Guide to Handbags for Travel

When you travel – whether it’s a glamorous, all-expense paid cruise or a DIY trip to a foreign city – you need a trusty handbag to keep your essentials safe and close to you. While a luggage is something you leave at your hotel room, a handbag is what you bring anywhere you go. When you travel, you want every item you bring to count, so this is a guide for you to choose an excellent handbag for travel. If you need to check out amazing travel accessories, check out here

What to Look for in a Travel Handbag

The best travel handbag for you is one that best meets your personal needs, and it’s different for every woman. Here are some general things to consider when you’re shopping for the perfect travel handbag:

1. Pockets

Most women have experienced using a “too big” purse that seems to devour all the contents. They’ll be like, “Hold my latte as I dig in this purse to find my wallet.” When you’re travelling, you don’t want that inconvenience – it’s best to have your essentials ready to get when you need them. Good handbags for travel comes with a variety of pockets, interior and exterior, to allow you to organize your stuff and actually find something easier.  

2. Safety features

Smart thieves and pickpockets are everywhere, and they are practiced at identifying their marks. They look for tourists who are distracted, and they like being in crowded spots like packed buses or trams in popular tourist spots. Having a bag with anti-theft features is a great idea, such as locking zippers, back zippers, and anti-slash mesh.

3. Style

There are so many styles for travel purses out there so everyone can choose a style they love. For travel, a bag with some semblance of everyday style can help you look more local and not scream “tourist,” making you a target by pickpockets. Also, look for something that works well with your casual outfits for daytime, and can be dressed up a little bit for a special night out. 

4. Comfort

Since you’ll be toting the bag around you most of the day, look for a good purse that’s comfortable. It can be easy to carry it as you buy it from the boutique, but you might surprise yourself with the miles you walk in cities all over your travel destination. That strap that rubs your body, or the heavy handbag that looked so pretty on the store can cause discomfort on your trip. So it pays to make comfort a priority when picking out the perfect travel purse. 

5. Durability

For a glam woman, there is nothing worse than having your handbag broken in the middle of your trip, while you’re out in an unfamiliar place. You have to pay attention to the built and the material of the handbag you choose. Frequent travel requires a bag that can withstand all sorts of wear and tear. It doesn’t always have to be made of genuine leather, but it must be made of a strong material with excellent stitches and sturdy fasteners. There are many shoddily-made purses that can fall apart after single use. If you’re travelling abroad, you have to pay attention to durability all the more. 

6. Space for electronics

Depending on what kind of gadgets you want to bring, you need a bag that can allot space for them, including cellphones, cameras, tablets, and laptops or notebooks. The perfect travel purse has plenty of room for these needs. 

7. Carrying options

The best travel handbags are pretty much flexible, although not all excellent travel bags have this option. They can be carried in multiple ways. Some can be worn as a crossbody bag, but they also have top handles to be carried as a tote or as a shoulder bag. Some can also be carried as a backpack style.

8. Water-resistance

Water resistance isn’t a must-have, but it can be a big plus if your purse is weather-friendly. It’s convenient if your bag can keep your things dry when it suddenly rains.  Your passport, cards, cash, gadgets and documents will be protected in a water-resistant handbag.

Important Items to Put in a Handbag

  • Wallet
  • Credit cards
  • Phone
  • Travel tissue and/or wipes
  • Keys
  • Pen
  • Sunglasses
  • Other gadgets like iPad or camera
  • Lip balm
  • Water bottle
  • Gum or mint
  • Travel umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat

Best Handbags for Travel

Where to Buy
Baggallini Everywhere bagg with RFID
Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag Sling Tote
Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag
Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Women's Chevron Quilted Fashion Travel Backpack
Timbuk2 Classic Tres Colores Messenger Bag

When it comes to travel handbags, there’s more than what meets the eye. They offer different style options and different functions. The choice all boils down to your preference and what you think is most comfortable for you. Here are some of the main types of travel handbags and some great picks:

1. Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are pieces of storage that can be worn across the body, with one shoulder carrying the weight of the travel purse. It can keep all your essentials handy, while keeping you hands-free. For protection, better yet put the bag in front of your body, instead of letting it hang on the side or the back.

Baggallini Everywhere bagg with RFID

The Baggalini crossbody bag is a stylish travel purse. It’s one of the best lightweight purses out there, as it’s water-resistant, lightweight, and comes with a removable RFID-resistant wallet that you can pull out from the middle of the bag. As a crossbody bag, it’s both practical and stylish with many colors to choose from. It has lots of pockets, for organizing your items, including one for an umbrella or a water bottle. It’s also not bulky.

Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag Sling Tote

Tavelon bags are much loved by travelers because of their anti-theft features and affordable price. This Classic Mini Shoulder Bag can hold everything you really need – phone, credit cards, Ids, passport and other small items. Both the strap and the body of the purse are made of slash-proof mesh. The straps and zippers can be locked, and the inner compartment is RFID-resistant. It also includes an LED light. Inside, the main compartment has organizers for cards and passport slots, two open wall pockets, two pen loops, and a zip mesh pocket. This bag looks simple yet stylish, and comes in pretty basic colors that most people love.   Also be sure to check out great Gucci handbag options as well.

2. Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are staple for women when it comes to travel handbags. It’s a typical ladies’ bag that can be worn by hanging the straps on the shoulder. While stylish women love this, it’s the least suggested bag to choose when you’re out for travel and going on walks, because these bags are prone to theft. However, you can be wise in your shoulder bag choice to prevent the likelihood of it getting stolen.

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag

Looking for the perfect travel tote? Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag is the one to bet. It’s a roomy and versatile bag which main compartment comes with a zippered RFID blocking pocket, two open top wall pockets, and a tethered key clip with LED light. It has a locking front zippered pocket, plus two hidden zippered side pockets. The removable shoulder straps are slash-resistant, and it comes with a removable crossbody strap.

3. Backpacks

Backpacks aren’t just for high schoolers and college kids. It’s a great travel solution for people carrying more than the essentials. Some need to bring their large cameras or laptops, or simply an extra change of clothes or seater. For travel, a lightweight backpack will always be a better choice. You can also choose a convertible handbag for additional carrying options.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Women’s Chevron Quilted Fashion Travel Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Women’s Chevron Quilted Fashion Travel Backpack is a bag that will keep you classy and fashionable. This backpack features a padded laptop pocket that can fit laptops up to 15 inches. It also comes with a padded table pocket plus two side exterior water bottle or umbrella pockets. The stylish chevron quilt adds a bit off pizzazz to this backpack, plus its gold hardware. 

4. Messenger bags

Messenger bags are great for people who are looking for a spacious bag with larger compartments than a crossbody bag and comes with more durable straps. 

Timbuk2 Classic Tres Colores Messenger Bag

This Classic Tres Colores Messenger Bag from Timbuk2 is a terrific bag to bring for your travels when you need to lug more than the essentials. It comes with a waterproof flap to keep your belongings dry, and it comes with a Napoleon Pocket under the flap that’s large enough to carry most phones. The bag is lined with water-resistant TPU. It has compartments for pens and an internal water bottle. The strap pad has air mesh to give you better ventilation.