Guide to Treating Dry and Cracked Feet

Dry and cracked feet are not only unsightly but also uncomfortable. A long winter can make the skin dry enough to crack like a fault line. But besides that, you may be experiencing this condition for a number of reasons. Maybe you fail to moisturize, or you stand on hard surfaces all day. You may probably be overweight. Or you may have medical reasons like eczema and athlete’s foot. Whatever the reason is, there are some of the care and treatments that can help soften and treat your cracking, dry foot:

1. Cleanse and moisturize your feet

Diligence in keeping your feet clean and moisturized will keep your feet softer and looking better. Wash your feet using a hydrating cleanser or a body wash that’s typically in cream or milk form to prevent skin from drying and moisturize the skin while it’s being cleansed.

Right after cleansing, apply a nourishing lotion while the skin is still damp from the bath or shower. After cleansing is the best time to moisturize your feet as it helps the skin to absorb the product quickly. Choose products that contain glycerin, shea butter, jojoba, vitamin E, oats or petrolatum as these ingredients are highly effective at preventing moisture loss.

2. Exfoliate

To prevent cracks on your feet, exfoliating is the key. Use a pumice stone to remove dead and dry skin and reveal softer layers of skin underneath. You can also use a safe foot file that doesn’t look like a cheese grater to avoid thick calluses and cracks. Once you’re done exfoliating the dry, cracked skin, Use a moisturizing lotion. The softer skin can absorb the moisturizer quicker and healthier than dry skin.

3. Wear socks made of natural materials

If you wear socks all day long and if you have dry skin on your feet, it can mean the bacteria that causes dry skin is transferred to the socks and vice versa. To prevent this from happening, choose socks that are clean, breathable, and are made from natural materials rather than synthetic blends. Materials like wool and cotton are more absorbent, and these moisture-wicking qualities are important during the winter. It can also cause your feet to not smell.

You can also use a gel moisturizing sock to help soothe dry skin, cracked heels, calluses and rough skin.
After applying moisturizer, wear the moisturizing sock for an at-home spa treatment. Wear this around the house or while sleeping during the night.

4. Seal deep cracks

If your heels are cracked and reached a point where they’re starting to bleed, it can be really painful. Liquid bandages can be effective in sealing up the cracks to ease the pain of walking on torn skin. These products help quickly cover cracked skin with a protective, flexible layer to seal and repair skin. And while it’s repairing the skin, it seals out dirt and germs, and locks in moisture.

5. Use treatments for cracked feet

In the market, you can find lots of products that are especially formulated to treat roughness and scaliness of dry feet and cracked heels. If your heels are drier than the rest of your feet, apply a spot treatment to your heels to moisturize better. Use moisturizers with urea and alpha hydroxyl acid. Or choose those products with petrolatum, hyaluronic acid and ceramides that work to hydrate, protect, and prevent moisture loss.

6. Create an oatmeal bath

You can soothe and moisturize your dry and cracked skin by making an oatmeal bath. There are lots of recipes online, and you probably have all the items needed to make the bath in your kitchen. If not, the ingredients can be easily grabbed online or from a local grocery store. Soak your feet in the oatmeal mixture with lukewarm water and relax. Then after 20 minutes, remove your feet and pat it with a clean towel. To lock in moisture, coat your feet with a hydrating lotion, olive oil or cocoa butter. Your ankles and feet must be smoother.

If you’re too lazy to mix ingredients, use a ready-made oatmeal bath for your convenience.

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7. Soak your feet in Epsom salt bath

Dry skin can be soothed with an Epsom salt bath. Purchase Epsom salt and mix it with warm water. Fill a foot tub with warm water and add ½ cup of Epsom salt, then soak your feet for up to 20 minutes. Afterwards, scrub the areas of your feet using a pumice stone, then soak it in Epsom salt and water for another 10 minutes. Dry your feet and moisturize. Do this every day for a softer and smoother feet.

8. Slather on coconut oil

Coconut oil has many purposes, and one application is for healing dry skin. Wash your feet before going to bed and slather on coconut oil. Put a pair of clean cotton socks to seal in moisture and protect your bedsheet from getting oily. Do this for several days until you’re happy with how your feet improved.