Choosing the Best Beach Wear for Kids

Summer holidays come with a lot of fun activities for kids. They eagerly wait for this time of the year so that they can play to their hearts’ content. Kids often make up elaborated plans to carry out during summers. One such planning happens around a vacation at the beach.

Beaches are fun for everyone. Adults go to the beach to spend quality time alone or with friends while kids see water and sand, and they go bizarre with excitement. You will hardly find any kid who says no to playing in the water. 

If you are someone who is currently in the process of planning a beach vacation, then you might be worried about what kind of clothes to pack. While adults are sensible enough to choose appropriate clothing, kids are only concerned about playing. But the same kids will make a lot of fuss if they get rashes from their uncomfortable clothing.

No one wants their vacation ruined by a bunch of crying kids now, don’t we? Kids get agitated quickly over petty things – uncomfortable clothing should not be one of them. Whether you have naughty boys or sweet, fun-loving girls, they have different preferences for clothes. Beachwear should not be any different. It is wise to plan a little before packing your bags mindlessly. We have made guidelines on how to choose the perfect clothes for kids during a vacation on the beach:

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Beach Wear for Little Girls

Little girls look adorable whatever they wear. They have a unique charm about them that can’t be denied. They deserve to look the cutest no matter the occasion. Many parents have concerns about their daughter’s outfits for the beach. To answer this simply, the clothes should hide the essentials and protect them from the sun. The options are endless, to be honest – cover-ups, hats, floral summer dresses are just a few. Read to know more about what you can choose for your daughter to wear on the beach:

1. One-Piece Swimsuit


These are just the most comfortable type of swimsuit you can get. They are easy to handle and require low maintenance. They come in plenty of girly colors and designs; your little girls will love them. Just make sure that the size is neither too big nor too small for your girl. Also, it should be comfortable between the legs and not tight. 

We recommend this one-piece swimsuit for your little girl by Kanu Surf. It is made of nylon and spandex and is machine washable. It comes in various sizes, from infants to the age of 14.

2. Two-Piece Swimsuit


This type of swimsuit consists of a sleeveless cropped top and matching pants. They are also known as tankini. Unlike one-piece swimsuits, you don’t have to worry about getting them tight around the thighs. Just make sure that the fabric is washable and of good quality.

On our suggestion, consider buying this best-seller cute tankini. It comes in a huge variety of colors and is safe for machine wash. 

3. Rash Guards


Rash guards are equally as crucial as other swimsuits. They protect from the harmful sun at the beach. Minimum seams ensure fewer chances of getting rashes, and a layer of UPF protects from the harsh rays of the sun. Make sure to wash your child’s rash guard after using it so that it won’t catch any mold.

This Carter’s Assorted Rash Guard Set is perfect for your little girl on the beach. They are made of 100% polyester. 

4. Cover-Ups


They may not be ideal for a swim, but they look super cute on little girls. They are designed in unique shapes, and most of them cover the skin. Your little angel will feel the comfiest and will play on the beach without a single worry in the world. They come in eye-catching colors, which are perfect for taking insta-worthy photos.

We recommend you this chic, Disney-themed romper. It comes in fun colors and pockets at the front. It also provides UPF 50+ for extra protection from the sun.

5. Sun Hats


Kids love wearing sun hats. Not only does it look cute, but it also protects the head from the harsh sun. This is a must to carry for all kids and adults. There are plenty of designs and colors for little girls to choose from. We suggest that you check out this excellent piece from Connectyle Kids. It is made from soft and breathable polyester and features built-in UPF 50+ for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Beach Wear for Little Boys

Unlike girls, boys couldn’t care less about what they wear. As long as they are allowed to play freely in the sand and water, they will be fine. That is why mothers stress so much about their sons because they are also the ones who quickly get irritated over small things. One minute they could be playing peacefully, and the other minute, they will come crying because they’ve got a rash somewhere. To avoid these unwanted rashes, it is important to pack suitable clothing for your son.

1. Swim Trunks


Boys only need to wear trunks on the beach, and they are good to go. They will be happy running around on the beach with just that on their body. Make sure that there is a good quality elastic band in your little boy’s trunks, and the lining is good too. You don’t want the elastic to loosen up during the rough games that boys play.

Check out this cool swim trunk by Hatley. They have a wide variety of fun designs and colors to choose from. Your little boy will love wearing them.

2. Rash Guard


You can match your boy’s swimming trunks with a matching rash guard. The usual fabric of rash guards is quick drying. So, boys will have no problem wearing them after the swim. Plus, they will also be protected from getting rashes from harsh, salty water.

This Rash Guard and trunk set is just the perfect thing for your son. Not only is the fabric of good quality, but it also comes in a variety of colors.

3. Sandals


Boys hate wearing footwear on the beach. That is the fact that many parents struggle with. Carefree nature is a little boy’s soul. You can’t expect them to wear flip-flops at the beach. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they are also not suitable for running. This is where sandals come into the picture. Sandals allow the tiny humans to run freely while feeling the sand and the water on their feet.

Check out this cute water-friendly sandal from Tombik. They come in a lot of colors and pretty designs. They are perfect for your kid’s day at the beach.

4. Sun Hats


Wide-brimmed sun hats are perfect and essential to complete the beach outfit. Little boys may hate wearing it, but they will surely love it once they see how handy and valuable it is. Sun is a lot harsher at the beach and hurts the eyes. Often kids get headaches due to the heat, and these sun hats can protect from such mishaps.

Connectyle Kids Sun Hats comes with UPF 50+ for extra protection. A variety of colors mean that you can match the hat with your kid’s swimsuit.

5. Sunglasses


Little boys and their swag go hand in hand. They like to play tough even when they are wearing nothing but trunks on the beach. Sunglasses help them get the bossy look they want so much. With the sun on the head, it is also somewhat necessary to protect the eyes. 

RIVBOS Polarized Sunglasses are specially made for kids to wear safely on the beach. Their silicon design is meant to bear stress and is hard to break. You can buy them with reliability for your kids.

Kids and Their Clothing – A Difficult Affair

It is hard to be a parent of children who prefer different stuff for every occasion. A beach holiday is no different, and you just have to be patient with your kids. They may be a little too excited about their adventure, but the correct type of clothing can make all the difference in the world. A comfortable kid means a more relaxed parent. You will be able to enjoy the holiday to the best as well.