Guide to Eco-Friendly and Handcrafted Rustic Town Handbags

Rustic Town is a brand of eco-friendly leather bags in the United States. The company is composed of a small team who are passionate about handcrafted leather products and accessories. And they are not just creating leather but creating life as well through their rustic collectible bags and accessories.

About Rustic Town

The leather bags made by Rustic Town are 100% eco-friendly because they use the traditional technique of “vegetable tanning”. This technique gives leather its unique natural characteristics, making their bags and other products eco-friendly. This process can be a bit more time consuming, but they aim to take pride in showing gratitude to the environment. Since the leather industry is a serious threat to the environment, Rustic Town is committed to sticking to eco-friendly ways to stay clear of harmful chemicals in making leather bags.

Aside from being an eco-friendly company, Rustic Town also aims to revive the lost art. Their bags are skillfully handcrafted by their artisans who have learned the art from old generations. They use traditional tools in cutting, pasting, and stitching the bags. They are not claiming their bags to be perfect compared to the factory made ones, but those imperfections actually make the bags they make look perfect to the discerning eye.

Another great thing about Rustic Town is that they empower the locals. The artisans they have who exquisitely handcraft their leather items are from the desert state of Rajasthan in India. It is their way of supporting these people and as well as their families through entrepreneurship while giving them recognition worldwide as well. It means that for every purchase of Rustic Town’s bags, we are able to support their endeavor towards self-sustenance and leadership.

The Best Bags from Rustic Town

Here are some of the best bags you can get from Rustic Town.

Where to Buy
Rustic Town Canvas Vintage Cross Body Messenger Camera Bag
15-Inch Leather Vintage Rustic Messenger Satchel Bag
18-Inch Genuine Leather Messenger Laptop Satchel Bag
Rustic Town 13-Inch Vintage Cross-Body Leather Bag
Leather Duffel Bags for Men and Women
14-Inch Genuine Leather Briefcase Bag
Genuine Leather Travel Toiletry Bag
The Zeus Bag Genuine Leather Satchel Bag
Rustic Towns Rover Bag
Johns Weekender Bag by Rustic Town

1. Rustic Town Canvas Vintage Cross Body Messenger Camera Bag

This is a canvass messenger and camera bag that is made from high-quality canvas. You can use it to store your DSLR camera with lenses. This bag has one big pocket in front where you can keep your camera’s charger and other accessories you like. It has a durable construction with strong thread stitched that will last for years. This bag is a fantastic way to carry around your camera gear without looking like you are toting a bag full of expensive camera gear. It is an ideal bag for artists to keep their essentials handy.

2. 15-Inch Leather Vintage Rustic Messenger Satchel Bag

This leather messenger bag is better than a backpack because you will be able to easily find your things in it. This bag is handmade with 100% genuine real rugged buffalo leather. It can suit both business or casual attire. It features brass buckles and fittings, heavy-duty lining and stitching, and YKK zippers. The shoulder strap of this bag is also fully adjustable for comfort, especially during long trips. It is a perfect hybrid of a messenger bag and a briefcase.

3. 18-Inch Genuine Leather Messenger Laptop Satchel Bag

This is another hybrid of both a messenger bag and a briefcase. It is a briefcase that looks great if you’re attending a meeting, but for a casual look, you can attach its shoulder strap and carry it as a messenger bag. You will be able to organize your things in this bag easily because it has 3 compartments, 2 inner zipped security pockets, and 1 external quick access pocket. It is an ideal bag for laptops and tablets.

4. Rustic Town 13-Inch Vintage Cross-Body Leather Bag

This leather bag is handmade using 100% genuine goat leather. It is made through vegetable tanning to help retain its original characteristics of the material for flexibility and sturdy. It has high-quality stitching and an olive green heavy-duty canvas lining which adds to its durability. With this bag, you will be able to carry your things with style.

5. Leather Duffel Bags for Men and Women

If you are looking for a tough, sturdy duffle bag for your next travel, then this is a perfect choice for you. This bag is rugged through and through and it can withstand all your adventures. It has room for all your gear with its 4 card slots, 3 pen loops, 1 mobile pocket, 1 inner zip pocket, and even a space for your laptop. It is also an ideal duffel bag for air travel and business trips because it fits overhead or under seats.

6. 14-Inch Genuine Leather Briefcase Bag

This is a premium quality leather shoulder briefcase that is suitable for both men and women. This bag has that difficult-to-achieve leather briefcase look while being urban and hip as well. It features 2 compartments and 1 external zipped pocket, making it ideal for small laptops and tablets.

7. Genuine Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

This is a Dopp Kit Organizer by Rustic Town. It is a stylish and luxurious leather toiletry bag that will make it easy for you to groom yourself even while traveling. You can use this bag to store your deodorant, shaving cream, razor, cologne, comb, and other items. It has a spacious interior and a durable waterproof lining. It is handcrafted from 100% genuine thick buffalo leather that lasts through time.

8. The Zeus Bag Genuine Leather Satchel Bag

This satchel bag from Rustic Town is specially designed for iPad, tablet, or mini laptop. Aside from that, this bag also has room for notebooks and other essential accessories you have such as wallet, chargers, markers, glares, and mobile phones. It features 3 compartments and 2 zippered pockets, making it perfect for day usages. It can be used as a casual and professional bag.

9. Rustic Town’s Rover Bag

This is a messenger laptop bag that is handcrafted from canvas and genuine leather. The base of this bag is made from canvas while its flap, shoulder straps, handle, and buckle flaps are made from pure leather. This bag is stitched with high-quality thread. It features brass buckles and grommets, ensuring its long life. It is a trendy and stylish bag suitable for students and working professionals.

10. John’s Weekender Bag by Rustic Town

This is a leather duffle bag that is designed for packing efficiency. It features multiple zippered pockets and spacious compartments to fit your clothes, devices, shoes, and other items. The leather material of this bag gets softer with use. It is an ideal bag for air travel, business trips, and excursions. It is compact in size but is brilliantly designed to store more items in less space.

Rustic Town indeed offers a lot of wonderful leather bags and all of these are eco-friendly. It feels good to know that aside from aiming to create stylish and trendy bags, they also aim to preserve the nature and support the community with the items they make.