5 Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men

Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for Men

Best Black and Brown Leather Riding Boots for MenWhen the term riding boots is heard the first thing that comes to mind is the boots used for horse riding competitions. But they are not only used for a single purpose as they help in protecting the feet of the rider when riding a horse. The good side of these boots is that they look good on the riding costume as well as in the regular clothes.

They have been in existence since a long time but with the passage of time, new improvements have been done with the material and style. These boots are available in different types of materials like synthetic, rubber, leather, etc. The most common material used is leather because of its high quality. They are expensive at times but the comfort they give is able to beat the price barrier.

There is a variety of riding boots available and factors like safety, comfort, design, style, etc are to be taken care while choosing the boots. The boots comprise of various designs like dress boot, field boots, cowboy boots, paddock boots, etc. Men usually prefer to have the boots of the black, brown colors and the shouting colors are less likely for them.

It is a great investment when buying boots is considered and thus the comfort levels are to be checked properly. Men have not been fashionable earlier but now men have become conscious about their looks. They have become conscious about fashion. Some men prefer to have low heels boots while riding while some prefer to have high heels.

5 of the Best Riding Boots for Men

Where to Buy
Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot
Tony Lama Boots Men's RR4001 Boot
Ariat Men's Sedona Western Cowboy Boot
Tony Lama Boots Men's Bay Apache 7902 Boot
Tony Lama Boots Men's Saigets Worn Goat 6979 Western Boot

1. Ariat Men's Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boot

These boots are for those men who wish to have the best and technologically advanced boots in order to enhance their riding experience. The boots are for the topmost athletes and they are the leading boots known for its performance and the apparel brand. This boots are made up of the leather material and contain the synthetic sole. The Ariat boots are developed with a combination of modernity and simplicity. They are made of leather and thus, they can sustain all the seasons.

This boot is best suited for the show jumping and team penning activities. It can fit well in different size and the riders can enjoy the shaft measure till 13” from the arch. The heel measures around 1.38” and they are adorable for the men riders. The heels are comfortable for men while riding as well as walking.  The feature that will tempt users into buying the boot is the six-row stitch pattern at the upper side of the boots. The design is attractive and these boots bring a unique riding experience.

2. Tony Lama Boots Men's RR4001 Boot

The Tony Lama boots are for those men who want the boots for special purpose like riding, roping, and ranching. They have been specializing in the boots in these fields since long. The boots are not like boring advanced ones. But they are technically advanced and also they are fashionable. The standards of the western lifestyle are well satisfied by the boots. The special feature which differentiates the boots is the handcrafted walnut bridle leather foot. It is under the black baron calf leather.

The boot is of leather material and thus, they are long-lasting. They possess the rubber sole and contain the authentic style of boot. If the rider feels discomfort then the insole can be removed easily. There are different sizes available for the boots and the highest height is 13”. The boot contains a beautiful design and the symbol is well embroidered at the top of the boot.

3. Ariat Men's Sedona Western Cowboy Boot

It is well said that at times basic is the best. The Sedona boots are the example of the basic boots which proves to be best. They contain a simple design at the collar of the boot keeping the upper parts clean and simple. As the design is simple and the look of the boots is elegant. The boots have the 4 layer rebound stability which makes the boots more durable in all the seasons. The cushioning system is used in the boots which help the rider to feel the feet right.

The outsole with Dura tread rubber makes it durable and can withstand any difficult situation. This feature makes the boot give a long performance. The boots feature the western with classic style and have the smooth unique leather in it. The height available is the 12” from the arch and the 2” heel gives the comfort level to the wearer. Though the latest techniques are used, the four-row hand stitching is the most adorable part of boots. This boots can help those men who want good riding experience with good heels.

4. Tony Lama Boots Men's Bay Apache 7902 Boot

This boot is from Tony Lama’s American collection and thus, it has some different quality ingredients into it. The cowboy boot has the combination of the best material and also of the U.S.A craftsmanship. Moreover, the boot is available at reasonable prices in comparison with the features it provides. The boots are like an apple pie and it is the bay apache leather boot.

The unique craftsmanship is applied as the stitching of the fancy design is done of the same color matching the leather shaft. The sole is of leather and this feature helps these boots to sustain in the adverse conditions as well. The comfortable heel is of 1.5” and it gives comfort while riding as well as walking. The leather is handcrafted upper, heel, lining and at sole. The cushion insole gives the walking comfort to the wearer. The boot with different heights can be useful in getting the most comfortable size.

5. Tony Lama Boots Men's Saigets Worn Goat 6979 Western Boot

These boots are the legendary western boots which are crafted by Tony Lama brand. Tony Lama has expertise in the making of the cowboy and ranchers. The legendary boots are the mixture of superior craftsmanship and modern technology. The worn goat Saigets has the goatskin leather foot below 13” and it matches with the leather shaft. The beautiful design is handcrafted and the subtle stitching is done.

The boot is for those who wish to have the riding cowboy boots with the pointed toe and normal heel. The 1.5” heel complements the pointed toe to a great extent. The boots are from leather material and they contain the leather sole. The shaft can be of different sizes to 13”. The boot opening measure 13.25” which is suitable for everyone. The cushioned insole provides immense comfort and safety. The look and wear of the boot will boost the energy and will give a great riding experience.


There are a variety of boots made for men and all possess different designs. But still, certain features remain the same when the riding experience is considered. The basic feature includes the riding comfort, experience, durability which is needed by each user. Riding books can also make great winter boots for men.  The preferences of men are different; some may prefer to have the strapless boots and some may prefer the opposite of it. Decide your choice and then choose from the wide range of riding boots listed over here.

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