Know Your Fedoras

Fedora hats were once very popular among fashionable women; they would not leave the house without one. Though this is a popular men’s accessory, many fashion designers and brands are also advocating Fedora hats for women due to the retro vibe and style trends. If you’re thinking about wearing hats to add a new depth to your look, you should be familiar with Fedora hats.

What Is a Fedora?

A fedora hat has a soft brim and an indented crown that typically measures two and a half inches in circumference. Typically, the lengthwise-creased tops have a pinch near the front. Some crowns have a ribbon band at the base.

Fedoras became popular among dapper men in the early 20th century. They were a sort of status symbol. Although, it was a woman who popularized the fedora.

The Fedora’s Brief History

A woman inspired the fedora hat; the style was inspired by Victorien Sardou’s play, aptly titled “Fédora.” Women’s fedoras became popular after stage actress Sarah Bernhardt sported the felt piece in her role as Fédora Romanoff. Later, the fedora hat became a favorite fashion accessory of the gangster-ridden Prohibition era, and women’s fedora hats fell out of favor.

Types of Fedora Hats


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Fedoras are highly fashionable and functional for almost any occasion. There are so many different types and color options available online and in the market that it would be challenging to choose just one. Here are some examples of Fedora hats to help you decide:

Felt Fedoras

Most fedoras are identified by the material from which they are made. Felt fedoras, made from wool or animal fur felts, are among the most popular. Fedora felt is typically made of wool but can also be made of beaver fur or softer, more expensive furs such as chinchilla.

Straw Fedoras

Another type of fedora hat is the straw fedora. These fedoras are typically worn to sporting events or in the summer. However, depending on the type of straw used, they can be very formal and worn for upscale events such as outdoor weddings or horse races.

Short Brim and Wide Brim Fedoras

Fedoras are divided into two types based on their width: regular and wide brim. A fedora with a wide brim is one with a brim wider than four inches and widths of ten inches or more. These hats are uncommon and are sometimes regarded as floppy brim hats.

Formal and Dress Fedora Hats

Dress fedora hats typically have an unmistakably upscale style. The sheen on the surface and overall appearance is very detailed and refined.

The formal fedora is typically made of supple fur felt, such as beaver felt, but it can also be wool felt. These formal hats are usually made with grosgrain ribbons and have a center dent, round crown, or pinched front with superficial side dents.

Casual Fedoras

You can wear a casual fedora to almost any event or daily as it’s typically made of felt (usually wool), leather, straw, or cloth. There are wide and short brim styles, round crowns, and pinched shapes.

Selecting the Best Fedora

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Let’s start with some pointers for selecting a fedora hat that fits your style:


Even before you look at fedora hats in an online or offline store, you must know your hat size, which requires you to know your measurements and consult the hat size chart.


You can wear fedora hats for a variety of occasions. As a result, you must regard the fedora style you are considering, which can be broadly classified as fancy or casual. Casual fedoras have leather straps, whereas fancy ones have fur.


When it comes to fedoras, the shape is everything. The fedora hats come in a variety of side dents and brim sizes.

Women should consider their face shape when making their selection. Fedora hats come in a variety of shapes to accommodate various face shapes.

Accents and Color

When selecting fedora hats, consider the color tone and which ones will go strongest with the dresses you intend to pair them with. The idea is to have the color of your fedora hat accent or enhance the shades or color of your outfit. In general, black fedoras complement any outfit.


When you are at ease in a particular outfit, you automatically look great in it. The same can be said for the hats. Wearing the hats should make you feel completely at ease and confident.

The hat should ideally sit above the center of the forehead and just above your ears. It should not be large enough to fall over your brow.

Wearing Fedora Hats


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Classic fedoras are typically worn in gray, black, ivory, or tan. However, you can select from a wide range of collections if you prefer bold patterns and bright colors. Colorful fedoras are ideal for breaking up monochrome outfits and modernizing the classic look.

Try styling your hair to complement your fedora. You can keep your hair down or wear it in a ponytail and get creative.

Consider a Boho-inspired side braid or a graceful low-side chignon for a more sophisticated appearance. You can even wear a fedora with a curly or short pixie hairstyle.

For a night out, add a splash of color to your fedora. For example, the Pantone color trend, ‘Veri Peri,’ looks great with a black or steel gray fedora. Your fedora’s bright blue-purple accent, paired with the Little Black Dress or a chic cocktail dress, will undoubtedly be a sophisticated show stopper!

Wear your fedora with black ripped jeans and a long, oversized crochet jacket for a “cool” look.  You’ll render a fashion statement on a lunch date with your girl gang if you pair it with a large fedora in the nude shade and a chunky neck piece.

Wear a fedora hat to the office with black palazzo pants and a crisp white top for a more sophisticated look. Is it too simple? Throw on a rich velvet jacket for a professional yet understated look!

Your fedora will look fantastic with an oversized pink coat and cuffed denim pants. Go out in style this spring, and you’ll be the center of attention. Finally, turn heads at your office party by wearing a stunning plum or pink fedora with an all-gray ensemble.