Head Scarf Ideas for Beach and Pool

Back in the 70’s when Grace Kelly fashionably got snapped in her pink turban on Palm Beach, wearing a head scarf at the beach has become a popular accessory. It can be tricky to pull off the right look but adding a head scarf to your summer beach and pool outfit can make you stand out from the crowd.  If your curious about the terminology, you can often use the terms scarf, wrap and turban interchangeably.

There are many styles and variations of head scarves, wraps and turbans to choose from.  Some are even designed to protect your head and neck from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you want to try wearing one on your next trip to the beach or pool, we are here to help with a few ideas to get you started.

Where to Buy
Tonsee Women Lace Retro Turban Twist Head Wrap
Vintage Women Floral Printed Turban Hair Wrap
Olive Green Boho Chic Pre-Tied Head Scarf
Ordenado Elastic Turban Head Wrap
Ever Fairy Women Elastic Turban Head Wrap
Turban Hat Head Scarf
SUNNYTREE Pre Tied Bandana Scarf
Bohend Boho Bohemian Floral Headbands
PERSUN Womens Turban Hat
ShariRose Pre Tied Bandana Head Scarf
CHARM Casualbox Womens Head Scarf
Rayna Josephine Solid Color Head Wrap
Adjustable Silk Headband
Stars and Stripes Retro Wire Headbands

1. Tonsee Women Lace Retro Turban Twist Head Wrap

This turban style head wrap is made out of lace cloth. It’s very lightweight, you wouldn’t even notice that you have a head scarf on. It has a twisted front which gives it the illusion that it’s tied on your head. It will match your swimsuit and even your hippie summer outfit. It comes in seven different colors.

2. Vintage Women Floral Printed Turban Hair Wrap

If you want to channel the inner 50’s woman in you while you’re on your beach vacation, this turban head scarf is the right one for you. This is an adjustable cotton turban that has an aluminium wire inside to make it fit nicely on your head. It has three different vintage themed designs that would go perfectly with a classic one-piece swimsuit.

3. Olive Green Boho Chic Pre-Tied Head Scarf

Channel your inner bohemian fashion style with this pre-tied head scarf. You can wear this head scarf if you want to stay under the sun a little longer because it is designed to completely wrap your whole head which means it can protect your head from the sun. It also has a lace accent and a handmade buckle design that makes it look prettier. It goes well with your knitted cover ups and nude toned bikinis.

4. Ordenado Elastic Turban Head Wrap

This turban head wrap is made out of cotton and spandex fiber that is soft, stretchy and comfortable. Because of its elastic texture, this turban fits almost all head size. This comes in pack of four on Amazon and has four different floral designs per pack. This turban head wrap is perfect with your vibrant colored bikinis and summer dresses.

5. Ever Fairy Women Elastic Turban Head Wrap

Unlike the Ordenado head turban that you wear above your head, this Ever Fairy turban head wrap is designed to be worn around your head. This lightweight, elastic turban head wrap will give you that hipster look as you pair it with your floral bikinis and kimono styled cover up. It also comes in pack of four with different light solid colors. It has a front twisted style that looks like it’s tied around your head.

6. Turban Hat Head Scarf

This gorgeous head scarf will bring out your sophisticated side because of its classic laced floral design. It has a stretchy and breathable fabric that makes it perfect for the hot and sunny weather. This turban has a Velcro lock which means it will be able to exactly fit on your head to ensure the stability of the product.

7. SUNNYTREE Pre Tied Bandana Scarf

This chic, elegant, and fashionable square scarf can make your summer outfit stand out. This square scarf comes in different vibrantly designed patterns. It’s not only a bandana and a head scarf, this product is designed for cancer patients, but anyone can wear them. This is available on Amazon with a one hundred percent money back guarantee.

8. Bohend Boho Bohemian Floral Headbands

The pastel hues of this headband makes this the perfect must have accessory for your summer ensemble. This bohemian designed headband is made of stretchable fabric for a comfortable fit. It is perfect for your sun dress, bikinis and kaftan cover ups.

9. PERSUN Womens Turban Hat

This turban hat gives you that vintage vibe. This will go well with your classic one-piece bathing suit. It looks like it’s wrapped on your head and has a fitting appearance. You can pick from fifteen different colors on Amazon.

10. ShariRose Pre Tied Bandana Head Scarf

This gorgeous pre-tied bandana head scarf can make your summer outfit Instagram ready. It comes with a long tie that can be tied in various ways. It can be braided, wrapped around your head. This product can make you look like a gorgeous gypsy on a holiday. Pair it with your Aztec printed swimsuit and a cover up with tassels and you will be able to pull off the look.

11. CHARM Casualbox Womens Head Scarf

This headband scarf will give you that 60’s aura. It has an elastic rear that allows you to fit it around your ahead. It also has fashionable tassels that you can tie or let loose. You can choose from ten different colors that will go well with your one-piece swimsuit and soft knit cover up.

12. Rayna Josephine Solid Color Head Wrap

This head wrap is perfect for girls with big hairs because this product allows a full coverage of your head no matter how long or thick your hair is. It also allows you to style it in different ways because of its extra-long and wide fabric. It has soft, lightweight, and stretchable fabric helps the head wrap to stay in place. It is easy to style and tie. You can pair it with your favorite bikini or summer outfit and you will look effortlessly gorgeous.

13. Adjustable Silk Headband

You will be in love with this turban style head wrap because of its gorgeous floral prints.  Its elastic fabric will not only keep your hair in place but it will also absorb sweat making it perfect to wear while walking on the beach.  You can get 6 pieces in one purchase and they come in assorted designs.

14. STHUAHE Hair Band

This hair band is wrapped in a pre-tied floral cloth that gives the impression that you are wearing a tied scarf. It has cute floral designs that easily go with any outfit. Since this is a hair band, you won’t have to worry about putting it on. You can also pair this with any of your bikinis or summer outfit because it comes in different designs in a pack of three.

15. Stars and Stripes Retro Wire Headbands

These pre-tied wired headbands will make you feel a little more patriotic because it has the stars and stripes design. This wired headband comes in a pack of three and each has different style, such as the bowknot, twist, and bunny ears. It will make your summer outfit look fabulous any day.

These are our best recommendations for head scarves. Picking a gorgeous but comfortable head scarf is one of the important things to remember if you want to have your summer outfit fashionable and Instagram ready. We hope this will help you find the right head scarf that will fit your personality and style.