Luxury Cosmetics Brand: Artistry

Introduced in the late 1950s, Artistry is a great skincare and color cosmetics brand. The brand was founded by Edith Rehnborg, the wife of Carl Rehnborg, who founded the famous dietary supplements brand Nutrilite. Artistry is a subsidiary of Amway, which is another multi-level marketing beauty and home care company. Artistry is currently headquartered in Ada, Michigan, and is part of the group of companies run by Alticor.

Artistry skincare and cosmetics have maintained a top-quality standard for more than half a century. Starting in the US, the brand is now prevalent in more than 60 countries worldwide. The market reports publisher Euromonitor International independently categorized Artistry as a prestige brand. Alongside Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Chanel, Artistry is ranked as one of the top 5 prestige brands and the only direct-selling brand.


Artistry was found in 1958 by Edith Rehnborg. She was the wife of Carl Rehnborg, the founder of Nutrilite, which is the leading brand of minerals, vitamins, and dietary supplements. Initially, Artistry was not known by its current name. Rather, it was named after its founder as Edith Rehnborg Cosmetics.

However, that changed in 1968, when it was renamed to Artistry Cosmetics. This happened when the company was acquired by Nutriliteas a product line featuring skincare, which also meant that Artistry Cosmetics enjoyed all the facilities offered by Nutrilite. All of the products sold by Artistry Cosmetics were backed up by the quality research and state-of-art technological resources provided by Nutrilite.

In 1972, Nutrilite merged with the multi-national beauty and health care brand Amway. It also meant that Amway held the controlling interest of Artistry Cosmetics. The US brand went through another name change in the same year as it settled on the permanent title Artistry.

Up until now, most of Artistry’s products consisted of a small collection of skincare and cosmetics products, which were launched by the founder Edith Rehnborg. However, after its acquisition by Amway, the brand entered the first stage of its globally successful career. In the ‘70s, Artistry’s earliest sales consisted of a six-product collection known as Something for Everyone.


Beyond the ‘70s: Success and Innovation

In 1973, Artistry expanded its arsenal by yet another skincare collection. This time it went big and targeted a broad range of products. These included formulas that addressed the specific needs of people with skin conditions, replenishing and hydrating products for mature skin, and oil-reducing, anti-septic formulas for younger clients.

Artistry was one of the very first international luxury cosmetic brands to introduce diversity in their products. Most similar companies focused on what was trending in popular media, and times being as they were, most of the pop culture celebrities and models constituted of bright, white skin.

So, Artistry took a bold step – and a hugely successful one too – when its new line, Artistry II, was designed for people belonging to a diverse ethnic background. Artistry II significantly consisted of products that were developed for darker skin tones and thus established a landmark year in its career.

With its new release, Artistry saw an unprecedented amount of popularity and positive reviews from its community. Its creativity in the beauty industry soon saw it entering the international market. With a diverse and loyal fan base, the brand spread throughout France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

The ‘80s and After

In 1983, Northern Lights Collection was launched by Artistry as a response to its increasingly sophisticated consumer demands. The Collection introduced innovative, hologram-like pigments that were soon the next big thing in makeup.

By 1985, Artistry had opened in more than 13 countries worldwide, including the launch of an advanced cosmetics plant in Ada. In 1986, Artistry made another wise move and introduced its products in Japan, which was soon to become a major cosmetics market worldwide. By 1993, Artistry had gained millions of followers around the globe and had established a collection of more than 200 beauty products.

It was 1998 when the Euromonitor International declared Artistry one of the top 5 prestige brands of the world in the facial skincare category. Entering the new millennium, in 2003, Artistry introduced grapefruit-scented Spa Collection for shower and bath. By 2007, it was announced that Artistry would be the official cosmetics and skincare sponsor for the Skate Canada national team and Skate Canada events.

What Makes Artistry a Luxury Brand?

Artistry skincare, as well as cosmetics products, contain only the best and safest ingredients for your skin. Utilizing the resources of its sister brand Nutrilite, Artistry goes the extra mile for ensuring a high-quality formulation by using organic extracts grown under the supervised care of Nutrilite’s own certified organic farms.

The brand has won the following awards:

  • AmeriStar’s Package Competition in Health & Beauty Aids
  • International Package Design Awards in Skin Care Prestige
  • UK Awards for Best New Skincare Products of the Year
Where to Buy
Artistry Hydra-V item# 121135 Sheer Weightless Foundation SPF 15 - Chiffon - L2C1
1 x Amway Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder - Medium ( 25g )
Artistry Ideal Radiance UV Protect SPF 50+ Sunscreen 1 oz
Artistry Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C + HA Treatment #120524 0.40 fl. oz./12 mL
Amway Artistry Youth XTEND Protecting Crème
Artistry Signature Select Firming Mask #122341 Size: 125 g


Let us now look at some Artistry products.

