Best Jade Rollers

Have you ever had mornings when you wake up and feel less bright-eyed and puffier? The jade roller is a tool for that. Jade rollers are handheld face massaging tool that looks like a mini paint roller, except that you roll a piece of jade stone instead of sponge. Jade rollers may have one or two jade stone heads, which can massage your face, boost circulation, relieve swelling under the eyes, relax the face and help products be absorbed faster by the skin. The roller helps remove excess fluids and toxins in the face that makes it puffy and pale, and the cooling effect of jade makes it a rejuvenating beauty tool.

Here are some of the best jade rollers from Amazon to try:

Where to Buy
GingerChi Jade Roller
Mount Lai Jade Roller
WITTY Jade Roller
Dardugo Jade Roller
Ovovo Agate Jade Roller
Toullgo Jade Roller
Elera 2pcs. Jade Roller

1. GingerChi Jade Roller

GingerChi Jade Roller is made of 100% authentic jade soldered with a silver nickel. It’s a beautiful double-end roller made of green jade, even on the handle. It comes with instructions on how to roll over your face and how to stimulate your meridian points. The nature of the jade stone, which is also known as xiuyan jade, makes each piece unique in color – from pale green to dark green, from opaque to transparent.

2. Mount Lai Jade Roller

If you’re looking for a jade roller to give to your glamorous friend (or as a gift to yourself), get Mount Lai Jade Roller. This jade roller comes in a silk-lined storage box perfect for gifting in a super luxe way. It also comes with a scaping tool and a free gemstone pendant. The jade roller itself is made of pure, premium natural jade and a durable steel handle plated with gold. Use it for 5-10 minutes daily for a glowing skin and tension-free facial muscles.

3. WITTY Jade Roller

Beautifully handcrafter with premium, all-natural jade stone, the WITTY Jade Roller is a pretty sweet deal. It includes double rollers accented with gold metal frames. You’d be amazed with the beauty and uniqueness of the stone with every purchase – the colors can vary from light to dark green. It even includes a helpful and stylish 33-page e-book with instructions and tips for using the jade roller. This product also comes with a pretty packaging that makes it gift-worthy.

4. Dardugo Jade Roller

Dardugo Jade Roller is made of pure natural jade stone that came from Xiuyan, China, a famous jade hometown. This is a smooth, double-head roller – with one big stone for the face, neck and jaws; and one smaller stone for the eyes. It comes with a beautiful case you can carry in your purse or give as a gift to any special woman you know.

5. Ovovo Agate Jade Roller

It doesn’t look like the usual green rollers, but this brown roller is made from 100% agate jade. Ovovo Agate Jade Roller is a double-sided jade roller with a big and a small agate jade stone on the ends. It gives your skin a smooth touch feeling that improves blood circulation on your facial area. The reddish brown agate jade and the gold-plated metal pieces make it pretty to look at.

6. Toullgo Jade Roller

Relax and make your face radiate with Toullgo Jade Roller. This one’s made of 100% royal jade, which color also varies from pale to dark and from opaque to transparent. Like most rollers on this list, it’s a double-sided roller with a big and small stone and a glamorous gold metal frame. Use this jade roller to reduce dark, under-eye circles, promote healthy blood circulation and reduce puffiness in your face, resulting to a tighter face lift. It works best when used with your favorite serum, oil or moisturizer.

7. Elera 2pcs. Jade Roller

This jade roller from Elera comes in a pack of two. Both are a double-sided massager – one side has a regular elongated jade and the other side has a textured jade. The textured side works best as a massager and for use in needling. The seller recommends that you use this jade roller thrice a week for 5 to 10 minutes at a time to give your face a healthy glow. It’s a bit on the fragile side, so make sure you use it carefully.