Learn About Victorinox Fragrances

Victorinox is a well-known knife manufacturer, making a name in the cutlery industry for their iconic and original Swiss Army knives. It can come as a surprise to some people that they don’t only create functional pocket knives, but also items such as travel gear, apparel, accessories like watches and its delicate fragrances and skin care products. 

Victorinox fragrances are unique and interestingly packaged – each scent is presented in a unique flacon or glass bottle that has a special symbolism. The fragrances were made in collaboration with world-renowned perfumers like Christophe Reynaud, Nathalie Lorson, Quentin Bisch, Fabrice Pellegrin, Harry Fremont and Jean-Pierre Bethouart, among others. Fragrances for men include range of scents that are aromatic, aquatic, citrus, minty, herbal and oriental/woody. Meanwhile, fragrances for women comprises of floral, fruity, soft floral and powdery/musk scents.

The earliest edition of Victorinox fragrance was the Swiss Army Classic, which was launched in 1997. The company still continues to expand their product offerings. Their perfumery business started bloom in 2005 when they started to capture the spirit of Switzerland in scents. It seems like sticking to their roots has always brought success to the company.

Check out these fragrances from Victorinox

For Men

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Victorinox Swiss Army Classic
Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude
Victorinox Swiss Army Mountain Water
Victorinox Swiss Unlimited
Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Energy
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Sport 
Victorinox Swiss Army Rock
Victorinox Swiss Army Steel

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic

As mentioned earlier, this eau de toilette is launched in 1997. Swiss Army Classic is Victorinox’s best-selling men’s fragrance that sells more than 1.4 million units every ear. This is a 100 mL fragrance that is packaged in a brushed metallic quiver, inspired by the small bowls of canteen food used by the Swiss army soldiers.

The scent of the fragrance features the essence of the Swiss Alps. It has citrus and spicy notes rounded off with amber, lavender, geranium and cypress. It’s a trusted and timeless masculine fragrance.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude

Released in 2001, Swiss Army Altitude is an invigorating eau de toilette. It emphasizes the power and energy from the Swiss mountains, and the scent is inspired from a blast of crystal clear alpine air.  It comes in frosted black bottle that is inspired by the small oxygen tanks used by Swiss soldiers when they were scaling great heights.

This fragrance features a fresh and woody refined fragrance with a tingling sensual base of wood and musk, and a hint of Virginia cedar, coriander, juniper berries, sage, mint and galbanum.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Mountain Water

Launched by Victorinox in 2008, Swiss Army Mountain Water captures the icy freshness of water from the Swiss Alps. The launch of this fragrance was supported by a visual campaign that shows ads with a man climbing an imposing glacier, along with the tagline “The Swiss Way of Freshness.” This eau de toilette is presented in an intense blue bottle, inspired by the crystal clear blue waters of the mountains.

Featuring a distinctive masculine fragrance for an outdoorsy man, this fragrance has notes of black pepper and cool mint, with a base of sage, rosemary and patchouli.

4. Victorinox Swiss Unlimited

Victorinox Swiss Unlimited is a eau de toilette that captures the feeling you get every time you forge a path to the unknown, be it a new mountain trail or a new city. In short, it captures the essence of freedom, which is why it is named “unlimited.” It is launched by Victorinox in 2009.

This fragrance features a woody, aromatic fragrance with notes of cinnamon, lavender and absinthe, with a base of amber, musk, silver fit and patchouli. The scent is also has the hint of cassis, mint, liquor and bergamot.

5. Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Energy

Featuring a minty scent, Swiss Unlimited Energy is perfect for today’s sportsman. Launched in 2013, this fragrance captures the essence of the refreshing splash of water hitting your face when riding on the perfect wave. It’s packaged in a high-grade, soft-touch bottle with a carabiner hook on the side.

To bring freshness, this eau de toilette has notes of mint leaf, grapefruit and violet leaf, with a base of amber, musk and cedar. It has notes of absinthe, nutmeg and lavender.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Sport 

Launched in 2014, Swiss Army Classic Sport is an aromatic fougere fragrance designed with an athlete in mind. This eau de toilette has a light, fresh and invigorating fragrance to capture the feeling you get every time you seek your next sporty adventure. It comes in a soft-touch glass flacon with a carry-with-you orange drawstring bag. 

