Guide to Women’s Wallets

A wallet is one of the essential accessories for every woman. It’s where you store your important items. And like handbags, a wallet is where functionality meets aesthetics for a woman. It must be able to provide a lady’s storage needs while also expressing her style and status.

Almost all women are particular about their wallets, and it just makes sense because it’s something that we use every day. The standard definition of a wallet is a small, flat case used to store and carry personal and essential items such as IDs, credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and more. And women’s wallets are much more diverse than men’s, making the process of choosing the perfect wallet more difficult for a woman.

Here are some types of women’s wallets according to their layout and function:

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1. Bi-fold wallet

As the name suggests, a bi-fold wallet folds in half to make it smaller and easier to fit in a purse or even a pocket. Bi-fold wallets are often more associated with men’s wallets, as most of their wallets are of this type. However, some women prefer this traditional and straightforward wallet style with one long slot for cash and multiple slots of ID cards, credit cards, and receipts. It’s ideal for those who want a smaller wallet and don’t mind having their money folded. There are also bi-fold wallets that are large enough to prevent the folding of the currency and offer more space.

2. Tri-fold wallet

Tri-fold wallets are bigger, more spacious, and comes with three folds that fold over in the center. It has a major compartment for currencies, multiple slots for cards on the outer fold, and a long vertical slot in the center. Tri-fold wallets can hold a lot more than a regular bi-fold. It can be small and compact, but it can be large enough like a clutch wallet to keep the cash unfolded – this type offers even more storage.

3. Continental wallet

The continental wallet is the wallet you often see for women. It’s a long or large wallet that can store your unfolded cash, bills, checkbooks, and even your passports. This wallet layout offers diverse storage where any kind of paper doesn’t need to be folded. These wallets come with a couple of different compartments and slots for including coins and cards as well. Everything fits on here easily, and it’s convenient. However, it can seem too bulky for smaller clutches and purses. This is the reason why many continental wallets come with wrist handles or designed as a purse-like wallet that can be carried around on its own.

4. Clutch wallet

The clutch is a strapless woman’s purse that can be used to carry cash, cards, and other small personal items. However, most clutch wallets can be found in the form of a wristlet, as it includes wrist handles as well. Clutch wallets come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and it can be used as a mini bag organizer. It often has space for your smartphone as well. It’s usually carried as an accessory while dressed up for special occasions, but it can also be used every day.

5. Wristlet

A wristlet is a wallet, pouch, or coin purse that has a loop to go around the wrist. It gives a convenient way to carry all your essentials. It can also double as a bag organizer as well. When not used to carry money or cards, wristlets are often used as a makeup bag.

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6. Travel wallet

A travel wallet offers enough space for storing not just cards and cash but also a passport, boarding pass, plane tickets, pen, and phone in one place. Some travel wallets even hold 2-3 passports for storing even your family members’ passport. Great travel wallets have RFID blocking layers to make credit cards and passports impossible to scan, serving as a protection against identity theft.

7. Coin purse

Coins and change are not all welcome in a typical wallet. Though many wallets have coin slots, it can be too thin if you have a lot of coins with you. Having a separate coin purse is almost a need. It’s a perfect choice also for days when you prefer to travel light and don’t need much of your cards.

8. Card case

If you need to just carry cards for a quick trip to the store, gym, etc., a card case can be handy for you. It’s convenient because of its small size and organizational slots. A card case is designed for storing credit cards and IDs primarily, but it also usually features a compartment in which you can store folded cash. It’s ideal for travel and for people who prefer to carry small amounts of cash with them.

9. Money clip

Men usually use money clips, but there are money clips made for women as well. Most ladies are fine with carrying traditional wallets, but some just want something to store cash and credit cards compactly. This is where money clips play a role. You don’t want your cash and cards getting mixed up with other items in your pockets or in the pockets of your bag, and a money clip helps keep them organized and in place.

10. Slim wallet

If you want to keep it minimal, slim or thin wallets are available for your perusal. These wallets have a thinner profile than typical wallets, yet they are notable spacious despite its size. It’s designed to give as much space as a regular wallet while keeping it thin. Usually, the card slots can be readily accessed, and its designs are minimal – no flaps, no handles, no decorations attached. It can easily fit into your back and front pocket with ease.

11. Undercover wallet

This is the type of wallet you go for if you want to travel safely, especially if you’re carrying significant amounts of cash (or if you’re just done with pickpockets or tired of accidentally losing your wallet). Undercover wallets are designed to be hidden discreetly on the body underneath clothing. It attaches to the bra to provide security.