Sheer Foundation

A sheer, weightless foundation by Artistry, this product provides a refreshing radiance to your face and also maintains your skin’s hydration the whole day. If you are looking for a natural look, then this foundation is the answer for you. It acts like a tinted moisturizer and gives a dewy appearance. Also, due to its SPF formula, it provides coverage from the harmful UV rays.

The product is dermatologically tested and does not cause pore blockage. It can be used on all skin types and even on sensitive skin. The Norwegian fjord water and Hawaiian acai enhance the natural radiance of the skin, giving you a flawless finish. The cap contains a dropper, which makes the application easy and smooth.

Loose Powder

The Perfecting Loose Powder by Artistry gives a luminous and natural look to the face. It can be worn alone and over a foundation. When applied to a foundation, it helps the foundation stay on for a longer time. This non-comedogenic product does not settle into wrinkles or fine lines, and it helps reduce visible imperfections on the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types and has been tested by dermatologists. The powder helps absorb excess oil on the skin without letting the skin get dry. Made from Tahitian pearls and optical prisms, it perfects the skin and makes it shine.

Cream Makeup Remover

Cream Makeup Remover by Artistry has a deep cleaning formula that can easily remove long-wear makeup and cleanse the skin thoroughly without stripping the skin of its natural oils and moisture. The remover has a non-greasy formula that acts quickly to rinse the skin deeply and leaves no residue behind.

It is suitable for oily, dry and combination skin types, and is comfortable for even the driest skin. Allergy and dermatologist tested, it effectively removes makeup, giving you a hydrated and smooth skin.

UV Protect SPF 50+

UV exposure can result in freckles, dark spots, and discolorations on the skin. The waterproof, oil-free formula of Artistry Ideal Radiance Broad Spectrum Sunscreen provides the skin with complete protection against these harmful UV rays. The AA2G Skin-Brightening Technology eliminates the appearance of pigmentation and also contains a unique form of vitamin C that brightens the skin.

White chia seeds, pomegranate extract, and star lily blend help even the skin tone, treat visible dark spots through powerful antioxidants, and keep the skin luminous.

Intensive Skincare Treatment

This Artistry product is inspired by dermatological procedures and provides a clinically proven treatment that diminishes the appearance of worry lines, frowns, brow lines, and forehead creases. As the pure vitamin C powder is added to the Hyaluronic Acid Blend just before use, the treatment performs a potent and active action on the skin. For up to 30 days, the potency of the treatment is at the maximum.

Vitamin C strengthens the cellular support network in the skin, making the skin flexible and fighting off wrinkles. Its antioxidant properties help the skin fight against free-radicals and environmental pollutants. Hyaluronic Acid is absorbed deep within the skin, providing moisture to the inner cells of the skin and giving the skin a smooth, young, and plumped appearance. Definitive, visible reduction in expression lines can be observed after four weeks of use.

Youth Xtend Protecting Cream

The Amway Artistry Protecting Cream has a multi-action formula that protects the skin from free radicals, oxidants, dehydration, and the effects of aging. This is a daytime cream that simultaneously acts as a sunscreen, providing SPF 15 broad-spectrum protection from UV rays. Thus, it prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by UV exposure.

It contains the antioxidant extract from African baobab fruit and other botanicals which keep the skin safe from environmental stressors. By repairing damaged skin cells and preventing future harm, the anti-aging cream revitalizes the skin. It also makes the skin look younger for a prolonged time by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Signature Select Firming Mask

Artistry’s Signature Select Firming Mask revitalizes the skin and makes it firmer and tighter. Its invigorating formula nourishes the skin and gives it a youthful look and feel. The pomegranate extract gives an antioxidant boost to the skin and renews aging, sagging skin. It contains exfoliating grains that remove the outer, dead layer of skin cells to reveal the inner, nourished skin layer.

The gel has a honey-like consistency and a bright red tint. It is cool and transparent when applied to the skin, and gains a creamy emulsion as it activates, tightening the skin. The dermatologist and allergy tested mask has a slight scent, featuring notes of green florals, red citrus, and woods.


Artistry is one of the best innovative cosmetics brands in the world that has over 400 product lines and a research and development team that includes over 900 scientific experts. The company covers a wide range of products and addresses skin concerns of every age, rare conditions, and diverse tones.