Know Your Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats have been a big part of western lore since the days of spaghetti westerns, early movies, and everything in between. While the wide-brimmed hat is an important part of North American history, it is now mostly worn as a symbol of the west by rodeo circuit participants, ranch workers, and some country musicians.

Despite its popularity during the cattle drive era in the late nineteenth century, the cowboy hat is still an essential part of many men’s and women’s fashion statements and wardrobes. This guide will share everything you need about this type of hat.


Manufacturer John Batterson Stetson created the first original cowboy hat. During the American Civil War in the mid-1860s, he developed and sold the first model, which was made of fine rabbit and beaver skins. The empire of cowboy hats begins here, ushering in a new western style that continues to this day.

Cowboy Hat Characteristics

Cowboy hats are now made with felt based on straw, leather, canvas, or even laminated, and sometimes leather, and are suitable for all seasons. The hair in a cowboy hat is primarily derived from rabbits, hares, and beavers.

They have a simple band inside for stability, and some even have strings at the crown’s base. Hats come in various colors, the most common of which are black, brown, and beige.

The main feature of a cowboy hat is its great crown and wide brim, which are structured to be modified by the person wearing them to adapt to special circumstances such as weather protection or fashion.

Types of Cowboy Hats


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You may believe a cowboy hat is simply a cowboy hat, but this is not true. Cowgirl and cowboy hats come in a variety of styles to suit every type of wearer, including:

The Stetson Hat

This is the most well-known type of cowboy hat. Its tall crown and broad brim distinguish it. It is made of felt or straw and is intended to keep the wearer safe from the elements.

A cowboy hat is a broad-brimmed, high-crowned hat worn by cowboys in the American West.

The Resistol Hat

The Resistol is a popular cowboy hat similar to the Stetson but with a slightly narrower brim. It is also made of straw or felt and provides sun and rain protection.

The Bailey Hat

This cowboy hat type has a shorter brim than the Resistol and Stetson but compensates with a higher crown. It is frequently made of straw or wool and is a popular pick for colder weather.

The Tony Lama Hat

The Tony Lama is a cowboy hat distinguished by its distinctive shape. It has a wide brim sloping downward in the back and front and a high, rounded crown. It’s typically made of wool or straw and is popular at rodeos and other cowboy activities.

The Cattleman Hat

The Cattleman is a cowboy hat with a broad brim and a flat, low crown. It is typically made of straw or felt and is frequently seen in Western films.

The Gambler Hat

This cowboy hat is distinguished by its tall, cylindrical crown and narrow brim. It is made of wool or straw and is frequently seen on card sharks and gamblers in old Western films.

The Cowboy Hat

a woman with braided hair wearing a straw cowboy hat at the farm

Cowboy hats are cowboy hats with a tall, rounded crown and a wide brim. It is the most common cowboy hat today and is typically made of straw or wool.

There are numerous types of cowboy hats to pick from. When deciding which is best for you, consider the activities you’ll be doing and the climate you’re planning to wear it in.

A straw hat is ideal for summer activities, whereas a wool hat will help keep you warm in the winter. Whatever cowboy hat you pick, you’ll look like a true Westerner!

How to Choose Your First Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats come in many styles; you don’t need to be a cowpoke to have one! Here are some pointers for purchasing your first cowboy hat.

Consider the Materials

Cowboy hats are made from various materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. The following are the most common materials:


This is the standard cowboy hat material, which is frequently associated with western fashion. Felt cowboy hats are usually water-resistant and long-lasting. However, they can be quite heavy, making them unsuitable for hot weather.


Straw cowboy hats are ideal for summer wear (check out these summer party fashion ideas!) because they’re lightweight. They also cost less than other cowboy hats. They are, however, less durable than felt or leather hats and may not withstand snow or rain.


Leather cowboy hats are fashionable and long-lasting. They also cost more than other cowboy hats.

Consider the Hat’s Fit

After you’ve chosen your hat, make certain that it fits properly. When selecting a cowboy hat, there are many factors to consider:


The top of the hat is where your head will rest. It should be snug around your head but not too tight or loose. Try on different sizes if possible until you’ve found one that feels most comfortable for extended periods (like a morning spent riding horses).


The cowboy hat’s bottom edge protects your face from raindrops falling from above and the sun! A general rule of thumb is to purchase a cowboy hat with a brim at least the width of your face.


In hot weather, a decent sweatband will help keep your head cool and absorb moisture. Check that the band is soft against the skin and doesn’t chafe.

Consider Your Face and Head Shape

Cowboy hats do not suit every face shape. If your head is round or oval, look for one with a more angular brim. If you have a rectangular or square head, look for a hat with a more curved brim.

The cowboy hat has undeniably grown in popularity and is worn for various reasons. Whether for fashion, work, weather, or custom, the culture it represents and its unique style make its use borderless, and thousands of notable figures use it. We hope you find this cowboy hat guide useful for future hat purchases.