Introduction to Mood Rings

Mood rings are rings that change colors based on the wearer’s moods or feelings. It was created by two New York inventors named Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats in 1975. They bonded liquid crystals with quartz stones set into rings. Initially, these rings were sold at $45 each for the silver ones and $250 each for the gold ones at Bonwit Teller. Since its creation, wearing mood rings has rapidly become a trend in the 1970s.

How Mood Rings Work

Mood rings are like specialized liquid thermometers that are wearable on the finger. They are usually designed with artificial gemstones that are commonly made of quartz or glass. These gemstones can either be a hollow glass shell filled with thermochromics liquid crystal, or they can be clear glass stones on top of thin sheets of liquid crystals.

The crystals that the ring contains are very sensitive and they can change position or twist according to temperature changes. Therefore, when the body changes its temperature, it causes the ring’s crystal to reflect different wavelengths of light which causes the stone to change its color. This means that every time your body will change its temperature, a different color will appear on the mood ring’s glass, and that color indicates the mood you are in at that particular time.

For instance, when your body’s temperature increases, the liquid crystal substance twists slightly in one direction. This movement will cause the liquid crystal substance to absorb more red and green colors of the visible light and it will reflect the blue part of the spectrum, making the ring display a dark blue color.

When your body’s temperature decreases, the molecules will then twist in the other direction, reflecting a different portion or color of the spectrum. Also, the liquid crystals used in mood rings are set up to display a neutral color which is green at the average human skin temperature that is 34 degrees Celsius.

Mood Ring Color Meanings

Mood rings are able to display different colors that indicates certain moods ranging from happy and romantic to stressful and angry. When you purchase a mood ring, it usually comes with a chart that will help you interpret the meanings or moods behind the colors being reflected. Here are some of the mood ring colors and their usual meanings.

  • Black: This color indicated that the wearer is stressed and tensed.
  • White: This means that the person wearing the ring is very frustrated, bored, or maybe confused.
  • Gray: The wearer is experiencing a little stress or anxiety and nervousness. The ring will reflect this color if someone is just beginning to feel stressed or uncomfortable. If the stress level increases, the mood ring will shift its color to black.
  • Brown: The wearer might be feeling an overwhelming sense of restlessness as well as anticipation.
  • Amber or Gold: When the wearer feels a range of emotions such as surprised, nervous, and upset at the same time, the mood ring will change to an amber color.
  • Yellow: This color means the wearer is feeling creative and having many thoughts.
  • Pink: This color indicates uncertainly. It can also show a beginning of interest for something.
  • Orange: This means that the wearer feels the urge to try something new and exciting.
  • Red: This color means that the wearer’s heart rate is elevated. It is a sign of high energy, romantic passion, or fiery anger.
  • Green: This color indicates that the wearer is calm and comfortable or isn’t feeling any stress.
  • Blue Green: This color shows that the wearer is at peace. He is alert but relaxed.
  • Blue: This means that the wearer’s mood is fun and he is in a good place and his or her emotions are happy and social.
  • Dark Blue: This color signifies interest, love, and romance.
  • Purple: This color shows when the wearer feels that she knows her wants and is willing to go for it. It is a sign of purpose and genuine clarity.

Mood rings are wonderful pieces of jewelry and if they are taken positively, they might help you monitor how your mood changes with your daily activities. If you’re interested to buy one, here are some of the beautiful mood rings we can recommend.


1. Fun Jewels Elegant Mood Ring

This ring features a medium sized oval mood stone. The bezel size is 13mm in width by 18 mm in length. It also has an adjustable size, meaning, it will be able to fit any finger size. It comes with a color chart for you to know the moods each of its colors indicates. It is a great fashion accessory for women to wear especially on semi-formal events. It can also be a great gift because it comes with a nice gift box.

2. Color Changing Inspiration Mood Ring

This mood ring has a heart-shaped stone that women and girls will surely love. Its style will definitely add charm to your style. It also has an adjustable band, therefore, you don’t have to worry if it will fit you or not. It also comes with a free chain that you can use if you want to wear it as a bracelet or a ring sling.

3. Titanium Steel Mood Rings for Lovers

This is an adorable couple mood ring that lovers will love. For the men’s ring, the size ranges from 7 to 11, while the women’s ring has sizes from 5 to 9. These rings are made with high quality titanium steel, meaning, it will not fade. It is a great gift for couples and for your loved ones as well.

4. Ms. Iconic Vintage Style Mood Ring

If you’re into vintage style fashion, then you’ll surely love this mood ring. It is a vintage style and antique-colored ring that has a crown design. It features a 14mm round cabochon stone. Its band is also adjustable for a comfortable fit. Also, it comes in a hard box which is great especially if you want to give it as a gift.

5. Porteales Small Stacking Mood Ring in Sterling Silver

It is a sterling silver mood ring that is completely handmade. It comes with a 6mm mood stone and it can be worn or stack with other rings. It also comes with a card that explains each of the colors it shows. This is a high quality mood ring that comes with a guarantee. If it stops working, you can have the stones replaced. It is a simple but fashionable mood ring.

Mood rings are certainly amazing pieces of jewelry because they are able to tell how you are feeling based on your body’s temperature. Imagine if everyone wears a mood ring, you will be able to tell what mood they are in before you approach them.