Know Your Dad Hats

Yes, you read that correctly! Dad hats are back in style. The trend of the baseball cap’s more middle-aged has recently returned with a vengeance. Everyone, including their father, is dressed in baseball caps with various outfits.

But why are dad hats so popular, and who got everybody back on board? We have every answer, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about finding the best dad hats for your style.

What Is a Dad Hat?

Before we get into why dad caps are so popular, you must know what dad hats are. Dad hats are similar to baseball caps in some ways. They do, however, differ slightly.

Dad hats are six-panel baseball caps with unstructured front panels and a simple logo. Canvas or cotton is commonly used to make pre-curved brim caps. These materials contribute to the hats’ relaxed and floppy fit.

If there’s one thing dads are known for, it’s their dubious fashion sense (and their awful dad jokes). Hat designers made dad hats to complement rather than match outfits.

Where Did Dad Hats Originate?

Players have worn baseball hats since the game’s inception. They could originally wear any brimmed hat style as long as it managed to keep the sun out of their eyes. Hat styles evolved alongside the sport.

That is until they agreed on the baseball cap style we now know and love. Dad hats first appeared in the 1970s, when people began wearing 6-panel baseball caps off the field. Because of their popularity among middle-aged men, they were given the name “dad hats.”

After ten years, baseball caps were associated with rap and hip-hop groups. Of course, it must be cool if your favorite singer is wearing baseball caps. This association grew even stronger with the popularity of snapbacks and baseball caps, and everyone soon owned a 6-panel hat.

What’s the Difference Between a Snapback and a Dad Hat?

With so many cap styles available, it’s no surprise that one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers is about the distinction between dad hats and snapbacks. A dad hat is a 5-panel (typically) baseball cap with a slightly curved (pre-curved) brim, whereas a snapback has 6-panels and a flat brim. Both are intended to be one-size-fits-all garments with a back adjustment strap.

These are the primary distinctions between the two.


The brim of a snapback is wide and flat, whereas the brim of a dad hat is round and pre-shaped.

Angle and Front Panel

a young male security guard wearing a dad hat standing at the entrance

The front panel of a snapback is pre-shaped, hard, and almost at a ninety-degree angle, making it perfect for large designs that have to be highly visible. On the other hand, d ad hats have softer front panels angled backward.


Because of the larger front panel, snapbacks have a more “in your face” style, whereas dad hats are more subtle with a fitted feel and look.

Purchasing Dad Hats

A dad hat is a classic men’s fashion accessory. They’re available in various styles, colors, and themes. Dad hats have become a fashion staple, with many men sporting them at the beach, the gym, and other outdoor or leisure events.

Dad hats are designed to give you a laid-back appearance, and they go well with jeans, sweatpants, or other casual styles that match the hat’s style. Because it is designed to protect from the sun and other weather conditions such as rain, you can wear this versatile fashion accessory in any season.

Finding dad hats that allow you to express your style while remaining affordable is not difficult. When purchasing dad hats on a budget, you only need to consider a few factors. The following will help you choose the best dad hat for you.

Hat Dimensions

Each brand has different hat sizes; however, some brands offer cheap dad hats specifically adapted for larger heads. When selecting a cheap dad hat, remember that it must fit your head’s circumference.

Measure your head’s circumference above the ears and brows with a tape measure to determine your size. Furthermore, dad hats have an adjustable closure that allows you to customize the fit.

Select the Material


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Cotton, canvas, wool, polyester, or linen are common materials for dad hats. Cotton is a good material to choose if you want a hat that keeps you cool while protecting your head from the sun.

A wool hat will warm you up and make you look fantastic in the winter. Acrylic hats are typically the least expensive and also the most sun-resistant.

You can add to your collection of dad hats by purchasing caps made of various materials. Also, remember that the material you pick will affect the hat’s durability.

Breathable eyelets on dad hats allow for maximum breathability and airflow. This is a significant aspect when purchasing dad hats for outdoor activities.


Next, decide on the color of the dad hat you are most comfortable wearing. Dad hats are available in various colors, so you can mix and match or choose a color that complements your outfit.

If you’re unsure what color to wear, stick to neutral and simple colors like navy, black, and gray, which often complement most outfits. When purchasing a low-cost dad hat, pick a color that complements your everyday attire.


a side view photo of a man wearing a dad hat

You should also consider the design of the hat. Some hats include phrases or images, and you must select a design based on your preferences.

Select a graphic that reflects your personality. For example, if you’re an outspoken type, you might want a cap with an embroidered graphic or logo that reflects your true style. If you prefer to dress conservatively, a hat with a colorful print or logo may not be the right choice for you. 

You can accomplish anything if you have the confidence to do so because hats are a simple accessory. And just like silver jewelry, you should have no trouble wearing them.

Dad hats are a practical accessory for men’s fashion because they cater to function and form. They can be an excellent outdoor companion, letting you style your look from casual to fashionable.