Best Sandalwood Perfumes

Sandalwood is a top-notch aromatic wood, belonging to the genus santalum. It is well-loved around the globe for its rich and warm aroma that is long-lasting. It has various uses, including being converted into an essential oil due to the abundant amount of benefits it provides. It is also used in perfumes, incense, skincare, food and makeup.

Sandalwood possesses numerous benefits, including its ability to instantly relax and calm its user through its woodsy scent.Further, its scent is heavenly. Due to the popularity of sandalwood’s scent, sandalwood perfume products are highly in demand all over. So, below we have compiled a list of some of the best sandalwood perfumes around, which you will love!

Where to Buy
Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum - 50 ml 100046
Etro Sandalo Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.3oz
Mon Guerlain by Guerlain Florale Eau de Parfum Spray/3.3 fl.oz. 100ml
Tocca Stella Eau de Parfum Spray - 50 ml/ 1.7 fl. oz.
Calvin Klein ETERNITY Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Santal Blush Eau De Parfum Spray - 50ml/1.7oz
AMOUAGE Lyric Women's Eau de Parfum Spray
AMOUAGE Lyric Men's Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Fl Oz
Diptyque Tam Dao Eau De Parfum
Sandalwood Perfume Oil Mist (no alcohol spray) - Natural Organic Essential Oils and Hypoallergenic Vegan Perfumes for Women and Men by Zoha Fragrances, 15 ml / 0.50 fl Oz
Sofia Vergara Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 oz.


1. Byredo Mojave Ghost

This exquisite fragrance, formulated by the Design House of Byredo, was published in 2014. It has a hearty, oriental aroma. It’s a unisex fragrance containing an exuberant scent story which is layered in various notes including ambrette and sapodilla, followed by the scent of violet and the floral hues from Magnolia intricately intertwined with warm and woodsy sandalwood scent.

A few of its base notes include cedar and ambergris, which provides this enriching fragrance with depth, and richness, which is long-lasting and extremely relevant.

2. Etro Sandalo

Sandalo by Etro has the most exhilarating and delicate oriental aroma that is artfully refined and fresh. It’s a must-have, due to its gorgeous and sensual scent which exhibits a relaxing aura. The perfume exhibits an eerie warmness through its base notes consisting of amber, vanilla, cypress and musk. It has been topped by the bright and fresh hues of oranges, lemon and roses that when combined with the middle notes of sandalwood, create the loveliest fragrance that is balanced and calming.

It definitely pays homage to the well-loved sandalwood incense found around the globe used in various forms to celebrate the diversity of traditions and cultures the world has.

3. Mon Guerlain

This exquisite Eau de Parfum was first released in 2017 by The House of Guerlain, inspired by femininity and freedom. Ithas the most sensual and radiant aroma, expressing the beauty of Angelina Jolie through its complex and layered notes story. It has a heady oriental musk, which gives it a place among the best sandalwood perfumes.

All its rich and exquisite ingredients have been taken from different parts of the world exhibiting authenticity in each note that this scent presents. Australian sandalwood has been infused with lavender and vanilla notes, which has made this lovely perfume embody the trusted art of femininity.

4. Tocca Stella

Stella by Tocca was first released in 2006, having a rich and musky aroma in its fragrance notes. The scent has an exhilarating spirit of spontaneity in romance, providing it with tenderness and freshness,making it youthful and beautiful. It’s a feminine fragrance containing notes from lilies and orchids that are combined with the richness from sandalwood and musk. The fragrance represents the concept of self-love, which is the spirit of the brand itself.

5. Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein has described Eternity to be timeless and romantic due to its enchanting notes profile. It celebrates the youth of love and the art of intimacy in a completely contemporary style. The scent begins with fresh and floral notes from freesia and mandarin intricately combined with white lilies and narcissus.

The base notes of this alluring fragrance come from the intoxicating hues of patchouli, sandalwood and amber. This fragrance is definitely a must-have because it embodies sandalwood’s peace and calm while celebrating romance in all its glory.

6. Tom Ford Santal Blush

It is a heady and warm fragrance having a sultry, seductive and mysterious spirit that will captivate your senses with luscious hues. It pays homage to the eastern spices that are enriched with the woodsy aroma from sandalwood providing this scent with the ultimate exotic appeal. It is earthy and woody, combined with notes from cinnamon and ylang-ylang.

7. Amouage Lyric

Amouage Lyric has two of the most exquisite scents created to serve both men and women’s needs. The Amouage Lyric Men has been created for all those gentlemen who dare to dreamand have desire and confidence in their life. Its base notes include pine, sandalwood musk, and vanilla that combine and create a warm and sultry aroma.

Amouage Lyric Women has floral notes from roses, jasmine and orris combined with the warmness exhibiting from sandalwood, musk, tonka bean and more to provide the fragrance with the layered complexity that is extremely captivating and melodious.  This fragrance has the ability to showcase the tunes of floral and timeless scent.

8. Diptyque Tam Dao

Tam Dao was first released in 2003, by Diptyque as a unisex fragrance owning a lovely woodsy aroma infused with floral notes. The scent provides the right balance of oriental hues with freshness from roses, myrtle and cypress. The perfume captures the spirit of forests from Indochina, and their temples which have the warm aromas of sandalwood incense, inspired by the childhood of one of the brand’s founders, Yves Coueslant.

9. Sandalwood Perfume Oil Mist

It’s a heady and warm mist which is natural and organic; therefore, it has the most profound benefits for its users. The sandalwood scent has been infused with cedar, cloves, and roses, which create the most layered and exotic scent profile. It has an oil-based formula, but it stands out from other mists because it isn’t sticky or overpowering. It has a distinctive aroma, which can be worn at all times, and would provide the most soothing and relaxing feel to its user.

10. Sofia Perfume Spray

Sofia by Sofia Vergara was first released in 2014 as a collaboration with the famous actress and Parlux. Her first released perfume, it has an oriental aroma infused with floral notes from roses, violets, and orchids.

This lovely scent has been created by Bruno Jovanovic, who very intricately has combined the elements of blackberries and plums in the fragrance making is quite distinctive and unique from other sandalwood perfumes. It’s recommended for all those women who enjoy a woody aroma, which is warm and sultry because it truly captures femininity with youthfulness.


We have brought you some of the best sandalwood scents available out there. These sandalwood perfumes definitely are a must-have in your fragrance collections because they have a unique aroma that gives the feeling of eerie calmness, thus providing a meditating effect. The scents they exhibit are woodsy and wholesome, setting them apart from other perfumes.