Craziest Hairstyles of the 1980s

The 1980s era is at the top of our list for its extreme craziness when it comes to hairstyles and fashion, despite being well-known and infamous for many other things. There are many trendy hairdos that you can wear and style for your upcoming vintage look because this is an innovative time for hairstyles. Following are the wackiest hairstyles from the 1980s, which will instantly make you feel nostalgic and allow you to rock your vintage look at parties.

Craziest Hairstyles of the 1080s

1. Big Hair

All of the 1980s hairstyles focused on adding volume. When it came to hair, the bigger, the better. Quite popular among men, this hairstyle first gained notoriety when it was worn by the majority of celebrities. When Hollywood soap operas like Falcon Crest portrayed women with thick, voluminous hair, women did the same.

Allowing your hair to grow out will give you the big, voluminous look of the 1980s. Additionally, you can use a ton of mousse, hair foams, and hairspray. To get this high hair, all you had to do was let it grow and maintain its shape.

Singer Annie Khalid

2. The Mullet

One of the craziest hairstyles to come out of the 1980s is the mullet. Zendaya is one well-known celebrity who has rocked this 1980s hairstyle. This hairstyle can be a great option for you if you want a unique and punk-inspired look. Visit reputable hair salons with a knack for retro hairstyling to make sure your mullet haircut is on point. Longer bangs and warm highlights enhance the beauty of this haircut.

A man with a modern mullet haircut


3. Crimps, Curls, and Perms

The 1980s saw an overwhelming majority of curly hair replace the long, straight, sleek hair of the 1970s. People with naturally curly hair were teased and hair-sprayed it to incredible heights, while people with straight hair from birth tried everything to make their hair look curlier. Thus, the permanent wave—a method of chemically modifying hair to create tiny, precise curls—became suddenly fashionable once more. The style, more commonly referred to as the “perm,” shot to fame among hip young people and older people alike.

Permed hair on a young woman in the 1980s

4. Punk

The 1980s saw the emergence of punk culture, which originated in London in the late 1970s. New musical genres and waves of teenagers opted for tough-looking, leather-ripped, studded clothing, and wildly colored and styled hair. Spikes, mohawks, and creative hair color applications all gained popularity at the same time as bleached hair. The style, which was still somewhat unconventional, gained popularity as more young people looked for ways to express their individuality through their sense of fashion.

 Punk fashion circa 1986, a hairstyle with dyed red liberty spikes

5. Jheri Curls

The Jheri Curl, created by hairstylist Jheri Redding in the 1970s (also spelled Jerry or Jeri Curl), gained recognition when Michael Jackson sported the wet look in the 1980s. The look required a two-step application procedure that softened the hair in the first step and then set the curls, giving the hair a glossy, untidy appearance.

Hip-Hop artist and actor Ice cube wearing a Jheri curl hairstyle, 1987

6. Ponytails with Scrunchies

Ponytails have been popular for centuries, but in the 1980s, the addition of the “scrunchie,” a large fabric hair tie, frequently in vivid neon or “hot” colors, gave the style new life. Ponytails were frequently worn high on the back or side of the head and held in place with scrunchies for a look that was intended to be carefree and fun. Younger girls and teenagers were frequently seen wearing the look, but adult women could also be seen doing so.

Scrunchies hair bands

7. Flattop

When the hair on top of the head is cut and styled upright, it creates a flat profile when viewed from the front or the side. This haircut style is known as a flattop. The hair on top of the head is leveled from front to back before being contoured to the back of the head in the most traditional and popular flattop style for men and boys. 

Tennis player Tony Trabert wearing a flattop

8. The Mohawk Hairstyle

The 1980s’ most outrageous and bizarre hairstyle in history is still the mohawk. The Mohican hairstyle is a trendy hairdo that is distinguished by having both sides of your head shaved. Usually, the center has a thin strip of hair that is spiked and neon-colored.

You can choose to use more parallel strips to make this hairstyle more exciting. In the punk scene, many participants have two or more strips. Mohawks and similar hairstyles can be cut in patterns other than the straightforward central strip.

 Girl with rattail mohawk, 195

9. The Side Pony

The side pony is a great hairstyle to try for an ’80s-inspired look because it was popular in the era and was featured in almost all workout videos. Tie your hair up high and to one side. Cut bangs that face away from your side ponytail if you want to give it a more contemporary look. For a tidy, diagonally shifted ponytail, use scrunchies and hair straighteners.

10. The Whale Spout

In the 1980s, women of all ages favored the whale spout, also referred to as the water spout hairstyle. Its moniker refers to the split-hair appearance caused by a high ponytail. All or some of your hair should be tied up as high as you can and styled with a scrunchie. The ponytail is supposed to resemble a fountain. Use hair sprays to set and volumize your hair for an authentic 1980s look. For a contemporary, refined touch of our century, you can wrap a section of your hair around the tie.


Relive the decade of the 1980s and look your absolute best with these iconic hairstyles. You can now experience a sense of time travel by donning some of the craziest hairstyles from the 1980s.