Guide to Buckle Free Belts

Seamless pattern with belts, chain and braid for fabric design

Buckles are fastening devices used to connect two ends of a belt, strap, or other object in order to secure them, secure cargo, or seal something. Common uses of buckles include holding up pants (suspender or belt buckles) and securing watches and other valuables. Other uses of buckles include shutting luggage, securing … Read more

What Is the Difference Between a Regular Belt and an Outdoor Belt?

Black leather men's belt with silver buckle

For most people, wearing a belt is a no-brainer and serves a purely practical purpose. However, belts are an indispensable accessory that may transform an outfit and tie it all together. When worn appropriately, belts may be the focal point of both casual and formal ensembles, paired effortlessly with shorts, chinos, jeans, … Read more

What is a heavy duty leather belt and what are its benefits?

Military tactical belt with semi-automatic buckle for connection, an outdoor belt

It might be challenging to choose the proper leather belt, especially if you do not know what to look for but still want to acquire a fantastic belt. There are numerous types and leather goods manufacturers, making it difficult to locate a durable, high-quality belt.  This article outlines all of the considerations … Read more

The Proper Way to Store Leather Belts

Five rolled belts

Belts are one of those items that many people disregard, but they shouldn’t for three reasons. First, your belt also has emotions. Second, it holds your pants up, and third, it adds a finishing touch to your look. If belts are significant enough to warrant such justifications, you should take better care … Read more

Guide to Corset Style Belts

A girl in white long dress and black corset

Women have been wearing corsets for millennia. A corset is a waist-cinching belt that makes the wearer appear thinner. European ladies wore corset belts to appear thinner, similar to modern shapewear. In the 16th century, corsets were considered to provide numerous benefits, including back support, improved posture, and of course, waist and … Read more

Types of Belt Weaves and Materials

Yellow, magenta, blue canvas belts

Since the Bronze Age, a variety of materials have been used to create belts. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, belts were predominantly worn by the military. However, by the 1920s, belts were once again popular among civilians. In women’s fashion, more so than in men’s fashion, the belt is frequently … Read more

What is a heavy duty belt?

A man with a heavy duty belt with tools attached to it

UHeavy-duty belts lend a sense of durability and practicality to your equipment. In this ever-changing period, heavy-duty belts have demonstrated that belts can be a versatile accessory. It may be difficult for people to view something as mundane as a belt as functional and beneficial. Ordinary belts can be equipped with dozens … Read more

Guide to Slide Belts

A rolled up black leather slide belt

A slide belt may be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a belt that is both very effective and incredibly comfortable. One of the best features of these belts is that they can be adjusted to fit your body. The ratchet belt is the ideal answer for adapting to the … Read more

The Guide to Invisible and No – Show Belts

A woman in trendy shirt jeans and black belt

When wearing a tunic or blouse with a slim cut over jeans, the protruding belt buckle can create an unsightly pouch. You can get your jeans changed to eliminate the need for a belt, but this is not always cost-effective. And if you do not wear a belt, people may be able … Read more

Best Belts for Dresses

A girl in a dress with belt on it.

It is common knowledge that women must have an arsenal of belts in their closets. Belts may add flair, character, and charm to any outfit. However, wearing the proper belt at the wrong moment can make you appear to be trying too hard, or even worse, outdated. Should I accessorize a dress … Read more

Best Belts for Running

A girl with a pink running belt on her waist preparing to run on the beach.

While running, carrying your phone, cash, and other objects in your hands or pockets can be annoying and dangerous. Armbands with storage are practical but frequently restrictive and can cause unpleasant chafing. Running belts are a convenient and hands-free method of transporting your essentials. There are numerous aesthetic and storage options, allowing … Read more

Alternative Uses for Leather Belts

A leather bag and a leather belt in a craft workshop

Our pants have been held up by belts for millennia. With a bit of ingenuity, though, a fine leather belt can serve as a survival tool and do more than just keep your pants up. Here are some uses for a high-quality leather belt. Are there other uses for leatherbelts? Before disassembling … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Wearing Belts

a woman wearing a black belt

Belts are more than a functional accessory; they are also the final sartorial touch that wraps up and polishes your overall outfit. A belt might be the equivalent of putting a period at the end of a phrase. Furthermore, they can help improve the fit of a garment by adding shape; Yet, … Read more

Guide to Cinch Belts

A woman with a wide gray belt on her skirt.

It has a low profile and can hold up more than just pants. It tightens instantly and locks without any trouble. The cinch belt is made to get tight quickly and stay tight. This simple, heavy-duty belt is made to last a lifetime, so it’s a good investment. This belt moves with … Read more