Craziest Hairstyles of the 1980s

While famous and infamous for a lot of things, the ‘80s era tops our list for its sheer craziness when it comes to hairstyles and fashion. As an innovative time for hairstyles, there are a lot of trendy hairdos that you can wear and style for your next vintage look. From having you feel nostalgic in no time to rocking your retro look at parties, below are the ten craziest hairstyles from the 1980s for you to try.

We have also compiled a list of the top 5 accessories to nail ‘80s hairstyles for you. Style out and relive your youth today as an 80’s kid!

1. The Perm


Did you know that tightly rolled perms are not a modern-day hairstyle? These chemically treated curls were, without a doubt, one of the most popular hairstyles back in the ‘80s. As the hairstyle is already making its comeback in the 21st century, it is an excellent choice for you to style your retro diva look. If you want to fuse the ‘80s hairstyle with today, we recommend going for beach wave perms. Unlike tightly coiled curls, beach wave perms have little loose, bouncy curls.

2. Crimped Hair


Crimped hair has gained unanimous traction in our century after Hilary Duff nailed them. With this crazy hairstyle of the ‘80s, not only can you rock your retro look, but also look stylish with a tint of simplicity. Crimped hair looks great on people with long hair and an oval-shaped face.

3. Colorful Bandanas


As a big thing in the ‘80s, many women and girls rocked the colorful bandanas as headbands. Suitable for all hair sizes and textures, colorful bandanas complete one’s retro look by radiating vibrant and positive vibes.

4. The Side Pony


The side pony is a great hairdo to try for an ‘80s inspired look: seen in nearly every workout video of 1980, it is a famous one from the past. Tie up your hair high, tilted towards one side. If you want to give it a slightly modern touch, cut bangs that lay in the opposite direction of your side ponytail. Use scrunchies and hair straighteners for a neat diagonally shifted pony.

5. The Whale Spout


The whale spout, also known as the water spout hairstyle, was a favorite of women of all ages in the 1980s. It got its name after the split-hair appearance resulting from a high-positioned ponytail. Style it with a scrunchie by tying all of half of your hair as high as possible. The ponytail should appear like a fountain. For a typical ‘80s essence, use hair sprays to settle your hair and make it voluminous. You may wrap a section of your hair around the tie for a modern, elevated touch of our century.

6. The Mullet


The Mullet is one of the craziest hairstyles originating in the 1980s. Many eminent celebrities, including Zendaya, have rocked this badass hairdo of the ‘80s. If you are looking for a different and punk-inspired look, this hairstyle can be an excellent choice for you. To ensure your mullet haircut is on point, visit professional salons with a knack for retro hairstyling. Warm highlights and longer bangs add to the beauty of this haircut.

7. The Chunky Highlights


For a soft 80s look, there is no better hairstyling option than the chunky highlights with a slicked-back hairdo. Chunky highlights were first introduced in the 1980s and can help you relive your youth days even today. Orange highlights are good options among many. You can try this one out with all hair sizes and styles.

8. The Shaved Sides


Hallmark of the ‘80s punk movement, the shaved sides hairstyle is a go-to if you love punk-inspired looks. For a complete ‘80s punk vibe, try it out after coloring your hair with neon ranges. Colorful outfits will also help you complete this look. So why are you still waiting? Have all eyes on yourself with this unique and crazy look.

9. The Mohawk Hairstyle


The mohawk hairstyle remains the most outrageous and craziest hairstyle of history from the ‘80s. As known as the Mohican hairstyle, this edgy hairdo characterized shaved sides of your head from both sides. A thin strip of hair in the center is spiked and dyed (to a neon color usually).

To make this hairstyle more exciting, you can opt for more parallel strips. Many people in the punk movement have two strips or more. Mohawks or mohawk-like hairstyles can be cut in patterns deviating from the simple central strip.

10. The Big Hair


The hairstyles of the 80s were all about volume. The bigger, the better they were when it came to hair. Quite seen in men, this hairstyle originated and became famous when most celebrities rocked this hairdo. Women too followed suit when most soap operas from Hollywood like Falcon Crest featured women with big, voluminous hair.

For a big voluminous hairstyle of the ‘80s, let your hair grow out. You can also use copious amounts of hairspray, mousse, and hair foams. All you had to do to achieve this high hair was to let it grow out and keep it in shape.

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Top 5 Products For ‘80s Inspired Hairstyles

1. DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper

As hairstyles of the ‘80s are all about volume, having a hair crimper is a must if you would like to flaunt looks from the 1980s: crimping makes your hair heavier and fizz-free. With so many crimpers available, we recommend buying the DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper. It features four interchangeable plates of iron, each resulting in a distinct texture and volume. With a remarkable heating speed, it is perfect for last-minute hairstyling. The product also offers a long power cord and an anti-skid button.

2. Carede Bandana Headbands

For a lively and vibrant appearance, headband bandanas by Carede are a perfect pick. It features a unique removable rabbit-ear bow and an elastic back to fit easily. From parties, yoga, dancing events to casual life days, you can wear this pack of 6 bandanas whenever you wish. The versatile and light design make these headbands suitable for all occasions. You may also use this product for DIY-hairstyles. Get your Carede Bandana for an authentic ‘80s hairstyle look.

3. Nexxus Mousse Plus

Nexxus Mousse Plus adds extra volume and lift to your hair. Not only does it help boost your hair body, but it also protects against frizz and flyaways: bid farewell to hair problems because of warm and humid climates!

The cherry on top? It works without leaving sticky residues and makes your hair soft textured. We recommend using it before styling your hair into one of the craziest hairstyles mentioned above.

4. L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray

With a stronghold on hair, it keeps your hairstyles in place for a long time. It lets you easily brush your hair after application and even restyle. It has a long-lasting effect with little to no sticky residues. If you are going with the mohawk or big hair, this spray is the one for you.

5. Wahl Clipper Self-Cut – Model 79467

For hairstyles like the mullet, mohawk, and the rat tail from the 80s era, having a hair clipper is incredibly essential to maintain it. If you own one hair clipper, you will no longer have to visit the salon again and again.

This one by Wahl is an excellent choice because of its features and reliability. It is a durable self-cut clipper boasting clean and neat trims. It gets through thick hair with ease and features ultra quietness. The size of this product is also very decent: it is neither big nor small.

The soft rubber pads and long cord make it further easy to grip. If you would like to explore before settling on one hair clipper, read through our Top Five Picks For Hair Clippers.

The Takeaway

Reminisce and rock your iconic ‘80s look with the hairstyles above. We have also linked some hairstyling accessories used to nail these iconic vintage looks: we recommend buying hair crimpers, hair clippers, bandanas, and lots of hair-volumizing products like sprays (the more, the better). You may also need hair straighteners.

So why are you still waiting? Choose the hairstyle you want to show-off and get your hands on the accessories needed for an iconic 1980s inspired look!