Finding Replacement Parts for Panasonic Trimmer

Panasonic is one of the most renowned brands to come to mind when talking about the best electric hair trimmers. They have provided people with innovative solutions to their common daily routine problems, which is why people trust the company without thinking twice. Besides the shaving industry, Panasonic is also doing an excellent job by manufacturing quality electronic products like TVs, wireless handsets and microwaves, etc.

Panasonic trimmers are taking over the market for quite some time. Many people prefer Panasonic trimmers over the regular beard trimmers as they offer many features like different modes, versatility, and water resistance.

These trimmers are suitable for your trimming needs as they provide several adjustable settings and features you can choose from according to your preference. They make the trimming process a lot more fun and enjoyable by giving your beard a smooth trim.

However, you never know when any part starts malfunctioning. Therefore, finding the right replacement parts for Panasonic trimmers is important. You can buy replacement guards or clippers to trim the beard according to your hair length.

Tips for Buying Replacement Parts

Right Size

The first important thing to consider when buying a replacement guard for Panasonic trimmers is the size. It would help if you ensured that the guard you choose fits the trimmer blade and gives you the desired cut based on your hair. Trimmer guards often come in different sizes for different models, and you need to select from it according to your hair length.


The second important thing to consider when buying replacement parts is the price. You need to make sure that you choose the best replacement part for your trimmer based on your budget.


You need to know how long your replacement guard for Panasonic trimmer can last as most guards are fragile and can break once you drop the trimmer. It would be best to make sure that the guard you choose for your trimmer lasts for at least two years while using it carefully.


When buying a replacement part for your Panasonic trimmer, the fourth thing you’ve got to make sure of is if they are made by the company, and the product is genuine. Many times in the markets, Chinese made parts are available; if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can easily mistake it for a genuine one and be convinced into buying it.

Where to Buy
Panasonic WER9606P
Panasonic WES9173P Men's Electric Razor Replacement Outer Foil
Panasonic WES9943P Replacement Outer Foil and Cutter
Panasonic WES9013PC Inner Blade and Outer Foil Set
Panasonic Clipper Replacement for ER Models
Panasonic WES9941P Men's Shaver Replacement Outer Foil
Panasonic WESLT7NK7658 Replacement Charging Cord
Panasonic Replacement Cutting Head for ER-GN30/WERGN30K1058
Panasonic WES9027PC Men's Electric Razor Replacement Inner Blade & Outer Foil Set


Best Replacement Parts for Panasonic Trimmers

Panasonic WER224S7398 Beard Comb Attachment

This one is a beard comb attachment for Panasonic’s ER224S trimmer and various other models. This clipper lasts for about two years, like the original clipper that comes with the ER224S trimmer. It is made up of plastic and easily slides over the trimmer.

However, it is fragile because it is made up of plastic and will break once you drop the trimmer. So it is best to buy more than two combs attachments like this when you buy it for the first time. It is not that expensive, and you can buy it easily without spending a lot of money.

Panasonic WER9606P

Panasonic WER9606P is a trimmer blade attachment for Panasonic’s ER2403K and ERGB40S trimmers. These blades help you maintain the satisfaction you need from your hair, beard, and body trimmer.

You should replace these blades at least once a year to get a smooth and high-quality trim. These blades are genuine and super precise and are made from forged stainless steel. To install, all you have to do is remove the trimmer’s head and slip it in.

Panasonic WES9173P Men’s Electric Razor Replacement Outer Foil

Panasonic WES9173P is a replacement foil for five-blade shaver and is compatible with Panasonic ESLV95S, ESLV65S, ESLV81K, and ESLV61A models. This foil also helps maintain a nice looking beard and give you the satisfaction you need from your shaver.

You should replace the blades after one year to ensure that it provides the best performance and results. After using the blade for months for daily shaving, the ultra-thin and smooth foils can get very thin, resulting in various problems, such as lack of flexibility, less efficient performance, and less than regular shaving experience.

Panasonic WES9943P Replacement Outer Foil and Cutter

This one is a set of replacement cutters and outer foil for different trimmer models, including ES3833, ES3402, and more. It is easy to install like the rest of the blades as you have to slide it on the trimmer head.

Like the trimmer’s original blades, this clipper is also hypoallergenic and prevents irritation on sensitive skin. The replacement schedule depends on the hair type and thickness and the usage schedule.

Panasonic WES9013PC Inner Blade and Outer Foil Set

This is a set of the inner blade and outer foil set for Panasonic’s ES and RT model trimmers. It is made of stainless steel and provides an excellent and smooth cutting experience. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, preventing your skin from getting cuts and bumps.

Panasonic Clipper Replacement for ER Models

If you have an ER model of Panasonic trimmer and need a replacement blade, you can get this one. The models it supports are ER1611, ER1610, ER1512, and ER1511. It includes a clipper attached with blades, which serves as a base for most clippers.

Some more replacement parts for Panasonic trimmers that you might be interested in:

Panasonic Trimmers – Modern Gadgets for Manscaping

The development of technology has led to many great inventions, and trimmers are one of them. Now we have trimmers with lots of attachments and parts that can be found and replaced easily if it malfunctions or breaks.

Men are more self-conscious about themselves than ever before, and Panasonic helps in catering to their needs effectively.