Guide to Large Beach and Pool Tote Bags

Beach tote bags are essential for keeping items such as sunscreen, hats, towels, sandals, and other necessities safe and organized. They are also a great way to have a convenient centralized container to transport all of these items wherever you go. 

Furthermore, beach and pool tote bags can provide added convenience since they often feature extra compartments that can quickly help you find what you need without having to rifle through the entire bag.

Things to Consider when Buying a Large Beach Tote Bag

A straw tote bag. 

When buying a beach or pool tote bag, there are several factors to take into consideration, such as the following:


Whether you’re planning a day at the beach or bringing towels and food to a pool party, a large beach and pool tote bag is essential for summertime fun. When choosing yours, make sure it has ample volume capacity. You want something roomy enough to carry everything you need but not so big it’s hard to carry comfortably or maneuver around tight spaces like sand dunes or cruise ship cabins.

Think about whether you’ll be carrying multiple items or will just be needing room for a small number of larger items such as blankets or towels. Doing so will help you determine exactly how big you require your bag to be.


When purchasing a large beach and pool tote bag, it is important to consider the bag design. Taking into account factors like material, shape, size, strength and pattern are all critical for a practical and aesthetic choice.


When purchasing a large beach and pool tote bag, it is important to consider the bag design. Taking into account factors like material, shape, size, strength and pattern are all critical for a practical and aesthetic choice.

Look for a material that is light in weight so you don’t feel bogged down when carrying it around in hot weather. Also, the material should be durable and able to withstand wear and tear from sand and water, since these bags will likely be exposed to both when used at the beach or pool.

Among the common materials that make the best beach bags are:


Canvas beach bags are the most recognizable and popular of all beach bag materials. They offer durability, style, and ease of cleaning after a long day by the seaside. Today there is a wide range of designs available incorporating everything from fine artwork to fun emblems and lettering. Unfortunately, canvas also falls short in one area: waterproofness. Be sure to check for waterproof options if you’re looking for an item that can withstand splashes, spills and rogue waves.


Polyester and nylon are two of the most popular materials when it comes to beach bags. Not only do they possess water-resistant abilities that help protect your belongings from unwanted sand, but these materials often have a long shelf life due to their durability. Polyester bags are further praised for their lightweight construction, as well as their vast selection of sizes and colors. Whether you’re headed out for a day under the sun or an unforgettable weekend by the shore, having a reliable and fashionable bag at your side will make all the difference.


Mesh bags are an incredibly useful, lightweight addition to any wardrobe. Not only do they hold a surprising amount of items, the mesh material allows you to easily see what you’ve packed while still keeping your belongings securely in place. The mesh is waterproof and easy to wipe down and wash, making it perfect for carrying food or beach outings. However, mesh bags are usually not recommended for keeping valuable items safe as anyone can look through them relatively easily.


Straw bags have the perfect combination of beauty, breathability, and ease of maintenance. This makes them the ideal choice for spring or summer days. The lightweight material allows for effortless carrying, whether you’re packing up for a beach outing or just taking a stroll around town. It also provides an absorbent layer that keeps out moisture and traps in your things’ freshness. But, be sure to de-sand your straw bag after each use – a simple swipe with a cloth will keep it looking pristine.

Number of Compartments

Compartments are an important consideration when choosing a beach tote bag as they can provide convenient, organized storage of personal items while allowing easy access when needed. Several models are available that offer divided compartments ideal for storing a cell phone, cosmetics, keys, or even snacks and beverages separately.

Furthermore, many compartments include secure closures like zippers or buttons to ensure that items stay safe inside the bag during transport.

A wise beach goer will ensure their chosen tote has enough compartments for them to stay organized and enjoy peace of mind throughout their outing.


Quality straps are essential in providing support and comfort while carrying the bag, especially as it can become quite heavy when packed with all of your beach necessities. This is especially true for extended walks along the shoreline or boardwalks. The right straps are just as important as finding the right size and shape of bag to easily transport your items back and forth.

Straps are not only important for comfort, but also play an essential role in how this accessory looks on your outfit. If you select a bag with thick straps, they should fit comfortably across your body so that you don’t have to worry about them slipping off or digging into your shoulders. Additionally, make sure the material used for straps complements the fabric of the bag, as this will help create a cohesive look overall.

Extra features

For added convenience and portability, some beach bags can be folded into an ultra-compact package that fits nicely into your luggage or backpack. Additionally, some feature separate wet bags that are perfect for keeping bathing suits away from the dry contents in the bag. Finally, if you want a convenient place to store a cool beverage on those hot days at the beach, consider a bag with insulated pockets or one with a built-in cooler.


By using durable beach and pool totes, you can make sure your belongings stay secure and accessible while enjoying yourself in the sun.