Guide to Women’s Wallets

A wallet is one of the essential accessories for every woman. It’s where you store your essential items. And like handbags, a wallet is where functionality meets aesthetics for a woman. It must be able to provide a lady’s storage needs while also expressing her style and status.

Almost all women are particular about their wallets, which makes sense because it’s something we use every day. The standard definition of a wallet is a small, flat case used to store and carry personal and essential items such as IDs, credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and more. Like most fashion items, women’s wallets are much more diverse than men’s, making the process of choosing the perfect wallet more difficult for a woman.

If you want to make an informed decision when it comes to buying wallets, this guide will help you.

Types of Wallets

A wallet is one of the few accessories that you tend to carry daily. It holds your cash and identity and shows a glimpse of your personality – whether you’re organized, messy, or always prepared. So, here are the types of wallets you may like to consider:

1. Bi-fold

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A bi-fold wallet folds in half and is easy to put in the pocket of your jeans. When unfolded, you can open the compartment for cash, and it comes with an array of extra slots for holding necessities like IDs, credit cards, driver’s licenses, photos, and more. This type of wallet is more common in men, but there are plenty of bi-fold wallet options also for women. While these wallets fall on the thick end of the spectrum, they still can fit into your purse easily, even if you have many items to store. It’s aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t compromise functionality in keeping your essentials neatly stored in a compact package.

2. Cardholder / ID wallet

Luxury craft business card holder case made of leather

As a versatile leather accessory, this wallet is your holy grail when you only need a few cards and some pocket change. It’s a small, thin wallet that’s convenient to bring anywhere, particularly if you’re going out with a small purse, like when going on a night out, a festival, or a sporting event. It’s a lot less bulky than a bifold wallet.

3. Clutch

Woman's hand holding purple purse

A clutch wallet, also called a purse, is a fashionable wallet option. It’s smaller than your average bag and is convenient to carry around your essentials in one tiny place. Clutches are typically designed for pairing with classy outfits, like weddings, prom, debut, evening drinks, dinner dates, etc. It can also hold more than cards and money – it usually has a space for your phone, keys, makeup, and tissues or wipes. Clutch bags can also come with a wristlet strap for easy carrying.

4. Zippered

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A zippered wallet comes with a zipper to safeguard the contents of your wallet better. This makes an ideal option if you’re usually clumsy and you need quick access to a secured wallet. It can be large (holding the cash without the need for folding) or small (you must fold your cash in half). Zippered wallets come with spacious compartments for banknotes, card slots, and a coin pocket.

5. Coin purse


As the name suggests, coin purses store coins and loose change. Some come with a few slots for storing cards. A coin purse with zips can be conveniently carried around if you’re carrying a small amount of cash and coins.

6. Money clip 

Money Clip & Credit Card

Women’s wallets are notorious for being unable to fit into pockets. Most women’s wallets are too big for the too-shallow and too-small pockets of women’s jeans and pants. The solution for keeping your cash and a few IDs with you in your pocket is to get a money clip. Designed to be slim, this handy product can hold a wad of banknotes in the middle. There are also some money clips with card and ID pockets. While this is technically not a wallet, it serves the same purpose.

7. Continental wallet

Getting money from wallet to pay the bill

Continental wallet, also known as the long or large wallet, offers optimum space for securing your essentials. It can hold cards, cash, checkbooks, passports, and more. With a continental wallet, you don’t have to rummage around in your bag looking for these things because it’s kept in one wallet.  

8. Tri-fold

Women's hand Using a credit card, she pulled the card out of her wallet

This type of wallet has three sections: two outer sides that fold horizontally and a middle part. What sets it apart is that it provides additional storage space compared to a bi-fold. It comes with a long slot for storing cash and multiple slots for storing cards and other necessities. The middle fold of this wallet sits right at the center. Most tri-fold wallets are designed to be slim because the storage area is already divided across more space, making it more convenient to carry around in your purse or pocket.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wallets for Women

Choosing the ideal wallet goes beyond exterior appearance. Here’s a breakdown of the essential aspects to consider when choosing a wallet to buy:

1. Material

Wallets are typically made of leather, and it’s the best material for one because it’s pleasant to touch, beautiful, and durable. If you want a classy-looking wallet, go for leather. Even faux leather can look elegant and expensive, but if it peels or gets damaged, the leather material cannot be repaired anymore.

Besides leather, you can find wallets made from nylon, polyester, and suede.

2. Purpose

Think about why you need a new wallet. If you need it to carry a little cash and cards, then it’s pointless to get a continental wallet. If you want your quarters organized, then get a wallet with a coin pocket. If you don’t want to carry a separate wallet when going out, then a clutch with space for your phone and keys would be a great choice.

3. Storage

Always check if the storage slots are just enough for your needs. Count the card slots and make sure it coincides with the number of IDs and debit or credit cards you want to store.

4. Construction and quality

Check the quality of the wallet and its constructions. Feel the material – does it feel durable enough? Also, check the stitching and the seams to avoid buying one with frayed stitches and edges (or something that looks like it will fray easily).

Keep your eyes peeled for narrow turnover since it can indicate a well-crafted weather wallet. When you run your fingertips to the edge, there must be no lip. Look out for round-stitched corners and avoid wallets with right-angled corners. Creasing from hot iron is a sign of excellent craftsmanship.

When it comes to leather wallets it has two different constructions:

  • Turned edge – It entails turning the edge of the wallet before stitching, producing a thin outcome. If you’re looking for a product that’s durable and easy on the eyes, then a turned-edge construction will be ideal. However, this quality construction comes with a steep price.
  • Cut edge – This type of construction comes with simultaneous stitching and cutting of the wallet, leaving the raw edge exposed. Sometimes, the edges are dressed with resin to enhance durability and deliver a more sophisticated look.

5. Color

Women’s wallets are available in more diverse colors than men’s, and the choice is completely up to your preference. You can go for the classic black or brown if you want a wallet that can pair with the majority of your wardrobe. You can also try color contrasting with your everyday bag. For instance, you can get a red wine wallet with the blue crossbody bag you bring daily to work.

6. Where you’ll carry the wallet

Identifying where you intend to carry your wallet will go a long way in narrowing down your search for the type of wallet you need. If you plan to carry it in your bag, you can choose a trifold or a continental wallet. But if you want something that can easily fit in your pocket, you may want a coin purse or just a money clip.

How you plan to carry the wallet is also a factor in determining the type of material in a wallet to consider. If you plan to mix in your other essentials inside, like your house or car keys, then choose a wallet made of sturdier options, like full-grain leather.

7. Budget

Quality comes with a price as with other things that can be bought. So if you want a wallet that will last for years, then be prepared to shell out a few hundred bucks for a quality leather wallet. But if your goal is to switch up your wallet frequently and has different ones according to the occasion, then there’s no need to buy an expensive one.

8. Wallet closures

Wallets have different closures, such as zippers, snaps, magnets, kiss locks, Velcro, and twist enclosures. A good closure can make a lot of difference for your security, peace of mind, and convenience whenever you’re opening and closing your wallet. Some closures will need both hands to open, while others don’t. Some are safer options than the rest. Choose your priority for a wallet before deciding on buying one.