise policy ensures that all paper purchases are made from certified sources. For years, Avon has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and has consistently followed its policies.

Like many other companies in the cosmetics industry, Avon eventually decided to forego using animals in their product development processes. Since declaring its opposition to animal testing in 1989, Avon has participated in several initiatives to discourage the practice and develop viable alternatives. Most international cruelty-free brands do not care about Chinese law prohibiting animal testing. But in 2019, Avon was the first and only cosmetics brand to end animal testing in China.

For more than 30 years, Avon has worked with organizations such as the Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign, the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments, a charity dedicated to finding ethical alternatives to animal testing, and the Institute for In Vitro Science, a laboratory focused on developing non-animal testing methods.

Avon’s Role in Women’s Empowerment

Avon describes itself as the largest corporation devoted to empowering women and girls through philanthropy. Since its founding in 1955, the Avon Foundation for Women has been a leading force in supporting women to reach their full potential.

Avon has donated over a billion dollars to support women’s rights and empowerment globally. For decades, Avon has contributed to and raised awareness about the issue of domestic violence in more than 50 different countries. In order to help young beauty business owners and their families financially, Avon has a Global Foundation Program that awards college scholarships. Its stand4her initiative is another global initiative with annual goals of reaching 100 million women and helping them improve their economic standing and quality of life.


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Types of Products that Avon Offers

Avon offers a wide range of products for both men and women in categories. Some of the types of products that Avon offers include:

  • Skincare: Avon offers a variety of skincare products, including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and face masks. They have lines specifically designed for skin types and concerns, such as acne-prone or dry skin.
  • Makeup: Avon offers a range of makeup products, including foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. They also offer makeup brushes and tools, as well as makeup sets and palettes.
  • Fragrance: Avon offers a variety of fragrances for both men and women, including perfumes, colognes, and body sprays. They also offer gift sets and scented candles and diffusers.
  • Hair Care: Avon offers hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. They also have a line of hair care products specifically designed for color-treated hair.
  • Bath and body: Avon offers a range of bath and body products, including body wash, body lotion, hand cream, and soap. They also offer gift sets and spa products such as bath bombs and bubble baths.
  • Personal Care: Avon offers a variety of personal care products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss. They also offer deodorant, antiperspirant, and body spray.
  • Men’s Grooming: Avon offers a range of grooming products, including skincare, haircare, and personal care products. They also offer fragrances and gift sets.
  • Nail Polish and Nail Care: Avon offers a variety of nail polish shades and finishes, as well as nail care products such as cuticle oil and nail strengthening treatments.
  • Sun Care: Avon offers a range of sun care products, including sunscreen, sunless tanning products, and after-sun care.
  • Baby Care: Avon offers a line of baby care products, including baby lotion, diaper cream, and baby wipes.
  • Health and Wellness: Avon offers a range of health and wellness products, including supplements, energy drinks, and home health care products.
  • Home Fragrances: Avon offers a variety of home fragrances, including scented candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays.
  • Gift Sets: Avon offers gift sets and gift baskets featuring a range of their products and individual products that are suitable for gifting.
  • Fashion and Accessories: Avon also offers a selection of fashion accessories such as clothing, jewelry, and handbags.


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For over 130 years, Avon has been serving its customers. It is among the oldest cosmetics companies, having been founded in 1886. They have consistently promoted gender equality through their goods and various initiatives all over the world. As a result, they now have the backing of a massive audience. David H. McConnell, Avon’s founder, was an early and vocal advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. Overall, Avon is a trusted and reputable brand with a commitment to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service.