Handbags for the Office and Long Commutes

The chances are you have a long commute if you live in a big city or perhaps out past the suburbs. Many work centers are located in a commercial area, while an employee may have to live further away due to housing costs. Whatever the reason for your commute, you will need a suitable handbag to help you carry everything around.

Traveling a long distance to the office would require a larger and more accommodating handbag than usual. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular options available today:

Where to Buy
Dasein Women's Handbag
Ibagbar Vintage Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag
DTBG Laptop Tote Bag
Michael Kors Women's Large Savannah Satchel
Angelina's Palace Tote Bag
Lipault - Ines De La Fressange Reporter Bag
LOYOMA Geometric Luminous Purse
L’Alpina Genuine Leather Handbags For Women
Kattee Women's Soft Leather 3-Way Satchel
Bellemonde Expandable Travel Tote Bag


1. Dasein Women’s Handbag

This handbag is large enough to carry a laptop to work in addition to all other essentials. It comes in several colors and even striped designs to suit everyone’s taste. You may choose to get pink stripes, or a more professional-looking Black, Coffee, or Beige. The PU leather is the vegan variety, which would suit those following such a lifestyle.

There’s a faux leather shoulder strap available, which would help to carry the bag easily. The interior is fully lined and equipped with several kinds of pockets. You may choose to tuck away some valuable and leave the necessities in the open-top pockets.

2. Ibagbar Vintage Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag

This bag is a bit on the small side, so you may not be able to fit a large laptop inside. If that isn’t an issue, this is a convenient option for carrying your other essentials in a travel-friendly manner. There are no less than five pockets, all with zippers of genuine leather. This would make sure everything stays secured inside.

What’s more, the strap is adjustable according to your comfort, height, or any other requirement. If it gets stained or dirty, the material is washable and easy to clean.

3. DTBG Laptop Tote Bag

This tote bag was specially made to carry your large laptop on those long subway commutes. With this bag on hand, you can easily take your laptop to the office and get some work done both ways. It’s available in several classy colors like Green and Gray, or a dotted print that still suitable for the office.

The bag’s design is lightweight thanks to the high quality of nylon material. This ensures that everything inside stays safe from any rain, damp, or inadvertent spills. The separate compartments for power banks, notebooks, and laptops would enable you to organize everything in a large space.

4. Michael Kors Women’s Large Savannah Satchel

This satchel from the well-known brand is made from Saffiano leather, ensuring a durable experience. There are magnetic closures on the top which are easier to handle than straps and buckles. The interior of this bag would please many commuters since there are no less than 9 pockets along with a large zippered compartment in the very middle.

The shoulder strap for this bag is adjustable and pairs well with the rolled handles for easy carrying. If you only prefer the handles, the strap can be removed. Many reviewers are happy with the way this purse seems even better than in the pictures online.

5. Angelina’s Palace Tote Bag

This handbag comes in several color options, including Black, Bran, Denim, and Pearl Gray. All are suitable for a trip to the office and back. The bag itself has large leather handles which allow it to carry heavy burdens. However, the weight of the bag is just 1.6 lbs because of the lightweight and odor-free leather used.

One unique and attractive feature of this bag is that it comes with an insert that has several useful pockets. The insert is removable, which allows you to use the bag for multiple purposes. If there’s a spill inside the bag, you can simply remove the insert and use the large capacity tote.

6. Lipault – Ines De La Fressange Reporter Bag

This reporter bag is designed to safely carry all your necessary electronic devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets. The shoulder strap is removable, making it easy to carry in whichever way you prefer.

The most attractive features of bags in this line include the clean lines, bold colors, and minimalist design. This bag is not just highly convenient, but an immensely chic choice.

7. LOYOMA Geometric Luminous Purse

This is a large satchel-design bag that’s made from durable and smooth artificial leather. It also has a lined interior, which would make for easy cleanup and protection for your items. Inside you have one main compartment and one zipper pocket. This would allow you to slip in a tablet, a magazine, or whatever you need for your commute.

The strap is of a belt-like design and can easily clip on and off as you prefer. You may also choose to do without the strap and simply use the satchel as a handbag with short handles. The warranty would be sure to cover any replacement needs.

8. L’Alpina Genuine Leather Handbags For Women

This is a designer handbag for ladies. It may also be classified as a tote, a satchel, or a shoulder bag depending on your needs and preferences. The colors available are vivid and can be personalized to some extent. This bag is on the small size but has enough capacity and strength to be used every single day. It can fit a tablet, wallet, notebook, cosmetics, and several other essentials without coming apart.

The main material for this handbag is luxury leather. Many customer reviews have reported this item as being highly satisfactory. Since its straps are adjustable, you can also give this as a risk-free gift.

9. Kattee Women’s Soft Leather 3-Way Satchel

This tote handbag comes in a few neutral shades that would be perfect for office usage. It has rolled handles, a long strap that’s adjustable, and around three ways for carrying. The high-quality genuine leather is made from calfskin.

The bag is big enough to hold a 13.3-inch laptop, along with a change of clothing, your cell phone, and anything else you may need for an office commute. The quality material is sturdy enough to hold everything even on a rough train ride. The leather used is also soft enough to provide some level of expansion.

10. Bellemonde Expandable Travel Tote Bag

This large handbag is available in several colors that are suitable both for the office and for casual use. These include Buckhead Gold, Bermuda Green, and Sand. It’s a fashionable and versatile option that would carry whatever you need on your commute in a lightweight and stylish manner. It’s large enough to hold a laptop, work folders, personal cosmetics, planners, etc.

The Bellemonde bag is light enough to carry around easily, as it weighs only 22 ounces. The synthetic fiber is durable and would be able to resist water with the contrast-colored lining. Even the outer trim is made with vegan materials, so this would be a responsible option as well as a convenient one.


While all the bags discussed above are great for a daily commute, the Michael Kors Women’s Large Savannah Satchel seems to be a cut above the rest. The best one for you would depend on what you require most, but this Michael Kors provides everything in one package. It has a beautiful appearance, several pockets for all your carrying needs, and a known name behind it to assure you of its quality. Plus, there are sure to be several matching accessories from the same brand that is easily available.