Is Harry Potter Style a Thing?

Nothing makes muggles happier than escaping into the magnificent magical land of the Harry Potter books and films. Whether you identify as a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or even Slytherin, you can’t dispute that the characters in this beloved series have style.

So, is Harry Potter style a thing? Yes. The Harry Potter book series introduced a new style in which people (usually fans) dress as Hogwarts students.

Students at Hogwarts, like other students, are required to wear a school uniform (except on their days off). If you are a “Hogwarts student” or want to appear like one, this is the article for you.

Here’s how you can dress yourself up Harry Potter style.

Choose Your House

Hogwarts in Universal Studios Japan, trees

Take an online quiz or pick one whose characteristics you admire. At Hogwarts, every student has a house to which they belong, so be sure you choose one first. Every house has its colors, which influence the uniform hues.

Red and gold are Gryffindor’s colors, green and silver are Slytherin’s, and black and yellow are Hufflepuff’s. Ravenclaw’s colors alter between the book and the film — they’re blue and bronze in the novel but blue and silver in the film.

Although it may be tempting, avoid selecting a house only based on its color scheme; other Harry Potter fans may assess your character based on your choice of residence. This is supposed you would like a house-specific uniform.

Students do not have various uniforms in the texts. They’re all dressed in basic black robes, and it appears that wearing some clothing below is optional. If you follow this way, you’ll only need a hat and a robe, but it’ll be more difficult to determine that you’re a Hogwarts student.

Acquire the Common Clothes

someone dressed up like a Harry Potter character holding a magic broom

Because the Hogwarts uniform comprises so many different parts, almost all of the little features are optional because they would be impossible to notice if they were missing. Take your time and be as detailed as you want with this.

Remember that the internet is your friend if you have trouble finding some of these goods in stores. You can find the following products in a typical clothing store:

  • A white, plain button-up shirt
  • Tights or stockings in black (with skirt)
  • A cardigan, a sleeveless sweater vest, or a dark gray knitted v-neck sweater (with optional house color detailing on the waist and cuffs)
  • Dark gray trousers or a knee-length skirt
  • Dark gray socks
  • Black shoes

Procure the Robe

Searching for a Hogwarts robe online is the most convenient option. It can be pretty pricey if you like a genuine heavy-duty one, but you can have a lower-quality one for under $25.

If you want it to appear more professional than a Halloween costume but don’t want to waste a hundred dollars on it, you could get a black robe that isn’t related to Harry Potter and alter it with sewing. You can also purchase house patches to put onto robes.

If you have a decent amount of time and sewing, you may try making your own from scratch.

Gather the Accessories

Harry Potter costume accessories

It’s time to accessorize now that you’ve completed the primary pieces of the costume. (Again, you’ll almost certainly need to use a search tool.)

Household Ties

Your house tie is the first thing you’ll need. A house tie (striped red and gold, yellow and black, green and silver, or blue and bronze/silver, depending on which house you’re in) can be purchased for anywhere from $7 and $130. 

Please don’t spend all of your money on a tie. Use your best judgment, look at what other people say about the same product, and don’t spend all of your money on a tie. Because it will be hidden beneath your vest, only the section near your neck will be visible.

Black Hat

Your pointed black hat is the second item you’ll require. Fortunately, the hats aren’t all specifically colored, and you may find a cheap black witch hat in stores around Halloween or online during other times of the year.


Your wand is the third item. Of course, the wand won’t do any magic, but it can make it look like it does!

You can obtain a wand in one of two ways. Option one is to buy a wand, while option two is to construct your own Harry Potter wand. The second alternative requires more effort, but it is also more enjoyable (and less expensive).

Everyday Outfits Inspired by Harry Potter

Halloween isn’t every day, and going about your regular life in a wizard’s robe and loafers isn’t practical. Here are a few ways to incorporate “Harry Potter” into your everyday wardrobe without seeming like you’re wearing a costume.


Glasses are a cornerstone of preppy design and can be readily incorporated into any outfit. Suppose you don’t want to wear non-functional fake glasses. In that case, blue-light glasses are a terrific alternative that can safeguard your eyes while also allowing you to dress up as characters from your favorite movies (talk about win-win here). 

As you return to a new semester, now might be the ideal moment to invest in a pair and integrate them into your daily look.


One of the simplest ways to improve your wardrobe is to add accessories. To stay loyal to the iconic “Harry Potter” style, choose preppy prints like pinstripe, argyle, plaid, or tartan for the headband. You can also use a thin corduroy or satin headband in the color of your hair if you would like it to be even more subtle!

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts are a must-have in any uniform since they quickly elevate an appearance and make it more preppy. In reality, this is suitable for every type of weather. A pristine big white shirt can be worn as a cover-up or light jacket in the summer; in the winter, a thicker plaid or tweed overshirt can be used instead. 

Finally, layering collared shirts under cotton sweatshirts or cable-knit sweaters is a terrific way to add a touch of preppy without sacrificing warmth!

Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts are a terrific essential item that may make an outfit more preppy and are inspired by uniform skirts. When shopping for skirts, choose ones with wider pleats for a more structured style. 

Additionally, consider traditional prints like plaid or argyle and solid colors like navy or white for a more toned-down version. Wear a hoodie over the skirt and match it with sneakers to dress it down even more.

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a “Harry Potter” character, here’s your chance! These basic pieces are all you need to add a little zest to your outfit without seeming like you’re heading to a Halloween party.

Now you know about the Harry Potter style, so the next would be the style of Helena Christensen.