Guide to Lace-Up Belts

Lace-up belts may have originated as an undergarment, but they’ve become a very fashionable accessory in recent years. Similar to a real corset, the belt helps define the waist and gives a great deal of flair to a plain clothing. Read on for more information!

Selecting a Lace-up Belt

Different colors of lace- up belts

1. Consider the belt’s thickness.

Typically, corset belts have a width of around 6 to 7 inches (15 to 18 centimeters). If you are tall and skinny, you can try with styles that are even wider. If you have a short waist and additional weight in the middle, opt for thinner lace –up belts to produce a balanced silhouette. Some lacing-up belts are so broad that their width ends just below the breasts. They fit best on individuals with naturally tiny waists.

2. Pay close attention to the hue.

The hue of a lacing-up belt might impact its appearance on the body. If you are slim and have a small waist, you can pull off any hue. If you have a thicker stomach, choose a lace -up belt in a dark color to help diminish the look of your waist, rather than one in a light or brilliant hue that may accentuate your waist size. If you are unsure about which color of lace-up belt to start with, black is the most flattering option for all body types. Patterned lace – up belts, such as an animal pattern design, can add flair to your ensemble, but they can have the same impact as brightly colored belts. Small waists work well with these pants.

3. Choose a style with embellishments to make a statement.

Regardless of your body type, you can enhance the appearance of a corset belt by selecting an embellished design. Choose a belt with metallic, stud, lace, or cutaway accents to make your outfit even more of a statement. You may wish to buy a lace -up belt with actual laces so that it more closely resembles a real corset.

What to Wear with a Lace –up Belt 

  • Start slowly if this is your first time wearing a lace -up belt. Choose a narrow lace corset belt as opposed to a belt made of harsh leather.
  • Integrate the belt into the ensemble. Wear a lace -up belt that matches the colors of your outfit so that it does not stand out as a distinct accessory. Do not overdo the style by adding excessive accessories.
  • Maintain style by keeping the rest of the ensemble light so that the lace-up belt can stand out.
  • There is no hard and fast rule that the lace –up belt must be worn tightly. You may also wear it loosely for a casual appearance.

White sweater with a black lace up belt and accessories around it.

Styling a Lace-Up Belt

1. A Black Leather Lace-up belt

When discussing the fashioning of a belt, we cannot overlook our all-time favorite hue, black. Combine black trousers or leggings with a basic white blouse. Add a black leather lace -up belt to the ensemble to become an instant fashion icon.

2. Lace-up for Dresses

A lace-up belt will look amazing with any outfit, whether you are wearing a formal dress or a patterned dress. A basic, wide belt with a light hue will work wonderfully. For a casual look, you might experiment with different belt colors and styles.

3. Lace –up Belts Paired with Skirts

A lace-up belt can be used with a skirt for a demure effect. While selecting the items, strive for traditional color combinations. This ensemble can be worn two ways: with the belt wrapped around the skirt or, slightly above the waist, around the top. In either case, the outcome will be equally flattering.

4. Vintage Lace –up Belt Dress

A lace – up belt is vintage in every sense. Several centuries ago, a lace –up belt was worn beneath the dress. There are currently dresses with an attached lace-up belt. Look at this exquisitely embroidered dress, which is perfect for any event or party with a retro theme. If you have an upcoming prom party, we feel you have discovered the dress.

5. Lace –up Belts with Shirts

If you enjoy wearing shirts, you can enhance your look with a lace –up belt or a leather corset belt. For any informal outing with friends or a movie date, pair it with faded jeans or tight pants and a long button-down shirt. Or, if you have a dress with a loose shirt that you cannot wear, pair it with a corset belt for a basic yet beautiful style.

6. Dressed-down Casual Street Style

If you enjoy dressy-casual styles, give this one a try. Begin with your favorite T-shirt. Choose one that is marginally larger. Combine it with biker shorts. (Biker shorts are an athletic alternative that, when coupled with heels, turns instantly stylish.) Put on a pair of transparent mules. These are excellent for lengthening the legs. Accessorize with a few necklaces layered and a luxury handbag. Add a lacing belt of your choice as a final touch!

A green lace up belt on top of shirts with and accessories.

7. Gothic Fashion

Attempting an all-black goth appearance? A stylish laced-up belt will elevate your ensemble to the next level.

8. Work attire

You’re going to work, but you want to add a stylish touch to your clothing. Wear a distinctive belt with lacing over your dress shirt. A cool green belt, for instance, is so unusual that your coworkers will ask you where you acquired it. Keep your accessories stylish and simple, such as with a pair of large silver hoops and a peach-colored handbag.

9. Fall Outfit

A warm, fashionable ensemble such as this is all you need to face the autumn weather. Combine a sweater dress with booties, a fedora, and a lace-up belt to lend definition and dimension to your waist.

10. Satin Midi Dress

For an attractive look, add a dark denim lace-up belt over your stunning mid-length dress to enhance its overall elegance. Add some crushed velvet ankle boots to complete the outfit’s old-school chicness.

Accessorizing a Lace –up Belt

Keep accessories to a minimum.

When wearing a lace-up belt, you often want it to be the focal point of your ensemble. In light of this, you should choose accessories with a simple appearance. So that they do not conflict with the belt, omit the statement necklace, the hefty bangles, and the dramatic hanging earrings.

When wearing a lace –up belt, choose delicate jewelry, such as stud earrings and thin chain necklaces. If you want to wear a piece of jewelry that makes a statement, use a cocktail ring. It will give character to your ensemble without calling undue attention to the belt.

Combine the belt with tough or bulky shoes.

When selecting shoes to pair with a lace -up belt, you should strive for contrast. Because the belt has a feminine aspect, footwear with a more masculine or hefty appearance is suitable. Combine your belt with hiking boots, wedge heels, or loafers influenced by menswear.

If you choose to wear a belt with heels, avoid stilettos and choose a heel with more substance, such as a stacked heel. For a more understated look, try the corset belt with flat ballet shoes.

Opt for a smaller bag.

To maintain the focus on your corset belt, you should avoid carrying a large handbag or bag on your shoulder. Choose a clutch or wristlet instead, so the belt remains the focal point of your ensemble.

Avoid crossbody bags because they may obscure or conflict with your belt.

To summarize

You can wear a lace-up belt with almost everything in your closet, but the key to pulling off the look is choosing the perfect design for your form and considering how much of a statement you want the belt to make.