Style Guide for Ombre Handbags

Ombre is a stylistic color blending technique that creates beautiful graduated color designs. This blending design usually features blending from light to dark shades of one color or the gradual transition from one color to another different hue. Because of its great aesthetics, this styling technique is a popular style for nail art, hair coloring, graphic design, home decor, and fashion and apparel. 

This chic stylistic color blending design is a popular and fashionable design choice for bags. Here is a list of some great ombre-designed bags that combine function and fashion. Here are some great ombre bags to consider:


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Pixie Mood Inc Rachel Small Tote & Crossbody

This small tote bag is made of vegan leather and features a black ombre finish. Not only is this bag fashionable, but it is also versatile. The bag has a matching pouch that can be used as a crossbody.

Aside from being a fashion statement, this bag is also practical to carry around. It measures 19.625” x 13” x 4.125”, so it will have no problem accommodating all your everyday casual necessities. The bag also has an inner pouch that measures 9.5” x 6.625” x 3.75,” a perfect fit for your phone, cards and some cash. To top things off, the tote bag features a magnetic snap closure, so you won’t have to worry about getting caught in a zipper.

Overall, with all the mentioned functions and features, this bag will make the perfect companion to hold all your belongings whenever you’re on the go or decide to go on a mini-shopping trip. 

Victoria’s Secret Pink Showstopper Sequin Bling Tote Bag

This bag is perfect for people who love Victoria’s Secret products. What better way of showing everyone that you are an ‘angel’ with the cash to afford Victoria’s Secret products than by casually wearing this tote bag? 

This particular tote bag is made from 100% canvas. It features a pink design with black color lining and a black heart design with the iconic “Victoria’s Secret” phrase on print boldly on top. The bag has no zipper, making it great for casual walks on the beach, shopping, or as a backup bag for additional belongings you’re bringing or for the extra stuff you’ll buy.

Interest Print Fashion Ombre Gradient Women’s Leather Tote Large Shoulder Bag

If you are in the market for an ombre-style tote that you can use daily, you ought to check out this beautiful bag. This bag has a colorful gradient–its design features graduating colors of pink, orange, yellow and blue. And aside from its fashionable color gradient, the bag is also robust, being made of high-grade PU leather.

The bag is made from high-quality material and is expected to be durable, waterproof, and comfortable to handle. The bag has a main compartment with a zipped top closure and adjustable handles inside. The inside of the bag also has a zipped pocket on the back wall and two slip pockets. 

The bag measures 14.5″ x 5.51″ x 11.02″ meaning the bag has ample space for A4-sized books, a 14-inch laptop, iPad, notebooks, and other personal belongings. This bag is also offered in other ombre gradient colors like green and white, seafoam blue and sandy white, and pink and white.

Coach New York Ombre Leather Signature Embossed Camera Bag

A bit larger and bulkier than the usual clutch bag, this cute ombre bag makes sure to put into good use the extra space inside. Since this bag has a bigger space inside, it has no problem fitting more items aside from the usual clutch bag staples of phone and cash. 

The bag also comes in a cute silver and blue ombre gradient. It’s made of embossed leather fabric, which provides additional texture, and it also has a zip-top closure. On the inside, the bag contains an interior pocket in addition to the two exterior pockets. And to top things off, the bag also comes with a silver-tone chain with a leather strap which makes this bag look all the more fabulous.

Lady Bird Bags Handmade Minimalist Grey and Black Ombre Clutch Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking for something soft but chic, we might just have the perfect bag. You ought to check this bag out!

This stylish purse comes with a gray-to-black gradient effect creating a versatile and minimalist silhouette. Made from extra soft Nappa leather, this bag is guaranteed to have a silky look and is soft to the touch. The bag has a magnetic closure and has its insides fully lined with cotton.

The removable strap also makes this bag extra versatile. The straps allow its users to wear it on their shoulder, use it as a crossbody bag, or simply carried in their hand.

The Sak Casual Classics Large Tote

This next bag will complete your summer attire for the beach. Wear this bag as a casual tote bag to complement your summer dress. 

This crocheted bag is made from polypropylene yarns. The material used to make the bag features a light blue to dark blue gradient, which coincidentally represents the colors of the ocean. Another good thing about this bag is that it has a detachable charm and tassels outside, making it look even cuter. 

And on the inside, when you open the zipped main compartment, you’ll be delighted to see that it has plenty of pockets, ample for all your personal belongings. The compartments inside come with a large zipper in the middle, separating the main compartment into two parts. Aside from the main zipped compartment inside, it also has two open pockets and a zipped pocket inside.

Famame Summer Fruit Watermelon Canvas Tote Bag

Like the previous bag, this bag is also perfect for summer-season escapades. This bag has a printed watermelon ombre design making the canvas tote bag look cute and vibrant. The bag measures 57 inches in height and 5.9 inches in width, and its length is 19.7 inches, guaranteeing ample space inside to hold your gadgets and other personal items. 

The Famame Summer Fruit Watermelon Canvas Tote Bag is durable since it has a sturdy base and a strong handle strap. In addition to its strong base and straps, you can rely on its perfect stitching and premium-grade cotton canvas.  

And this bag isn’t just for the summer season. You can also use this bag for daily activities like going out to buy groceries, going to school, to the gym, or having a picnic. 


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JNB Multicolor Mixed Fabric Bohemian Style Envelope Clutch

This clutch bag is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Its mixed fabric bohemian design is a fashionable alternative to the traditional metallic purse.

This stylish clutch bag has an ombre gradient and a black fabric twill lining on the inside. It features a magnetic snap closure and a zipped pocket inside. The bag is also well-made and from high-quality materials, so you can expect it to hold its own weight. 

To top things off, this bag also comes with a removable chain, offering the option of carrying it by hand, wearing it as a shoulder bag, or using it as a crossbody bag.  These are just some ombre bags that guarantee you look fashionable yet feel comfortable. Have your pick and feel confident with that ombre-styled chic bag.