Guide to Kangol Shirts and Hoodies

Kangol is a brand that became popular for the iconic berets worn by famous people in history such as Diana, Princess of Wales, appearing in the Vogue magazine of the year 1983. Kangol hats went on to be called by their popular name, “Kangaroo hats” as the iconic Kangaroo picture on the hat became a sign of a distinguished fashion. Since then, the brand has not looked back. 

It went on evolving the definition of class and vogue by coming up with more stylish hats, such as the very famous, furgora Spitfire. This modish hat was endorsed even more when it made a huge screen appearance by the famous American film producer and actor, Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Jackie Brown.  

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The brand set the bar high for other fashion brands when it expanded into shirts and hoodies. Maintaining the same quality while providing the same unmatched level of style, Kangol shirts and hoodies are the best addition to your apparel.  

Let’s look at some of the fabulous shirts and hoodies from the Kangol collection:

Where to Buy
Kangol Golf by Slj Men Samuel L. Jackson Golf Argyle Tex Polo Shirt
Kangol Men’s Foray Big Tall Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
Kangol Men Will Hoodie
Kangol Men's Brit Fit Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt
Kangol Men’s Fitton T-shirt


1. Kangol Golf by Slj Men Samuel L. Jackson Golf Argyle Tex Polo Shirt

Known for its style and class, the Kangol shirts are no less stylish than its hats. Belonging to the Samuel L. Jackson’s collection of Kangol Golf, this super comfortable polo shirt is the ultimate example of high-end style. It is made of 100% polyester and has an engaging pattern throughout the shirt. 

It is available in two colors and different sizes to choose from. 

2. Kangol Men’s Foray Big Tall Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Look dapper in this Kangol long sleeve sweatshirt that is tailored to fit you perfectly. With its long ribbed sleeves and a flawlessly sewn crew neckline, this sweatshirt is the best for giving a convincing look to your casual attire. It has the iconic kangaroo silhouette sewn on the chest. 

Made with extra care and finesse, this sweatshirt’s materials include 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is available in two colors and different sizes to choose from. 

3. Kangol Men Will Hoodie

When in doubt, wear a hoodie that makes everything right. With the famous Kangol logo embroidered on the chest, this men’s hoodie is the ultimate piece of clothing that can level up your clothing game. It is available in two colors and is made with high-quality cotton and polyester. 

The Will Twisted knit hoodie by Kangol adds a sophisticated touch to your otherwise casual attire. For providing utmost comfort, this hoodie has U-shaped pockets at the side as well. 

4. Kangol Men’s Brit Fit Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Add a touch of style to your comfort and get this Kangol Brit Fit polo shirt. With short sleeves and made with comfortable fabric, this polo shirt is there to fulfill all your requirements. It has split hems for ease. Whether you decide to button up all three buttons or decide to leave the top one open for some air, this Kangol Brit fit polo shirt is an excellent example of style and ease.

It is available in three colors and two sizes to choose from. 

5. Kangol Men’s Fitton T-shirt

Do you ever get tired of the color monotony in your t-shirts and want to try on something that is not all black or white or grey? Well, this Kangol Fitton t-shirt is here to give your dressing a spin. It has a color block design, featuring red, white, and blue color. 

Pair it up with your favorite pair of jeans, and you are ready to give yourself a fresh look! With short sleeves and perfect hem, this Kangol Fitton t-shirt is the prime example of the style with comfort. It has the brand name printed boldly across the front with a white background, making it look classier.

It is also available in blue color and three different sizes. 

Where to Buy
Kangol Men’s Creed Plus Big Tall Shirt
Kangol Men’s Baldwin Colourblock Polo Shirt
Kangol Men’s Rufio Big Tall Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt
Kangol Men Seth Tee
Kangol Men's Multi Panel Polo Shirt Long Sleeve Tee Top


6. Kangol Men’s Creed Plus Big Tall Shirt

Chequered prints for men never go out of fashion. They are the best go-to option for formal shirts. Kangol is a brand that promises you quality clothing that has an unmatched style and grace. Whether it is a casual look with a crew neck t-shirt you are looking for or a collared chequered print formal shirt to go with a formal pant, Kangol has got your back. 

This front button chequered print formal shirt by Kangol is made with high-quality polyester and cotton. It has a curved hem and long sleeves with buttoned cuffs that emanate nothing but class. As the name refers, it is a plus size shirt for all the big fellows out there – available in four different sizes, i.e. 2X, 3X, 4X, and 6X large. 

7. Kangol Men’s Baldwin Colourblock Polo Shirt

Are polo shirts always your first choice? Or do you know someone who cannot simply pass a polo shirt without buying one? Kangol creates magic in terms of making premium quality shirts and hoodies and this Baldwin color block polo shirt by Kangol is no exception. It is made with super soft cotton that gives you a nice fit with ultra-comfort. 

Instead of buttons in the front, it has a zipper which is easier to close and looks dapper. It has the brand logo sewn on to the chest and is available in a variety of colors to choose from. If you are looking for a style that is also convenient, then look no further. 

8. Kangol Men’s Rufio Big Tall Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt

One of the best things about dressing up for a casual evening meetup or going for a walk is the comfort of a shirt that gives off the cool vibes and, most importantly, looks amazing. This bright maroon and black t-shirt by Kangol is the best choice for brushing up your casual attire with style and elegance. This big tall t-shirt is what you can easily fetch up from your wardrobe without even thinking twice about style. 

It gives an excellent fit with long sleeves adding comfort to your style. It is only made for all the big guys out there – so if you are not one, you should skip it and check out the others. 

9. Kangol Men Seth Tee

Fit for any time of the day, this Seth t-shirt by Kangol is the ultimate example of style. With a flawless finesse, this t-shirt is the perfect wear for an ordinary workday or social meet-up with friends or family. It provides you with a comfortable fit as it is made of high-quality super-soft polyester, viscose, and cotton.

You can also wear it to your workout sessions as it gives you an excellent fit and won’t discomfort you while you stretch and do push-ups. 

10. Kangol Men’s Multi Panel Polo Shirt Long Sleeve Tee Top

Take your clothing game to another level by wearing this multi-panel, long-sleeved polo shirt by Kangol. It is made with 100% cotton and is available in navy and black colors. You can wear it with your favorite denim jeans or distressed jeans along with white sneakers. This shirt is an excellent option to opt for if you want something to wear casually.

Final Words 

Kangol has turned into a brand that is synonymous to quality and sophistication. It rose to fame with massive celebrity endorsements and maintained its quality throughout all the years. In addition to creating fabulous Berets and other types of hats, Kangol has become a renowned manufacturer of t-shirts and hoodies. The designs by Kangol definitely make heads turn and catch attention. Be it a simple crew neck tee or a sophisticated three-buttoned polo shirt, Kangol has a wide range of variety of all types of shirts and hoodies.