The top notes in this fragrance includes the fruity scents of yuzu and green apple, plus coriander leaves; then layered with a heart of rosemary, lavender and aquatic notes. This has white musk, white amber and cedar wood as base.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Rock

The Swiss Army Rock is the only oriental scent manufactured by Victorinox. Released in 2015, this eau de toilette is designed for sophisticated men with modern, urban lifestyle. It’s perfect for men who love spending time outdoors. The fragrance is packed in a stone gray bottle, with a solid cross and shield emblem in real steel.

This fragrance has a vibrant, spicy and woody scent that evokes a sense of adventure. It has hints of Artemisia, cumin and lavender, with a base of leather, patchouli and benzoin. It has a heart of cedarwood, incense and nutmeg, which gives it the woody element.

8. Victorinox Swiss Army Steel

Swiss Army Steel perfectly captures the essence of the modern man. Launched in 2018, this eau de toilette is inspired by strength of steel itself. It has a bold and square-shaped flacon that features the Victorinox’s iconic cross and shield emblem crafted with refined steel.

It’s an aromatic aquatic fragrance that fuses aquatic notes with a charismatic twist, featuring notes of violet leaf, lavender, sea notes, moss and cedar.  

For Women

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Victorinox Swiss Army For Her
Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria
Victorinox Ella
Victorinox Swiss Army Mystique Forest
Victorinox Swiss Army Eau Florale

1. Victorinox Swiss Army For Her

The first Swiss Army fragrance for women, Swiss Army For Her was released in 2002. This eau de toilette has a warm, floral and long-lasting fragrance that smells elegant and fits any woman’s sophisticated taste. This fragrance is presented in a red glass flacon with a metal cap, inspired by the trademark color and appearance of a traditional Swiss Army knife.

This fragrance lets you bloom with confidence, as its fresh scent combines the scent of peonies, lily of the valley, musk and soft woods, topped with a note of ginger.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria

Introduced in 2012, Swiss Army Victoria is one of the few understated fragrances for women. It’s a feminine yet down-to-earth woodsy fragrance that is soft and timeless. The scent is mindfully packaged in a white bottle inspired by the insignia of the Swiss Army generals. Fun fact: Victoria is the name of the mother of Victorinox’s founder, in whom the company was named after.

This is a woody fragrance with a sweet and summery notes of freesia, plum and blackcurrant, while lily of the valley, viola and Bulgarian rose adds a feminine flair. The sandalwood, cedar leaf and white musk base adds a fresh note.

3. Victorinox Ella

A fragrance of unchartered territories, Victorinox Ella captures the essence of that exciting first trip to a foreign country. It’s an oriental fruity eau de toilette presented in a glass bottle with a lovely purple soft-touch sleeve with a built-in makeup mirror. Take note, this is also an award-winning scent for Victorinox, as it received 3 World Star Awards in 2016.

This fragrance, which was launched in 2014, is a romantic blend of fruits, flowers and spices such as kumquat, litchi, fig tree leaves, ginger, tuberose and osmanthus. It comes with base notes of rosewood, amber and vanilla.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Mystique Forest

A woody aromatic fragrance, Swiss Army Mystique Forest is the perfect signature scent if you’re looking for something light and fresh. It captures the essence of the forest experience, where you smell the fragrance of woodlands and meadows. It is presented in a beautiful green bottle with a wooden cap and base. This eau de toilette scent was launched in 2014.

To capture the scent of the forest, this eau de toilette features the scents from fig tree leaf, lemon, apple wood, cardamom, oak, carrot seed and magnolia. It has base notes of moss and vetiver.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Eau Florale

A joyfully feminine eau de toilette, Swiss Army Eau Florale is especially designed for the modern, playful woman. It is softly floral, yet fresh and inspired by nature. The fragrance is presented in a soft-colored flacon with ultrafine vaporization, with a detachable chiffon flower that can be worn as a scented ring.

This fragrance features a beautiful blend of florals that harmonizes with woody base notes of cedarwood, white musk and cashmeran wood. In the heart of the fragrance, you can smell the freshness of peony, violet and jasmine petals, topped with the fruity goodness of peach, pink grapefruit, mandarin and blackcurrant.