Finding a Bikini for Your Body Type

Summer is a beautiful time to plan a vacation that includes sand, sun, and fun times with family and friends; yet, if the prospect of purchasing a swimsuit gives you pause, you’re likely not alone! Every lady is endowed with a beautiful form; it’s only a matter of understanding what flatters yours the most.

Purchasing the “ideal” bikini can appear to be an intimidating task. You want something that is not only flattering, fashionable, and comfy, but also makes you feel your best. This is typically determined by fit, and not all suits are created equally.

Despite this, we believe you can still benefit from determining your body type. You will learn which sorts of clothing flatter your form the most, as well as which cuts and colors to avoid. In the end, your silhouette will appear more proportionate; this is the aesthetic we should all aspire for!

Apple Shaped Body

Apple-shaped bodies have complete curves, a rounded tummy, bottom, and hips, ample cleavage, and a waist with minimal definition. You have a voluptuous body, so make the most of it without blushing! Your ally on the beach is a swimsuit that accentuates your cleavage, optically defines your waist, and conceals your stomach. Apple-shaped women typically have slim hips and shoulders, a curvier midsection, and a larger breast!

It’s crucial for apple-shaped women to pick swimwear that provides support for a larger bust, such as an underwired bikini top or a swimsuit with slightly wider straps. To achieve the most pleasing swimsuit appearance, you should attempt to create an illusion. Choose a swimsuit with ruching to provide the illusion of a trim waist. The one-piece swimsuit is the most figure-defining and is frequently picked by persons with an apple body type. Choose a bra with underwire and designs in complementary colors rather than garish hues.

High-waisted bikini bottoms are a must to make sure that you look stunning with your bikini! Combine with a bikini top with a supporting halter neck to raise and support your bust while elongating your torso!

Hourglass physique

If your shoulders and hips are aligned and you have a well-defined waist, you have an hourglass figure. This body type is incredibly feminine! You have a slim and proportional shape that allows you to wear anything, so take use of it!

As an hourglass, you should wear bikini tops with straps that span your shoulders halfway and bikini bottoms that are simple or string. In your situation, simplicity is essential; these simple bikinis will not detract from your lovely silhouette. Strapless or bandeau tops with plain bottoms are also a wonderful option, or you can choose bikini sets with ruffles or embellishments that emphasize your contours.

Colors and patterns on the top and bottom should match – avoid combining colors, since they might make your body appear out of proportion. Wrap-waist one-piece swimsuits will accentuate your waist. Remember to maintain color uniformity throughout the bust and hips.

Rectangle Shape

Rectangle body shapes are rather straightforward to recognize. This body type is characterized by straight hips, a straight body line, and shoulders and hips that are approximately the same width. A lady with a rectangle body shape will also have very little hip and bottom definition.

So, what swimsuit styles should someone with a rectangular-shaped body consider? We suggest searching for an item with a high neckline or a halter top. Keep an eye out for a swim top with underwires that flatters your figure. Consider searching for a modest one-piece swimsuit with this sort of high neckline as well!

Inverted Triangle Figure


The inverted triangle, or “carrot” body type, is characterized by broad shoulders, a big bust, and narrow hips; therefore, it is essential to choose swimwear that complements your physique.

You should avoid thin straps on your upper body, since they might accentuate large shoulders. Choose thicker straps instead; a halter neck type with bigger straps will be your best friend.

You should avoid wearing vivid patterns or colors on your upper body, since this can draw attention to your largest portion. Choose trendy bikini bottoms to provide the illusion of a more proportionate frame.

Diamond Shape

In terms of diamond-shaped body shapes, women with this body shape often have wider hips than shoulders. In addition, they typically have a full bust and waist. A person with a diamond-shaped physique will typically have slimmer arms.

Keep your eyes peeled for items with a higher neckline. Consider combining this top with a pair of women’s swim shorts to enhance the appearance of your legs! There are numerous possibilities for the greatest swimsuit styles for folks with a diamond-shaped body.

Athletic Figures

Group of pretty and sexy woman with bikini lie on net of bow of yacht and they look enjoy and happy

Women with an athletic shape, or ‘straight up and down’ body type, often have a slimmer, straighter silhouette and a smaller bust, with minimal size variation between the shoulders, waist, and hips. If you’re seeking for attractive swimwear for an athletic physique, you have several possibilities!

Having a smaller bust does not necessitate a very supportive style, so you can experiment with a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns, and decorations! Ideal are bandeau or crop top bikini tops! If you prefer a bikini, take advantage of needing less support by wearing a daring deep V neckline.

If you want to accentuate your curves and create the appearance of a waist, add volume to your bust and hips using vivid colors, dramatic patterns, ruching, and frills.

Spoon Shaped body

If you’re a spoon, your hips are far wider than your bust and appear shelf-like. Your best features are your lower legs and arms, therefore emphasize them. The key to selecting a bikini is to choose one that minimizes the appearance of your stomach and hips.

As a spoon, you should accentuate your upper body with patterned, ruffled, and ornamented clothing. You can also perform push-ups to increase your volume. Light-colored tops with mid-shoulder straps are also an excellent option. Don dark bottoms devoid of ornamentation. If you have an adventurous spirit, choose bottoms with a small scoop.