Best Belts for Running

Running is a good exercise for a lot of people. It can help improve physical and mental health, and based on studies, it can also reduce stress, improve heart health, and even aid in alleviating the symptoms of depression. This is why many people set aside time every day for a run. However, one of the dilemmas of people who are into running is carrying their things with them. When you run, it is very important to bring with you some water for hydration, and as well as a towel to wipe away your sweat.

For some people, it is quite distracting to carry around their water bottles in one hand and their phones in the pocket as they run, and it is also uncomfortable. Some people bring a bag with them, but this may also feel uncomfortable and will just add weight to your body when you run. If you’re one of the people who are experiencing these struggles when running, you no longer have to worry because you can use running belts instead.

A running belt is something that will allow you to bring your water, phone, keys, and other essential items on a run while keeping your hands and pockets free. Unlike other types of bags, a running belt will keep you comfortable while running. You can read our Tips for Wearing Running Belts to have more ideas on how to use them. If you are interested in buying one, read on as we’re giving you a list of the best belts for running.



Things to Consider When Choosing a Running Belt

Before we give you the list, you first need to learn about the different factors of choosing a running belt. This way, you will be able to choose the best one that will fit your needs.

  • Right Fit

Running belts are worn on the hips, and the pouch is ideally positioned in front, low, and at the widest part of your hips. With this, you first need to measure your hips to make sure that you will find the right-sized belt for you. It is even better if you can find a running belt that has adjustable straps. This way, you can adjust it perfectly against your body, preventing it from bouncing around as you run.

  • Hydration Capabilities

It is very important to stay hydrated when you run, especially during long-distance races and training. Therefore, it is essential to choose a running belt that has space for bottles. There are different types of running belts with hydration capabilities. Some come with 1 to 2 bottles or one simple water pouch. There are also running belts with a holster for your own bottle.

  • Pouch Size

If you like listening to music when running, or if you are using a running or exercise app from your smartphone, then you need to find a running belt that can accommodate your phone. You can also choose one with a pouch that can hold other items, like cash, cards, protein bars, and more. When you choose one, consider whether you will be using your phone often while you run. Also, if you are using wired headphones or earphones, ensure that the running belt has easy access to your phone’s headphone port.

  • Material

It is also important that you check the materials used in making the running belt. There are materials that are more effective when it comes to regulating heat and preventing sweat from trickling through. Choose running belts that are made of neoprene fabric and other lightweight, elastic and less bulky materials. It is also great if it is water-resistant in case you are running in rainy conditions.

  • Additional Features

Some running belts also offer additional features, such as reflective accents for high visibility when it’s dark, loops to hold energy gel packets, sunglasses pouch, phone case, and more. Choosing running belts with features like these depends on your personal preferences and running needs.

Where to Buy
SPIbelt Running Belt Large Pocket
MoKo Sports Running Belt
sport2people Running Belt for Men and Women
Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix Plus - Adjustable Running Belt
AiRunTech Upgraded No Bounce Hydration Belt


Our Top Picks for the Best Running Belts

To further help you choose, here are some of the best running belts that we can recommend:

1. SPIbelt Running Belt

This running belt is made of stretchable Spandex that is perfect for running and other sports. Its soft elastic material prevents it from chafing, and it does not bounce or ride during rigorous running. The pouch of this running belt is compatible with phones up to 6.5 inches long. The pocket expands to 6.5 x 3 x 2 inches, and it can fit waists size 24 to 47 inches. In addition to running, you can also use this belt when hiking, traveling, or attending events where you want to conveniently carry important items.

  • Stretchable Spandex
  • Pocket size: 6.5 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Waist size: 24 to 47 inches

2. MoKo Sports Running Belt

This running belt can hold different types and sizes of phones. In addition to that, you can also use it to carry your keys, credit cards, and other items when you run. It has two pockets to store your belongings. It is lightweight and features an extra storage grid that separates your phone and earphones, wallet, cash, keys, coins, and other sharp things. It also features two controllable buckles that you can easily access to adjust the belt’s length to your waist. It also has a reflective strip around the zipper to keep you safe when running in low light conditions. This is a perfect belt not just for running but as well as for cycling, mountain climbing, traveling, and more.

  • Stretchable Spandex
  • Pocket size: expandable up to 6.5 inches
  • Waist size: 29.5 to 35.4 inches

3. Sport2People Running Belt

With this running belt, you can enjoy running and other outdoor activities carefree and hands-free. It features two pockets to carry all your essential items when you run. It has two expandable pockets, one large and one small. This helps separate your phone from other items that might scratch it. This running belt is made using high-quality materials, and it has a special-shaped zipper to keep your things dry in all kinds of weather conditions. This belt has an adjustable length and features a special earphones hole to make listening to music more comfortable while running.

  • Stretchable Spandex
  • Pocket Size: 5.12 inches and 9.06 inches
  • Waist Size: 27.5 inches to 40.5 inches

4. Nathan Hydration Running Belt

This running bag will help you stay hydrated when you run. It comes with two 10 ounces or 300mL bottles with push-pull caps for easy access to hydration and nutrition during your run. The best is ergo-shaped and soft monofilament, offering you multidirectional stretch. It is an adjustable belt that stays snug and does not bounce, shifts, chafe, or rub, making it very comfortable to use. It also features zip pockets. Its front stash pouch can be used to store hydration gels, keys, phones, and other essential items. It also has a reflective trip for enhanced safety while running.

  • Nylon / Soft Monofilament
  • Pocket Size: 6.5 inches
  • Waist Size: 26 inches to 44 inches

5. AiRunTech Running Belt

This running belt has an upgraded run belt hook and loop that does not loosen while running, giving you the ultimate freedom of movement and comfort. It can also be adjusted to match the size of your waist. This belt is designed to be worn low down on the hips. It stays in place without bouncing or chafing when in use.

To keep you hydrated, this running belt also has an innovative 45-degree angle bottle holder, which can resolve the weight on your hip to make sure that it will not shake during your move. It also contours the curve of your body for a comfortable carrying experience. It also has two zipper pockets with an inner layer and key hook to hold your valuables securely. It is also complete with a headphone hole to enjoy music while running.

  • Nylon
  • Pocket Size: 6.6 inches
  • Waist Size: 20 inches to 47 inches

Comparative Analysis

  SPIbelt Running Belt Large PocketMoKo Sports Running Beltsport2people Running Belt for Men and WomenNathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix Plus - Adjustable Running BeltAiRunTech Upgraded No Bounce Hydration Belt
MaterialStretchable SpandexStretchable SpandexStretchable SpandexNylon / Soft MonofilamentNylon
Pocket Size6.5 x 3 x 2 inchesexpandable up to 6.5 inches5.12 inches and 9.06 inches6.5 inches6.6 inches
Waist Size24 to 47 inches29.5 to 35.4 inches27.5 inches to 40.5 inches26 inches to 44 inches20 inches to 47 inches
Pouch FeaturesExpandable pouch that fits phones up to 6.5 inchesTwo pockets to store phone separate from coins, keys, and other sharp itemsOne large and one small pockets, both expandable, earphone hole, water-resistantTwo hydration bottles, zip pockets, stash pouch for gels and other itemsTwo pouches, one bottle holder, headphone hole

These are some of the best belts for running that we can recommend. All of these belts can surely help you carry your important items safely and comfortably when you run. This way, you can focus on running or training without needing to hold your water bottle in one hand as you run, or worry that your phone might fall off from your pocket. We hope this article will help you find the perfect running belt for your needs.