Designer Purse Brands Any Woman Can Afford

Most women dream of owning a designer bag. However, it can be hard to justify and afford one, especially those which cost the same as a car or even a house. And when you purchase one, there might be some people who might ask you why you need to spend that much, and that there are plenty of cheaper bags that can do the job just fine. But most people who buy designer bags do because it makes them happy, and another reason is that they can last for a long time. 

If you’re sad because you can’t afford to buy a designer bag yet, then don’t be. Did you know that you can find designer purses that do not cost that much? Yes, there are standout brands that will enable you to have the feel of a designer purse slung over your shoulder without having you spend lots of money. If you’re looking into buying designer bags, but you don’t have much in your savings, then you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you some of the designer purse brands any woman can afford. 

How to Afford Designer Bags?

Before we give you the list if the designer purse brands that are affordable, we are first giving you tips on how you’ll be able to afford luxury bags. These are good tips for those who are looking into investing in branded bags. 

  • If you want to buy a bag on a particular brand, try to look at what their most affordable bags are. Maybe you can be happy with something smaller or those which are made with less luxurious fabric so you can afford a bag from the brand you want. 
  • Search for discount designer handbags or see what is on sale. If you want to own a designer handbag, then take advantage of big sales that each brand announces. 
  • Try to consider second-hand designer bags. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind if your bag is new or not, then you can consider buying second-hand designer bags. Just make sure that the store or site you are buying from sells authentic second-hand designer bags. 
  • Focus on cost per wear than the initial cost. Even if luxury bags cost more now, you will likely wear it more and keep it longer compared to a high street bag.
  • Ask yourself what designer means to you. You need to know first what designer bags mean to you. Are you happy with getting a Michael Kors bag? Or a designer bag for you means buying a Prada purse? This way, you’ll be able to set a goal on how much budget you need to have to afford a designer bag.

Designer Purse Brands That are Affordable for Women

Where to Buy
Coach Signature Zip File Crossbody Bag
Coach Women’s Outline Signature Zip Tote
Coach Outlined Zip File Crossbody Bag
Kate Spade New York Cameron Crossbody Bag
Kate Spade New York Jeanne Crossbody Purse
Kate Spade New York Glitter Joeley Small Satchel
Kate Spade New York Dawn Sailing Stripe Triple Gusset Bag


Well, affordable is a relative term, and when it comes to designer purses, affordable ones are still quite expensive. The brands we’ve included here are those luxury brands that do not cost much compared to the higher-end brands but still offer classic and quality styles of bags.


Coach is one of the good brands you can choose from if you’re looking for high quality but a more affordable designer purse. They offer lots of classic and more on-trend pieces that still have a timeless quality. You can also find some styles that are limited in colors in their outlet stores. Or you can also find a Coach retail store near you where you can find the widest range of colors and designs. If you’re unable to find one, then you can go to their online store or check other legit online stores that sell authentic Coach purses. 

Here are some purses by Coach that you might want to check out:

Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade is another brand that’s a trailblazer when it comes to introducing affordable luxury purses. Their bags are similarly priced to Coach bags. There are also lots of department stores that carry Kate Spade bags. They are also available in outlet stores where you can get their bags at more affordable prices. In fact, when you shop in a Kate Spade outlet store, you might have some budget left to buy a matching wallet for your purse. If there are no near Kate Spade stores in your area, then you can always shop at their websites and other sites that offer authentic bags.

Here are some affordable Kate Spade purses that you might like:

Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke also belongs to the low to mid-hundreds when it comes or bag prices. You can also find them in average department stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Belk. This brand offers different styles of purses, from hobo styles to drawstring bags. If there’s no Dooney & Bourke in department stores in your place or near your area, then you can also shop for them online. 

Where to Buy
Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Large Framed Purse
Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Triple Zip Bag
Dooney & Bourke NFL Fold Over Crossbody Bag
Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Mini Natasha Crossbody Bag
Marc Jacobs Empire City Leather Crossbody Bag
Marc Jacobs Leather Crossbody Bag
Marc Jacobs the Commuter Medium Crossbody Bag
Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Crossbody Bag


Here are some of the affordable bags you can get from Dooney & Bourke:

MARC by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is known to be one of the most expensive handbag brands in the world. But it also has a designer line that offers bags that fall into low to a mid-hundreds category, which are perfect for those who are looking for affordable options. You can find MARC by Marc Jacobs purses at department stores like Macy’s and Bergdorf Goodman. They also have outlets stores, and some are also available on their website and other online shops that sell authentic bags. 

Here are some of the affordable bags you can check out from MARC by Marc Jacobs.

Where to Buy
Guess Kamryn Tote
Guess Heidi Turq Small Tote
Guess Kamryn Q Logo Shopper
Guess Colette Mini Society Crossbody
Guess Carys Satchel



Another popular brand when it comes to designer purses is Guess. But you can also expect their bags to be in the low hundreds or even less, especially if you happen to find a sale in their stores. Their bags are also available in some department stores and online stores. Aside from versatile everyday handbags, they also have other choices like those that have prints and embellishments. 

Here are some of the affordable Guess purses you can have:


Handbags by Fossil are also some of the least expensive designer purses you can get. Their prices usually fall at the mid-hundreds and low hundreds. You can also find their bags at department stores, outlet stores, and even online. This brand offers both fun and classic styles that range from crossbody bag sand totes to satchels and shoulder bags. 

Where to Buy
Fossil Women’s Fiona Leather Purse
Fossil Kinley Crossbody Purse
Fossil Women’s Medium Fiona Printed Crossbody Bag
Fossil Women’s Maya Small Flap Crossbody Bag
Furla Women’s Like Mini Crossbody Bag with Chain
Furla Spring/Summer Ladies Mini Black Shoulder Bag
Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody Bag


Here are some of the affordable Fossil bags you can get:


Furla is an Italian brand that also offers affordable luxury bags. It is a contemporary handbag line that has traditional design quality. Some of the purses they offer are leather mini bags, satchels, and as well as backpacks. You can buy their bags at some department stores, and as well as from their website and other online stores. 

Here are some affordable Furla bags you can check out:

These are some of the designer purse brands that are affordable and any woman can afford. These brands are perfect for you if you can’t afford to buy purses from brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Hermes. We hope this will help you find the best designer purse that will not break your bank.